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201QU.png This user is a member of no political party.


This usertag template takes a maximum of six unnamed parameters and up to two named parameters, all optional with default (fallback or omitted) values:

{{User:SilSinn9801/User Political|image|party|color1|color2|color3|color4|article=|linktext=}}

Unnamed parameters

These parameters, if supplied, must be provided in the following order:

  • image: filename of a PNG-format image (without the File: prefix or the .png file extension), typically that of a Pokémon that most closely resembles the political party's logo or mascot. Default: sprite of Unown "?" form.
  • party: full name of a political party, turned into a Wikipedia link. Default: no political party (and no Wikipedia link).
  • color1: color to be displayed on usertag's text background; may be a 3- or 6-digit RGB hex code or a {{color template}} (like the name of a Pokémon Type, or that of a Pokémon version). Default: white.
  • color2: color to be displayed on usertag's image background. Default: color of ??? Type.
  • color3: color to be displayed on usertag's text. Default: same as color2; falls back to black if color2 is omitted.
  • color4: color to be displayed on usertag's border. Default: same as color3; falls back to color2 (if no color3) or Bulba color (if no color2 or color3).

Named parameters

These parameters may be supplied in any order:

  • article= desired grammatical article (a, an, the) preceding the political party. Omitted by default.
  • linktext= desired text to be displayed in link to political party's Wikipedia page; typically the party's acronym or the party name (without the parenthesized country). Falls back to party by default; ignored if no party is specified.


Template output Stand alone code Comments
315.png This user is a member of the Labour Party (UK).
{{User:SilSinn9801/User Political|315|article=the|Labour Party (UK)|fdfdfd|dc241f}}
Party's logo incorporates a rose.
103.png This user is a member of PNP.
{{User:SilSinn9801/User Political|103|New Progressive Party (Puerto Rico)|linktext=PNP|4={{water color dark}}}}
Party's logo is a palm tree.