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Human Development in the Pokémon World has never been fully explored, The games prefer to focus more on the Pokémons evolution than the creation of Humans. This is an overview of Human development across the ages.


Although the creation of humans in such a savage world is a mystery it must have occured at some point in time. Humans may have evolved from early pokémon but the reason for a powerful creature to change into such a frail form is very unlikely. This leaves creation by one of the original pokémon, again, this is flawed as creatures such as human would be torn limb from limb by the powerful pokémon in the world. This leads to humans being created before the creation of the vast amounts of pokémon throughout the world, although how would they prepare for the beasts arrival. The final solution would be that humans were created in a secluded part of the world were no pokémon existed and later migrated to these areas.

Early Civilizations

Evidence has been found for the existence of early civilizations of humans. Shards located in Hoenn are said to be Shards of tools made in ancient times (this is a quote by the Diving Treasure Hunter). Many people have also discovered ancient ruins throughout the Pokémon World. These Ruins vary sligthly, variations included a difference in writing language, Generation IIIs Sealed Chamber had all its writings in Braille and many other ruins such as the Ruins of Alph in Johto write in Unown. These ruins seem to have been abandoned because of two reasons. Firstly in the Ruins of Alph the left messages saying that they depart for their sakes (it is refering to Pokémon as them). It seems that they departed because they believed they could not walk in harmony with the Pokémon, so the left maybe to the secluded human lands mentioned in the creation section of this article. However others of this ancient civilization were scared by the mighty Regigigas and sealed the three Legendary Golems away before fleeing. This anient civilization were in awe of pokemon and may have had a deaper connection with them than the modern humans, this conclusion being drawn from the vast amounts of Unown in all of the ruined sights and their mysterious doors that will not open without the right pokemon in your team.

Early To Modern

At first Humans began to create all the basics of modern civilization, ports, electricity and automobiles. However they began to take it even further creating vehicles with anti-gravity and some structures that defy physics. Such as the tower colosseum in Pokémon Colosseum. The thing that really sparked off the Pokémon worlds human development was the creation of the Poké Ball by Silph Co. soon after or maybe even at the same time as this creation the human civilization created complex healing mechanisms to heal the creatures trapped in these Poké Balls. This created a need for pokemon storage. This need was soon met with a highly sophisticated teleportation device which could transport pokemon to a secret storage facility or maybe even inside a PC, exact details are unknown. This creation seems to have many creators who claim it as their own the real genius beind the system is yet to be discovered. While this was occuring the public wanted more powerful pokemon so the willing scientists went and created TMs and HMs so that the Trainers pokemon could be taught powerful moves. Poké Balls soon became novelties as more advanced pokemon catching systems were created such as the great ball and the Ultra ball. Sometime in this flood of creation a scientist called Professor Oak created the Pokédex, a way for catchers to record Pokémon data. However this item was quite rare and only available to people with connections to Professor Oak. Cloning soon becan to take off as people yet again saught for Rare or powerful pokemon, scientists did try to achieve this but instead of creating a copy they created a new species this is demonstrated by the creation of Mewtwo. More and more developments in the Pokémon World began to appear such as the creation of the master ball. This ball has been created by many different companies but as of yet has not manage to get past the testing phase. After a few years the Pokégear was created the first of the very important handheld trainer items that aloud someone to check the time, make important phone calls, look at the map and even listen to the radio. Soon after this tyhe Devon Corporation improved the idea and made the PokéNav which included many new features for the aspiring trainer. With such marvelous technolology coming out for the trainer the Pokéball manufacturers decided to take it one step further and create items which caught monsters depending on type, level and even weight. With everything going so well in the trainer and Pokémon area, scientists decided to set their sites on the stars and bult the first ever Space center the Mossdeep Space Center and seems to have had some succeful rocket launches. A very special creation was being developed around this time, the snag machine. A machine that could turn pokéballs into snag balls, balls which were able to break the bond between pokémon and trainer. The corporation this proptotype was given to however was destroyed soon after the creation arrived and no machine was found inside. A creation that managed to go public was the Capture Styler, an entirely new way of capturing Pokémon. Although the creator is never named it is thought to have been produced by someone in the Pokemon Ranger profession as that is the only branch of Pokémon Trainer who use it. This creation coincided with the launch of the Pokétch. The third of the handheld items created for the aspiring trainer. This item was created by the Pokétch company and has 25 different settings and the Pokétch company say they are still developing new ideas. While this was going on the marvelous creators of the Pokéball came up with some new isdeas to help the trainer such as the dusk ball and the Quick ball which improve catching pokemon depending on certain facors.