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These are my predictions of what the names of the main characters of Pokémon Black and White will be or, better, what I’d like them to be in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
This page was inspired by Maxim’s idea.


Japanese Prediction Reason Real name Comment
Dent Silvius, Woody From Latin silva, forest. Or from wood. Cilan They ruined the opportunity to create a good triple pun, and this is unforgivable. I find their names stupid, childish and uncalled-for. Score: 4
Pod Rufus, Charlie From Latin rufus, red. Or from char. Chili My contempt for this name knows no rest. I wish I hadn’t lived to see the day when a Fire Gym Leader is named after a spicy food.

To complete this horrid tragedy, not only this isn’t a real name, but it’s also visibly and needlessly degrading. Maybe I’m a little overreacting, but I firmly believe that the culprit of this particular localization should be dragged out into the street and shot. Score: 3

Corn Livius, Sean From Latin lividus, blue. Or from sea. Cress I won’t bother making a constructive comment. Score: 4
Aloe Norma, Nora Do I have to explain this? Lenora Good. It diverts from the boring Norman/Norma/Nora group but at the same time it retains the “normal” pun. Score: 8
Arti Isaac, Nat, Dorian From insect or gnat. Or from dor [1], also a reference to The Picture of Dorian Gray, which fits well with the artist theme. Burgh Hold your seat and prepare for a shock. I actually like this name. First of all, it’s a real ( and documented old-fashioned name. It may sound a little obsolete or quaint, but at least it shows some creativity and research. Score: 8
Kamitsure Electra, Farah From electric. Boring but works. Or from farad. Elesa Is it a misspelling of Elisa? There seems to be an obscure Orthodox Saint called Elesa, though this probably isn’t the actual source for this name. Do I like it? Not really. But I can’t say I dislike it. All in all, at this point I would have preferred Electra. Score: 6
Yacon Arthur, Sandford,
Landon, Clay, Cecil
From earth, sand, land and clay. Cecil is the dominant red clay soil in the American South. Clay What should I say? >:D Score: 9
Fuuro Robin, Claude, Gail From robin, cloud and gale. Skyla Real name ( The pun, albeit pretty plane plain, works. That’s enough for me. I cannot really protest, but this name doesn’t look very sophisticated. Score: 7
Hachiku Fritz From freeze. Brycen Pryce. Candice. Brycen. This wordplay is becoming more and more stale. At least they could have used a different spelling for the “ice” part. Brycen ( is an alternate (boorish?) spelling of Bryson, a name which could have retained the pun and brought a little more originality. Score: 6
Iris Kendra, Drusilla, Winnie From dragon. Winnie is from wyvern and also is a reference to White (this one was inspired by both [2] & [3]). Iris Lazy & monotonous. The last Gym Leader to keep his/her Japanese name was Erika. I’m sure they could have worked out something better and draconic sounding. On second thought, I think we are lucky they didn’t overspell her name Yréez or something… Score: 4
Shaga Drew, Drayton, Basil From dragon. Basil is from basilisk and is also a reference to Black (this one was inspired by both [4] & [5]). Drayden Is it just me or the localization team is particularly fond of variants and "creative spelling" names this generation? Drayton could have been a better choice pun-wise and you can actually find it in every book about given names. Well, at least Drayden is/looks real. Score: 7
Shikimi Morna, Ruth, Morgan From mourning and ruth. Or Morgan le Fay / morgue. Shauntal This is the only name that needed more than 5 sec. to figure out the pun behind it. “Haunt”. It looks like her parents were called Shaun and Chantal and decided to go extravagant (using an euphemism) and fused their own names to create this amazing supercute name for their special offspring. They probably had a bad divorce afterwards. Score: 6
Giima Dimitri, Darius, Mark From dim, dark and murk. Grimsley "Grim". This is a very, very, very obvious pun. Almost dazzling. The name itself is quite obscure, but at least it exists (, and I really appreciate this. I just find it a little bit over the top. Score: 7
Cattleya Caitlin... Wasted potential. Caitlin... ...
Renbu Marshall, Fry From martial and fray. Marshal Perfect name. >:D And I was lucky enough to pre-date (and not predate) Maxim. Score: 10


