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User:SilSinn9801/User Freemason

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707Klefki.png This user is a Freemason.


This usertag template is usually transcluded with no parameters:

{{User:SilSinn9801/User Freemason}}

If for some reason you don't like the default Klefki image, and/or if you wish to display your Masonic degree, then you may specify one unnamed parameter and/or one named parameter, all optional:

{{User:SilSinn9801/User Freemason|image|degree=}}


  • image: filename of a PNG-format image (without the File: prefix or the .png file extension), typically the National Dex number of a Pokémon that most closely resembles the values of Freemasonry.
  • degree=: your Masonic degree (expressed as a simple integer from 1 to 33), if you wish to display it.


Template output Stand alone code Comments
201Unown GS.png This user is a Freemason.
{{User:SilSinn9801/User Freemason|201Unown GS}}
The "G" inside the Square and Compasses symbol.
201Unown G Dream.png This user is a 3° Freemason.
{{User:SilSinn9801/User Freemason|201Unown G Dream|degree=3}}
Specifying 3rd degree (equiv. to Master Mason).