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Personal Information

Born in 1983. Male. I have 3 younger sisters.

Back in Jr. High, a new scout leader didn't know my name. So while we were playing flag football, he called me "Slim." The name stuck, and ever since my friends call me Slim.

History with Pokémon

I was first introduced by the last part of the Anime episode Battle Aboard the St. Anne. I didn't know what was going on with the Pokémon, but the Captain saying, "Don't worry! I'm just testing out the lifeboats!" and later, "If anyone didn't make it off safely, please say 'I' ... Okay! We all made it, then!" That's what got me first interested, the humor.

At heart, I am a programmer. Seeing how there is so many Pokémon, and how they all have different attacks, and types really got me hooked.

Somewhat later, I bought my first Game Boy Color at the same time my parents bought one for my sisters. At the same time, I got Pokémon Yellow to be my first game, and my sisters got Pokémon Red and Blue. Once Pokémon Gold and Silver came out, I got Gold, and my sisters got Silver and Crystal.

Continuing playing, I became more interested in the game mechanics, which led me to Pokémon Forever. Meowth346 there said there was a new wiki about Pokémon called Bulbapedia, which is how I found this place. I have a large folder of information on my computer that I have gleaned mostly from these two sites, as well as various other places.

Now I also have Game Boy Advanced SP, where I use Pokémon Emerald. My sisters have Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, and Leaf Green.

My Contributions

Mostly concerning Pokéblocks and Berries, although there are many smaller contributions

Other Interests

Biking, Camping, Reading, Computers.