Japanese Prediction Reason Real name Comment
Dent Valère From vert (green). Rachid Arachide > peanut. Surprisingly clever and funny (real) names. The puns work so good (compared to the others) that I’m in the mood of ignoring the lack of Elemental references. On a related note, Rachid sounds like a perfect name for a Lebensborn-looking sommelier… >:D Score: 7
Pod Roger From rouge (red). Armando Amande > almond. Score: 7
Corn Blaise From bleu (blue). Noa Noix > nut. Score: 7
Aloe Norma, Nora Aloé It simply doesn’t work as a name in the whole Western emisphere (and probably the Eastern too). No excuse. Score: 3
Arty Abel, Anton, Apollon From abeille (bee) and hanneton (cockchafer).
Apollon (Apollo) is the god of arts, a kind of butterfly [6] and is also similar to the French word for butterfly, papillon.
Artie They’re not even trying anymore. Score: 3
Kamitsure Claire From éclair (lightning). Inezia Nomen Omen. Score: 3
Yacon Térence From terre (earth). Bardane Direct plant name. A totally random plant, that is. Score: 3
Fūro Angélique From angélique (angelic). Carolina Probably a direct plant name. Probably a totally random plant, that is. I don’t feel the need to further investigate. I feel the need to throw up. Score: 4 on trust.
Hachiku Frédéric From froid (cold). Zhu 豬. Score: 5
Iris Doriane From dragon. Iris Disappointing and unsatisfactory. Score: 4
Shaga Darius, Guibert From dragon and guivre, (wyvern). Watson Watsonia. Direct plant n... Writing bad reviews is really tiring. So many disappointing names and so little energy… Score: 3
Shikimi Amélie, Mira, Fantine From âme (soul), mirage and fantôme (phantom). Anis AN*S. Score: 3
Gīma Tibère, Tristan From ténèbres (darkness) and triste, (sad). Pieris P-E*IS. Score: 3

(Pierre, Pierre Rochard, Pierrick and now Piers...)

Renbu Lothaire, Martial, Côme From lutter (fight), martial and combat. Kunz CU… Pardon my French… Score: 4

This page wasn’t really meant to be a stream of consciuosness of hate. I don’t actually like to write bad comments. But these “names” are unprecedentedly cheap. Previous French localized names were so elegant and interesting… Good times.

Adeku Goyah


Japanese Prediction Reason Real name Comment
Dent Günter From Grün (green). Benny Maiskolben! It’s a bummer Ben was already taken. The pun is technically very smart. But the final word in itself is totally purposeless. But this seems to be the leitmotif of this (de)Generation. Score: 7
Pod Rutger From Rot (red). Maik Score 7
Corn Balder From Blau (blue). Colin Score: 7
Aloe Norma, Nora Aloe Not only this is not a German name but it isn’t even a name at all. The only thing capable of turning my angst into schadenfreude is that Aloe Vera is, actually, a laxative. Score: 3
Arty Wenzel, Klaus, Amos From Wanze (bedbug), Laus (louse) and Ameise (ant). Artie Kitsch and low profile. Score: 3
Kamitsure Elrike, Thordis, Donata From Elektrizität (electricity), Thor and Donner, (thunder). Kamilla From Kamille (chamomile). We already had a Kamillo. And his name had a beautifully constructed wordplay on Kampf, fight, his signature type. This time, instead, we get a repetitious and pitifull plant pun completely devoid of depth and purpose. Score: 3
Yacon Bogdan From Boden (ground). Turner Turnip? But turnip is an English word. In German, Turner means gymnast. I don't think I have to explain why this name is ironic and self-contradictory. Really unfit. Literally. Score: 4
Fūro Flurina, Feodora From Flug (flight) and Feder (feather). Géraldine Geranium. Also, a French name. It's probably the German response to Kunz. Score: 4
Hachiku Gerfried, Kalixt From gefrieren (freeze) and kalt (cold) Sandro Dracaena Sanderiana? They could have used this Italian name for Yacon instead, as it incorporates a Sand reference. I’m royally pissed by the whole issue of giving random Japanese-version-inspired half-mutilated plant names nonchalantly omitting any Type reference. Score: 4
Iris Linda From Lindwurm (lindworm). Lilia Lilie (lily). A little, very little, more elaborate than Iris. But obviously nothing Lindwurm related. I think I just have to surrender… Score: 4
Shaga Dietrich From Drache (dragon) Lysander Fleur-de-lys. From my point of view, these names have lost any sign of creativity and enjoyability. They all look like ersatz imitations. I can’t find any delight in their contemplation. Score: 7 (I raised the score because 神奇超龍 pointed out that Lysander was a Spartan general. So this particular name is, after all, not that unjustified as I thought).
Shikimi Gesine, Walburga From Gespenst (ghost) and from Walpurgisnacht (the celebration of Saint Walburga and meeting of witches). Anissa Anis (anise). This time I will try to refrain from using scatological references. Score: 4
Gīma Finn From Finsternis (darkness). Astor I’m not sure. Maybe from Asteraceae. Or something else similarly silly. Score: 4
Renbu Gerwald, Rufin From Gewalt (violence) and raufen (brawl). Eugen From the Eugenia Genus. Another example of an otherwise good name based on a decapitated plant name. That’s deadly boring. Lethally unprofessional. And, to an unrefined actuation, I've always preferred a summary execution. Score: 4


Japanese Prediction Reason Real name Comment
Dent Silvio From Latin silva, forest. Spighetto They just took a random word (spiga = ear of corn) and made it remotely looking like a silly pseudo-nickname. That’s childishly pathetic. I also hope that the Spaghetti assonance is merely a tragicomic coincidence.

