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This is a listing of the competition standings of Total Drama World Tour. Updates will be made as per the American airings; no spoilers, be they Canadian, Australian, gun-jumping, or anything else in nature, are to be reflected.

The team listing for anyone placing 8th or higher in the final TDWT standings is the team that character was on prior to the dissolution of the teams.

The final competition has been completed; these are the final results.

The actual name of the team denoted as "Team Chris" in the below tables is actually "Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot". Needless to say, the full name would really stretch the table, hence the use of a shortening.

And the winner is...

Contestant Team TDI Place TDA Place TDWT Place
416 Heather Team Amazon 3rd 9th 1st

Runner-up--and then fried to a crisp and then rebuilt--is...

Contestant Team TDI Place TDA Place TDWT Place
625 Alejandro Team Chris N/A N/A 2nd

If you, for some odd reason or another, feel Alejandro got slighted, you might want to check out Cartoon Network Video--they've got a version of the final episode with an alternate ending. Can't guarantee you'll be satisfied after seeing how that ending plays out, though...

Coming up just short...

Contestant Team TDI Place TDA Place TDWT Place
172 Cody Team Amazon 17th N/A 3rd
210 Sierra Team Amazon N/A N/A 4th
212 Duncan Team Chris 4th 1st 5th
065 Courtney Team Amazon 14th 4th 6th (tied)
432 Blaineley N/A (debuted at merge) N/A N/A 6th (tied)
143 Owen Team Chris 1st 3rd 8th
124 Gwen Team Amazon 2nd 12th 9th
057 Tyler Team Chris 18th N/A 10th
480 Noah Team Chris 21st N/A 11th
428 DJ Team Victory 8th 11th 12th
122 Izzy
Team Chris 7th 10th 13th
080 Lindsay Team Victory 9th 6th 14th
296 Leshawna Team Victory 5th 8th 15th
314 Bridgette Team Victory 10th 14th (tied) 16th
447 Harold Team Victory 13th 5th 17th
034 Ezekiel Team Victory 22nd N/A 18th

And who came up way short, they were on the sidelines the entire time...

Contestant TDI Place TDA Place
400 Beth 16th 2nd
282 Justin 20th 7th
441 Trent 11th 13th
313 Geoff 6th 14th (tied)
475 Eva 12th N/A
240 Sadie 15th N/A
239 Katie 19th N/A

And that does it for Total Drama World Tour. See you on Total Drama Reloaded, where we go back to the island where it all began!