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Do not tell me to change anything, as I most likely won't. If you do think I'm wrong, give me a convincing argument. But, just to let you know, I'm even more stubborn then the mule. =P

Odd Combinations

Pokémon Sprite Combo My View
Nidokuin Spr 4d 031.png  Poison / Ground-type  It's not so much the poison, but the ground. Why is it part Ground-type? Is there any special reason? I don't know, that's why it's on this list!
Nidokingu Spr 4d 034.png  Poison / Ground-type  See above.
Gosu Spr 4d 092.png  Ghost / Poison-type  I understand the Ghost-type side, but why is it part Poison-type? Was there a specific reason? Was it so it would be harder to beat Natsume?
Tamatama Spr 4d 102.png  Grass / Psychic-type  Why is it part Psychic-type? It's just an odd combination for a Pokémon that looks like Tamatama.
Rujura Spr 4d 124.png  Ice / Psychic-type  I don't get why it's part Ice-type. It doesn't even look like it should be part Ice-type.
Gyaradosu Spr 4p 130 f.png  Water / Flying-type  What in the world drove Nintendo to make this thing part Flying-type? It can't even learn Fly!
Ptera Spr 4d 142.png  Rock / Flying-type  Why is it a Rock-type? Rock and Flying does not a good type combo make. .
Upa 194.png  Water / Ground-type  Being part Ground-type is just a little weird. It doesn't look like a Ground-type.
Kirinriki Spr 4d 203 f.png  Normal / Psychic-type  The Normal-type side is perfect, but I don't get why it's also part Psychic-type. One or the other, Nintendo!
Foretosu Spr 4d 205.png  Bug / Steel-type  It looks more like a Steel-type than a Bug-type. I would've included Kunugidama, but this is about type-combos.
Guraiga Spr 4p 207 f.png  Ground / Flying-type  Ground and Flying? Odd . . . I'd prefer Flying and Poison.
Tsubotsubo Spr 4d 213.png  Bug / Rock-type  Rock-type? Why not just Bug-type? Or maybe Water-type, since it looks a lot like a turtle.
Nyura Spr 4p 215 f.png  Dark / Ice-type  Ice-type? It doesn't seem like an Ice-type. However, its evolved form Manyura does look like an Ice-type.
Magukarugo Spr 4d 219.png  Fire / Rock-type  Rock-type? . . . Eh?
Urimu Spr 4p 220.png  Ice / Ground-type  It definitely doesn't look like a Ground-type. I mean, this combo isn't super weird, but it's still odd.
Mantain 226.png  Water / Flying-type  I love Mantain, I really do, but being part Flying-type is a little weird. Especially when it's already part Water-type.
Kingudora Spr 4d 230.png  Water / Dragon-type  Dragon? O.o Just because it's based off of a weedy sea dragon, doesn't mean it's any actual dragon. .
Konohana Spr 4d 274 f.png  Grass / Dark-type  It really doesn't look like a Dark-type Pokémon.
Kinogassa Spr 4d 286.png  Grass / Fighting-type  Oh, Kinogassa, how I lurves you. But being part Fighting-type is odd, since you don't look like it. It looks more like a Poison-type.
Yajiron Spr 4d 343.png  Ground / Psychic-type  It definitely doesn't look like a Psychic-type, but it does look like a Ground-type.
Ririra Spr 4d 345.png  Rock / Grass-type  Rock-type? . . . That's all I have to say. >.> I'm about sick of these explanations. XD
Toropiusu Spr 4p 357.png  Grass / Flying-type  How is this humongous thing able to Fly?
Jiransu Spr 4d 369 f.png  Water / Rock-type  Rock? O.o
Jirachi Spr 4d 385.png  Steel / Psychic-type  Steel-type? Why is it a Steel-type? I think it should just be a Psychic-type. .
Dodaitosu Spr 4p 389.png  Grass / Ground-type  I don't see how it's part Ground-type, despite Dodaitosu's pure awesomeness.
Enperuto Spr 4p 395.png  Water / Steel-type  How is a penguin part Steel-type? Not saying it should be part Ice-type, but I think it should just be a pure Water-type.
Bidoru Spr 4p 400 f.png  Normal / Water-type  I didn't even know it was part Water-type until I played the game. XD
Sukanpu Spr 4p 434.png  Poison / Dark-type  Poison-type because it's a skunk, but Dark-type for why?
Rukario Spr 4p 448.png  Fighting / Steel-type  Yes, it looks like a Fighting-type. But, to me, no, it doesn't look like a Steel-type.
Dorapion Spr 4p 452.png  Poison / Dark-type  Why didn't Nintendo just keep it a Bug-type Pokémon like with Sukorupi.
Parukia Spr 4p 484.png  Water / Dragon-type  I didn't even realize Parukia was part Water-type. .

