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Joined 16 October 2009
Jay "Shiay" Wilson
ジェイウィルソン Jay Wilson
A drawn representation of Shiay (right) and 'Velum' (left), were they in The Matrix. Image drawn and copyrighted by Shiay, herself.
Age 17
Gender Female
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Dark Brown (naturally)
Hometown Ecruteak City
Region Johto
Trainer class Pokémon trainer


Traveling the depths of the internet, we come across the rare, Morty-obsessed, Jay Wilson, or as she has others refer her by, 'Shiay'. She's a wily one, not to mention a rather creative thinker. Shiay is known for liking puzzles, confusing people, drawing, making sprites, writing fanfictions and role playing. Though she is only seventeen years of age, she's got quite the sarcastic and witty tongue, not to mention she's not afraid to bark when she needs to be doing so -- though this is normally when subjects pertain to role plays.

At the tender age of being fifteen and in the month of May, Shiay was diagnosed with Leukemia, a type of cancer. As one can clearly see, Shiay is strong enough to be kicking it's ass and standing up strong to be calling herself a cancer surviour. There are many times she has to wonder why people think that she would be taking offense to their questions about having cancer, as it's not really something that she finds she has to get offended about. Shiay is normally happy to be telling anyone and everyone that wants to know about her experience with Leukemia so that other people don't take the issue lightly and know what to be looking out for in case someone is worried that someone they care about has the disease.

Being the person that Shiay is, she normally dyes her hair different colours. These colours are often dark, as light or bright colours would contrast greatly against her skin tone. Colours she's been known to sport and combine are purple, navy, maroon, forest (or emerald) green, and black. Though she finds the dying process to be quite a hassle, she puts up with it and tends to find the end result to be something that was worth it. The dying of her hair is a way of telling people that she's artistic and likes doing pretty much what she wants when she wants to.

One last thing about Shiay -- she loves making original characters and had over three-hundred that have been thought out and planned. Many of these original characters spawned from watched many different shows, reading books and even playing video games. Her first and oldest original character to date is Dixie Tucker. Shiay had created Dixie when she was in third grade and has developed her character over those many years and had continually added onto her character and timeline as the Pokémon franchise continues to grow, itself. Moreover, Shiay's username is actually the name of her very first original original character. Since about grade five, Shiay had an idea for a graphic novel that she's taken to calling Dragon Fighters with the main character's name being, well... Shiay!


The pronunciation of 'Shiay' is as follows: SHEE-AY

Or if you're still confused, 'Shi' as in when pronounces 'she'. And 'ay' as when someone says 'hey'.

Getting Into Pokémon

Being only getting out of kindergarten, Shiay had discovered the wonders of anime at the age of five and got high into animes such as Dragon Ball Z, Speed Racer and Sailor Moon (primarily, that is). Venturing through the [what seemed to be] huge Block Buster, Shiay had stumbled across a video that's cover sported a cute little yellow creature with the bright yellow and blue words of Pokémon and then the caption below that read, Pokémon, I Choose You!. Little did Shiay know that she had stumbled upon what would be a worldly epidemic that would spread like the flu from continent to continent, capturing kids of all ages' hearts. Holding the wondrous video cassette in her small hands, Shiay asked her mother to be renting that video for her just because it was a 'cartoon'. Arriving back home, Shiay immediately put the cassette into the VCR and hit 'play', not knowing what it was that she was expecting. However... once the very first episode got playing, Shiay found herself to be captivated by the Pokémon world, the characters and just about everything that surrounded it.

From that time, Shiay had wanted anything that had to do with Pokémon and had claimed her first favourite Pokémon to being both Ponyta and Rapidash at the time -- mainly because they were both horse-type Pokémon, and that animal happened to be Shiay's favourite back then. With that and soon hearing of the games that were to be released, Shiay was upset that she didn't really own her own Game Boy at the time, though shared one with her elder half-brother who didn't know the concept of the word 'share'. Though that was the case, Shiay's first Pokémon game was still Pokémon Blue. Finding any time that she could be playing, Shiay soon became addicted to playing the world of Pokémon (even though at that time she thought the creators were sexist for not creating a female trainer as well) and since her Pokémon playing days, Shiay has always started off with the fire-type starter unless she created a new game as one of her Pokémon OCs.

