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Joined 2 August 2011

Brief(-ish) intro

A wee intro to me, and my relations with Pokémon and Bulbapedia.


First of all, I'm a human- not a Shiny Steelix. That point may seem rather obvious and a bit foolish on my part; however, on the Internet it's quite easy to subconsciously think of a user as being just a screen, a computer or something related to their username. Trust me.

I'm a computing/games development student (pursuing a dream that the whole Pokémon craze inspired in me when I was much younger), hailing from the Republic of Ireland. I was born in 1990.

Re: Pokémon

I first 'got into' Pokémon when I started watching the animé in 1999; and I've been collecting Pokémon games since 2001.

I own and have completed at least one game from each series in the main Pokémon RPGs; so out of the whole canon, I know most about the games. I used to watch the animé and collect TCG cards many moons ago; but I've fallen terribly behind in both, and haven't really had the time to 'catch up'. Also, I don't really play Pokémon competitively; I found that too many times when people who both know everything about type matchups face off, it just turns into a match of constant Pokémon switching until one exerts the mercy that leads to their own loss.

Re: Bulbapedia

As for the Bulbapedia... well I use it mainly as an information source, but I have tried to expand where I can. Though to be honest, my time here is probably coming to an end - what with being really busy with college, and my interest in Pokémon in general diminishing as I progress through my early twenties.

In the past months of being here I worked on some of the more monotonous tasks for the expansion of the 'pedia - particularly gathering a ton of quotes for some of the Black and White NPCs. I also started a couple of pages - namely Pokémon Stickers (Topps) and the Bug-Catching Contest data copy glitch.

I'm quite enthusiastic about linguistics; so I try to fix grammatical and syntactical errors wherever I find them. Having said that, though, I'm still getting to grips with stuff like using American English [since I'm not American...].

I also speak quite a bit of HTML, Javascript, Java, C++, C#/XNA and SQL (kinda)... if that helps in any way.

Articles I intended on working on / completing at some stage

  • Routes that need encounter rates added (Kanto Route 7)
  • Routes with clearly incorrect encounter rates (Kanto Routes 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 21, 22, 26, 27; Unova Routes 13, 18)
  • Mr. Who's Den (Still need to complete this!)
  • Pokémon Stickers (Topps) (Need to find out the rest of the stickers; someone in the house has the complete album somewhere...)
  • Picross NP Vol. 1 (If I ever complete all the Character puzzles, I might get screenshots of them all and add 'em)


My shinies

As you might be able to guess by the username, I really love collecting shiny Pokémon. Here's all the legit ones I've encountered in my 9 years of playing the games (excluding Red Gyarados):