This localization is particularly pitiable because Cilan is such a major character in the Anime… I think (hope?) that the Italian version of the Anime will retain Cilan instead. Or invent a brand new name. Score: 3

Pod Rufino From Latin rufus, red. Chicco It’s the only acceptable human name of the triplet. And they’ve already used it for Buck. It’s really sad and demoralizing. Score: 3
Corn Glauco From glauco, of the color of the sea. Also from Glaucus. Maisello It's a shame that stupidity isn't painful. Their parents should be beheaded ashamed. Score: 3
Aloe Norma, Nora Aloè Blank name and superfluous stress. Score: 3
Arty Settimio, Alvaro From insetto (insect) and alveare (beehive). Artemisio The name exists. The art pun works. No trace of an insect pun. The main reference seems to be to the totally arbitrary genus of plants Artemisia (at least they spared us a painful artichoke reference…). I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the art reference was totally accidental. Score: 5
Kamitsure Elettra, Tonia From elettricità (electricity) and tuono (thunder). Camelia Would that the Italian localization team had but one neck!

Pure assonance with the Japanese name. They probably wanted to use Camilla instead, but it was already taken by Cynthia. So, in the end, Camelia (Camellia) is a failed reference to Camomilla (Chamomile)! Also, obviously no trace of electric puns, and Elettra is a such a common Italian name. Score: 4

Yacon Sisto, Terenzio From sisma (seism) and terra (earth). Rafan I’m particularly venomous about Rafan. It’s the epitome of the stupidity of these names: 1) Rafan is not a real name 2) It hasn’t anything to do with the Ground type 3) It’s a failed reference to Rafano (Raphanus genus), so it also fails to reference yacon in any way: it’s completely and tragically gratuitous. Score: 2
Fūro Violante, Celeste, Arianna From volante (flying), celeste (celestial) and aria (air). Anemone A speck of light in this sea of garbage. It actually is a clever reference to her type of choice: Anemone comes from Greek ánemos "wind" (think about anemometer). It only hurts that probably the main reason behind this choice is that they wanted to find a plant reference (no matter how random, looking at every other name). Score: 8
Hachiku Nevio, Frediano From neve (snow) and freddo (cold). Silvestro Do I need to confirm that it has nothing to do with Ice? It’s likely a reference to some random plant whose Latin name has Sylvestris in it. Or something. I don’t really care about searching for its real etymology. Score: 4
Iris Drusilla, Angelica From drago (dragon). Or from Angelica, a character from Orlando Furioso. Iris Cheap. Lazy. Tedious. Score: 3
Shaga Diego, Rodrigo, Ruggero From drago (dragon). Or from Ruggero, a character from Orlando Furioso. Aristide From Genus Aristea. Having a Greek origin, it could also be remotely inspired by Aristides ( An Athenian name for a Spartan major? For me, they just wasted a good noble name. Thus, in summary, sheer fail. Score: 4
Shikimi Ombretta, Addolorata From ombra (shadow) and addolorata (grieving).
Gīma Oscar From oscuro (obscure)
Renbu Ercole, Massimo From Ercole (Hercules) and peso massimo (heavyweight).


Japanese Prediction Reason
Dent Silvestre From Latin silva, forest.
Pod Pirro From Greek pyrros, flame-coloured, red.
Corn Nereo From Nereus, a Greek sea God.
Aloe Norma, Nora
Arty Gustavo, Héctor From gusano (worm) and insecto (insect).
Kamitsure Amparo From amperio (ampere).
Yacon Tiberio From tierra (earth).
Fūro Paloma, Avelina From paloma (dove) and ave (bird).
Hachiku Heladio From helado (frozen).
Iris Drusila From dragón.
Shaga Doriano, Jorge From dragón and Saint George.
Shikimi Dolores, Angustias, Olvido From dolores (pains), angustias (anguishes) and olvido (oblivion).
Gīma Óscar From oscuro (dark).
Renbu Luciano, Pelayo From lucha (fight) and pelea (fight).