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Yup, this is me, SharKing (シャーキング SharKing).

I'm just here to help Bulbapedia to the best of my ability. I have been doing so since July 24, 2008, after going over the site a lot and being inspired to join. I am also active on YouTube as SharKing319, posting walkthrough videos on the main Pokémon games. So far, I'm working on Pokémon HeartGold.

Here, I contribute mostly to trivia. I often reveal highly obscure details through trivia. I do contribute to other sections of pages, but I find trivia the most fun to add to.

If you're curious about the name "SharKing," know this-- it is not based on the act of sharking! It is actually derived from "Sharpedo," my favorite Pokémon, and "king" (In other words, I'm the King of Sharpedo! LOL).

Pokémon Diamond Walkthrough

I've decided to do a Diamond walkthrough. Just because. I wanted to for a few years now, so... yeah.

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Badges: Mine Badge, Forest Badge