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Shaymin Master426

Joined 18 February 2010
Hey there. My name is real name is Kermit, as you can call me. But you can also call me Shaymin Master.

Personal Life

I am currently twelve years old as of April 26, 2010. I am in the 7th Grade; middle school. I am an all-round honors student. (Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies) I have always been getting 100% on my test since Kindergarden. My mother has said when I was two to three years old, I was always intelligent. But now, this is is where it accually shows. In "Septiembre" this year, me, as well as 5 other students were called down to "Guidence". The guidence consueler said "Contgratulations! You have been are the six people within the district to recieve 95 or higher on both state exams! Here is an application from John Hopkins University. They want you to join their program and unlock your hidden talent." It had been a global talented youth search in the entire world; I was one of 'em! :) Today, about a week later (10/4/10) EST, as i'm typing, my mom just told my 21 year old sister that my guidence consueler called her and told her out of the six people, I was the only one to get a PERFECT SCORE on BOTH math and reading exams. I am very proud of myself! Not to brag, but I deserve the right to.
I also play piano/keyboard by ear. The story on that is on the labor day of 2005, when I was seven years old, my little sister had a eight key toy keyboard. I took it, and listen to the songs. Then out of know where, I had played "row row row your boat" and 20 minutes later,"Twinkle Twinkle". After that day, I fell in love with the piano. As of today, I know over 100 songs by ear, in fact there are all by ear. Not all, but most of them are from video games, mostly Pokémon songs. I like arts and craft as well. Well, now you know who I am and what I have did in the years. And I know you want to know this: how did I get into Pokémon and Bulbapedia?

Bulbapedian Life

When I discovered Bulbapedia, I was so happy to see a Pokemon data base; I didn't feel leftout anymore. I had all information I could possibly need. But Bulbapedia was never complete, which I realized. Well, how could I help? When I first joined Bulbapedia, I was only worried about my user page. That, which I figured out yesterday,(10/3/10) EST removed my abillity to edit my page. Then, after the updating season of '09, I was changed. As I always used Bulbagarden resources, I became attached to it, as molcues attach to each other. I wanted Bulbapedia to be complete. I never took action though... Until now! So, I thought it wouldn't hurt to edit some page's errors. Thus, I started editing. Then, I had regaint my abllity to edit my user page. Everything you are reading is all true. I have been following Pokémon Black and White since Zoroark in February. All my knowlegde was paying off. And here we are now, el cinco de octubre. Yes, I speak a little Spanish.

Pokémon Master

I've been into Pokémon since I was four years old. I watched the anime at that time. I loved to see these fools get owned by Pikachu. I wished I could be a Pokémon Trainer too. My wish came true when I got my 1st Pokémon game, Pokemon Blue. I was so happy with the game, starting off with Bulbasaur. I love Grass-types! But being 6 years, I didn't have the skill yet to be a master - Pokémon Master! LOL I did beat it though. Then, a year later, I got Pokémon Silver. Funnist game until this. I stepped into a portal which led to the [[Generation III|the 3rd generation. Shapphire was fun. The got Emerald on release day...

At that point in time, I was a way better than before. Gen 4 arived so I got Pearl. Than Platinum. And then Soul Silver. So, I call my self a Breeder, 'cause breeding is my main focus. Nonetheless, I love Pokémon!

The effect I have on the fandom is important. I take the role of a player; I strive on becoming one of the Pokémon Masters in the end. I am a speculator aswell; I take the information I already know, and intrepret that as fact and speculation. In Pokémon Platinum, I was so close to completing the National Pokédex, with only 32 to go. Way to go Game Freak... The enivitible fact, is that the Pokémon franchise cannot be what it is without everybody; the fansites, the speculators, the merchants, the players, and everything else involved in this wonderful franchise we have.