Combinations I Think a Pokémon Should Have

Pokémon Sprite Combo My View
Batafuri Spr 4d 012 f.png  Bug / Psychic-type  It can learn a lot of Psychic-type moves (i.e., Confusion, Psybeam, Psychic), and it looks like it could be a Psychic-type. At least to me. ^_~
Gorudakku Spr 4p 055.png  Water / Psychic-type  Yes, this one is often said in things like this, but I just agree with them. It learns Psybeam and Psychic (among 8 other Psychic-type moves), so why not? =/
Garagara Spr 4d 105.png  Ground / Fighting-type  It just reminds me of a Fighting-type is all. =P
Bakufun Spr 4d 157.png  Fire / Fighting-type  Look at the fierce look on Bakufun's face, the strength in its arms, the- I think I made my point.
Yorunozuku Spr 4p 164.png  Flying / Psychic-type  Owl's are supposedly extremely intelligent. Not only that, but the look on Yorunozuku screams Psychic-type.
Usokki 185.png  Rock / Grass-type  It's a flippin' tree! ><
Nokocchi Spr 4d 206.png  Bug / Poison-type  It looks like the larval stage of a poisonous bug to me. I don't think I need to further explain that.
Tsubotsubo Spr 4d 213.png  Bug / Water-type  It reminds me of a turtle, and yet a bug at the same time.
Kotoisu Spr 4d 324.png  Fire / Steel-type  It's the shell. The shell looks like it should be made of steel or something. XD
Mirokarosu Spr 4p 350 f.png  Water / Psychic-type  I think it would make a good Psychic-type Pokémon, ne?
Chirin 358.png  Psychic / Steel-type  It's that little thing on its head. XD
Kaioga Spr 4d 382.png  Water / Flying-type  It's the wing-like fins at its sides.
Guradon Spr 4d 383.png  Ground / Fire-type  It always struck me as a Fire-type, especially with the whole volcano thing.
Rekkuza Spr 4d 384.png  Dragon / Electric-type  That would certainly be a sight to see, huh? Something different. .
Rentora Spr 4p 405 f.png  Electric / Dark-type  Its eyes make it look so. . Diabolical.
Dorapion Spr 4p 452.png  Poison / Bug-type  See my previous comment on Dorapion.
Erekiburu Spr 4p 466.png  Electric / Fighting-type  It's got some huge forearms.
Guraion Spr 4p 472.png  Flying / Poison-type  It's part bat and part scorpion. Bats fly, scorpions have poison. It's like 2+2.

Pokémon Who Should Have Two Types

Note that I may not give an example of the combo or any comments, I may just think they should have a second type. This is only for single-typed Pokémon.
Pokémon Sprite Type/Suggestion My View
Kyukon Spr 4p 038.png  Fire / Psychic-type  It seems like it should be a Psychic-type. Especially since it lives for so long and is so intelligent.
Gorudakku Spr 4p 055.png  Water / Psychic-type  Stated this before.
Marumain Spr 4d 101.png  Electric / Steel-type  None
Hitodeman Spr 4d 120.png  Water / Steel-type  Its body is definitely rock-hard, but Rock-type would be going too far with it. It looks more like a Steel-type.
Nokocchi Spr 4d 206.png  Normal / Bug-type  Who's a cute little larva?
Ringuma Spr 4d 217 f.png  Normal / Fighting-type  Fighting-type, RAWR!
Jukain Spr 4d 254.png  Grass  I have no idea, but I think it should have a secondary-type. Why make poor Jukain the only fully-evolved Hoenn starter with one-type?
Kuchito Spr 4d 303.png  Steel / Dark-type  It looks so evil. . =O
Kotoisu Spr 4d 324.png  Fire / Steel-type  Stated this before.
Mirokarosu Spr 4p 350 f.png  Water / Psychic-type  Stated this before.
Paruru Spr 4d 366.png  Water / Steel-type  The Steel-type attribute is just an exaggeration of a clam's hard shell.
Rentora Spr 4p 405 f.png  Electric / Dark-type  Stated this before.

Pokémon Who Shouldn't Have Two Types