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・If I told you, I'd have to answer mail from you.
・DA: ShinyAeon
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ShinyAeon is a user from the Bulbagarden forums who got into Pokémon through the anime in 2007; she has never played a Pokémon game in her life (a fact that fills her with a vague, wistful regret at times, but not enough to actually goad her into buying one to play). She is far too old to be dedicated to a kid's show and hopes fervently that no one mistakes her for a dangerous pervert. (She is, technically speaking, a pervert, but as the objects of her perverted attentions are almost invariably fictional (and, at the present time, largely cartoons), she feels justified in classing herself as a harmless pervert, of the standard fangirl variety.)

She has become well-known in some Bulbagarden circles for: making overly long posts that few bother to read in entirety; applying analytical skills to the most trivial of subjects without shame; responding to argumentative posts with equally argumentative counterpoints despite knowing better (although this trait has declined in recent months); defending characters from bashing with a fervor common in traumatized Tracey fans; referring to her advanced age in vague, non-specific terms; failing to act her vague, non-specifically unmentioned age; fiercely promoting optimism among the young; and other questionable practices. After a brief time roaming the forums, she has settled in as a fairly permanent fixture in the Rocketshipping thread and generally only ventures forth to the Anime forum when she watches a new episode. As Rocketshipping is what got her into this fandom to begin with, she figures this is appropriate.

She came to Bulbapedia because she's anal retentive enough that if she spots a mistake or misspelling she feels compelled to fix it, and she figures this compulsion might just as well do someone some good.

ShinyAeon speaks in third person because Pie's Userpage was her template to produce her own. She has much information to add to this page but has run out of time; she cannot believe there was not a "User:Writer" tag already, which forced her to squander her evening figuring out how to create one.