When Johto got introduced to Pokémon, Shiay got excited about the new Pokémon that were to be appearing within the growing world. With the new region and now having her very own Game Boy Color, Shiay had gotten both Pokémon Gold and Silver. She didn't care that people thought it was a waste of money that she had gotten both -- for Shiay didn't just play the games, she collected them! And once Pokémon Crystal got announced, Shiay was more than happy when she found out about Pokémon that actually moved within the games.

Also... as the anime continued, Shiay found that she had a liking for Ecruteak Gym's Leader, Morty. Though he didn't use Pokémon that were Shiay's preferred type, it was the fact that he possessed supernatural abilities and the fact that he seemed to be tied in with the occult that interested the young Shiay greatly. Getting to know more about Morty's character, Shiay found that he had just shoved Sabrina and Erika out of her top spot for favourite characters in the Pokémon world.

After Johto, Shiay became only somewhat interested in the anime that followed. Though the anime was what got her into Pokémon at first, the fact that it had a pretty much ripped off beginning with the whole bike deal and the fact that they took out Misty and replaced her with May that disappointed Shiay. A few episodes in into the Pokémon Advanced series and Shiay lost interest pretty quickly. It was merely only the Pokémon and the region that she really liked and made her continue playing the games and only partially following along with the whole series.


Here are list of teams that Shiay has used over the years of being a rather avid Pokémon fan.

Pokémon Blue

Pokémon Blue was Shiay's very first Pokémon game and was something that she used to escape this reality that she and others are within. Considering she wasn't too terribly old at the time, her team wasn't all that great -- not to mention that she forgot the levels and moves that they all had.

Spr 1b 004.pngSpr 1b 005.pngSpr 1b 006.png
Spr 1b 025.pngSpr 1b 026.png
Spr 1b 086.pngSpr 1b 087.png
Spr 1b 016.pngSpr 1b 017.pngSpr 1b 018.png
Spr 1b 107.png
Spr 1b 131.png

Pokémon Red

Shiay obtained Pokémon Red after a series of begging and pleading for the game. Soon getting it, she had pretty much recreated her Pokémon Blue team for just until she had beaten the Elite Four.

Spr 1b 004.pngSpr 1b 005.pngSpr 1b 006.png
Spr 1b 077.pngSpr 1b 078.png
Spr 1b 133.pngSpr 1b 136.png
Spr 1b 016.pngSpr 1b 017.pngSpr 1b 018.png
Spr 1b 107.png
Spr 1b 131.png

Pokémon Diamond

Shiay got her copy of Pokémon Diamond July of 2007 and has been lucky enough to have bred over a hundred different shinies without the help of an Action Replay device. Shiay's PokéDex almost full, and she is currently looking for several different Pokémon to be completing her collection. Shiay is also known to change her team a lot, though this is normally what it is:

Pokémon Caught at Moves
Spr 4h 006 s.png
Fire Flying
Route 226
(Egg hatched)
Met at Lv. 1
Blast Burn Fire
Earthquake Ground
Fly Flying
Flamethrower Fire
Starmie, Lv.100
Shine Star
Water Psychic
Arrived from Kanto
Arrived at Lv. 52
Recover Normal
Thunder Electric
Rain Dance Water
Psychic Psychic
Spr 4d 423E.png
Gastrodon♀, Lv.100
Water Ground
Route 213
Met at Lv.21
Surf Water
Rock Smash Fighting
Recover Normal
Dig Ground
Gengar♂, Lv.100
Ghost Poison
Old Chateau
Met at Lv.15
Hypnosis Psychic
Shadow Ball Ghost
Mean Look Normal
Sucker Punch Dark
Mismagius♀, Lv.100
Old Chateau
(egg hatched)
Met at Lv. 1
Psywave Psychic
Perish Song Normal
Confuse Ray Ghost
Shadow Ball Ghost
Froslass♀, Lv.100
Ice Ghost
Route 216
Met at Lv.33
Destiny Bond Ghost
Blizzard Ice
Wake-Up Slap Fighting
Double Team Normal