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Joined 15 July 2007

Welcome to Sielulintu's page you wanderer! I was born 20.2.1993 in Hämeenlinna, Finland. I've been Pokémon-fan since 2000. Somewhere around 2005 I found Pokémon too childish but late 2006 my old obsession started to raise it's head. Since then I've been playing very often and watched anime from internet sometimes (it's not aired in Finland anymore). Currently I'm playing Ruby and Sapphire. I will get Pearl too.

Things to do

I think I'm quite useless here. I will fix little and big errors if I encounter something. I'll do my best.

My trainer info

I am a ruthless trainer. My favorites are strong Pokémon. If someone is too weak, I won't use it. I'm much more patient these days though. I love to train my Pokémon. Even weaker ones sometimes to make them better. Past years I only focused on few Pokémon because it's faster way to train. Now my team has to be balanced and strong. That takes time but the result is worth it. I love water, dragon, fire and ghost types. Few of my favorite Pokémon are Giratina, Dragonite, Gyarados, Torterra, Lucario, Steelix , Wailord, Mismagius and Arcanine. I've started to get interested about breeding too. I still don't like contests. They're so boring and stupid in my opinion. I'm also a bad guy :p I love Team Rocket.

Random info

I'm huge j-rock and metal fan. I also like punk, classical and folk. I'm a finnish pagan. My username means soulbird. In finnish mythology Sielulintu is the home of soul. It appears in form of a bird. I'm very bad in using bulbapedia. I try to improve.

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