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Joined 13 July 2010

Welcome to my User Page!

Green background

オーウェン Satoshi
Hilbert Xtransceiver.png
Xtransceiver sprite from Black
Gender Female
Eye color Brown
Hair color Fair Brown
Hometown Kirkby
Region Unova
Relatives Lucy (sister) Angela (mum) Tony (step-father) Alex (father)
Trainer class Ace Trainer
Generation Unknown
Games Diamond and Pearl, HeartGold and SoulSilver, Black and White

Hi! Welcome to my User Page! Take some time to look around!


I was born in Fazakerly Hospital, Liverpool, England, in the 1990's. I was diagnosed with diabetes at 14 months, which in some respects has helped me cope with it, as getting it so early on has, effectively, meant I've grown up with it. I started going to Kirkby C of E at age three, achieving, fairly good academic results, getting 4's and 5's through my primary school life. When I was about four my mum broke up with my dad and married someone else a few years later. It was thanks to one of our deputy heads that made my mum think about trying to get me in the Blue Coat School Liverpool, a grammar school in, well, Liverpool. I was required to learn all the things I would learn for my SATS in year six In year five! Even though It was a difficult uphill struggle, I managed to make category A. I have been going to the Blue Coat ever since, where there is a bridge club in which all the Pokémon fans of the school come together to battle, trade and just have a great time!


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Generation IV

  • Sinnoh Badges:
    • Coal Badge
    • Forest Badge
    • Cobble Badge
    • Fen Badge
    • Relic Badge
    • Mine Badge
    • Icicle Badge
    • Beacon Badge
  • Johto Badges:
    • Zephyr Badge
    • Hive Badge
    • Plain Badge
    • Fog Badge
    • Storm Badge
    • Mineral Badge
    • Glacier Badge
    • Rising Badge
  • Kanto Badges:
    • Boulder Badge
    • Cascade Badge
    • Thunder Badge
    • Rainbow Badge
    • Soul Badge
    • Marsh Badge
    • Volcano Badge
    • Earth Badge

Generation 5

  • Unova
    • Trio Badge
    • Plain Badge
    • Insect Badge
    • Bolt Badge
    • Quake Badge
    • Jet Badge
    • Freeze Badge
    • Legend Badge


Sorry to those of you who think I sound a bit desperate, but this is my section for queries I have and requests I like to make. Replies to questions are highly appreciated and to those of you who meet requests, I could not be more grateful. I am more than happy to help those who reply to my questions or requests. If it involves trading, thanks. Please write a reply or report on the question/request in the 'Reply' area, thank you!

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      • I would like to make the background of this page grass color light, but whenever I try to type up 'background', 'color' etc., nothing seems to work. So, am I doing something wrong, or is just not possible to alter background colour?
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Anime Watch

201 Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. 201
Burgh conveying his feelings to Ash's Sewaddle

So, it's getting even more exciting for anime fans of the US! Ash and co. recently met Gym Leader Burgh in an attempt to catch a stubborn little Sewaddle and reach the end of the a-maze-ing Pinwheel Forest in Sewaddle and Burgh in Pinwheel Forest! Discovering Sewaddle was inactive because Ash had too many Pokémon in his party, he transferred Pidove to Professor Juniper's lab. Even more recently, Ash, Iris and Cilan visited the grand opening of a brand new Pokémart! There, Ash met Burgundy, a C-class Pokémon Connoisseur who gave all of Ash's Pokémon a terrible grade of compatibility, letting loose their powerful attacks on her! Burgundy's true ambition was soon after revealed however: beating A Class Pokémon Connoisseur Cilan! Cilan accepted her challenge, but he had to put all of Ash's Pokémon on the line in order to do so! Despite Ash's dispute, Cilan's Dwebble easily defeated Burgundy's starter, Dewott, thanks to its special ability Sturdy and its moves Shell Smash & X-Scissor! Burgundy's Sawsbuck went up against Cilan's Pansage in the final round, but Cilan's strategy to sometimes attack for the front, sometimes from the side and sometimes from the back countered Burgundy's Horn Leech and ultimately led him to victory. As Burgundy leaves, the Sunglasses Sandile is set to make an appearance in Dancing with the Ducklett Trio! Stay tuned for more American anime news!