User:SilverMetelthatisGold/Go Away

This is the Battle Area where you can (try to) take out your stress on all those annoying Pokemon that follow you EVERYWHERE(!) by wailing on their evo's. I use Crobat, Raticate, Bibarel, Beedrill, Butterfree, and Alakazam (hey, a Psychic! I'll just catch him... "Wild ABRA used TELEPORT! Wild ABRA escaped!" What? No! I'll just make him flinch with BITE... "Wild ABRA fainted!"). Here are the rules:

  1. No hacked Pokemon. Hacked items are O.K..
  2. Only two items per team, with no two items being the same. You can't have both Focus items or two Choice items, either.
  3. You must announce your team of six, along with who has what items. I will then accept your challenge with my team for your battle.
  4. No Legendaries, Wynaut line, Rotom, or more than one Psuedo to a team.
  5. Level 100 Single

NOTE: I have yet to catch all of these yet, so I'll anounce when I do.