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Some Pokémon are so closely related to each other that they can be considered parallels to each other. Such Pokemon often share Evolution Methods, a rivalry to another, are used by different evil team leaders or have a simular move set in some cases.

Electabuzz, The Evolutionary parallel to Magmar

Evolutionary Parallels

These are Pokemon the are considered parallels because of how they Evolve.

Pokémon Reason Method Notes
Nidoran♀NidorinaNidoqueen and Nidoran♂NidorinoNidoking Both Evolve similarly with level and stone. Nidoran♂ and Nidoran♀ both Evolve at Level 16 and their Evolutions Evolve with a Moon Stone.
AbraKadabraAlakazam and MachopMachokeMachamp Both second stages evolve with trading, and both are parallel types. Kadabra and Machoke evolve by trading. But, Machop evolves at Level 28, but Abra evolves at Level 16.