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Greetings Fellows! allow me to tell of my experiences with the Pokemon franchise! The first time I was interested in Pokemon was when my sister was into it! We used to watch the anime in our childhoods back in the years of generation I! My sister was way more into Pokemon than I was, as she was the only one had a copy of the blue version and the only games I have ever played were Stadium 1&2 and Pokemon Snap on the N64. After the years of generation 2, before generation 3 was even heard of, our interest slowly faded when the kids decided they were "too cool" for Pokemon. It became apparent to us that the the phenomenon had died out. Much, much later, in the early days of generation 4, when Diamond and Pearl were put on the shelves, I saw a copy of the LeafGreen version for the GameBoy Advance, After hearing that generation 4 was brand new, I had decided to start again with an earlier title. Little did I know that LeafGreen was a remake of the Blue/Green Version for the GameBoy as it all seemed too familiar! Around 2 years later, after the summer of 2009, I was feeling empty inside. I needed a taste of nostalgia. So I had officially decided to get back into Pokemon after all these years. I beat LeafGreen, Got the Pearl Version, Sapphire, Platinum, and had slowly rebuilt my collection. After all that time, It seems like my interest in the Pokemon Franchise had never changed, but only gotten stronger. I had become a huge fan since then.

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