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About Me

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388.png This user's favorite Grass-type Pokémon is Grotle.
498.png This user's favorite Fire-type Pokémon is Tepig.
418.png This user's favorite Water-type Pokémon is Buizel.
025.png This user's favorite Electric-type Pokémon is Pikachu.
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476.png This user's favorite Rock-type Pokémon is Probopass.
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359.png This user's favorite Dark-type Pokémon is Absol.
066.png This user's favorite Fighting-type Pokémon is Machop.
169.png This user's favorite Poison-type Pokémon is Crobat.

How I Met Pokemon

I started in an ordinary evening. I was nine and I was watching some TV show with my big brother.As he was changing the channel,he suddenly stopped and was shocked to see one of his favorite anime on TV again,Pokemon. He told me that he was once addicted to Pokemon before.As I was watching it,I was amazed by it.I think that was the episode where Ash catches a Caterpie. Since that night, I started watching Pokemon everyday.

Days passed and another important event happened to me. It happened in a late afternoon. I arrived at home tired after playing with my friends. My mother told me to take a quick bath and after that she said that she has something wonderful for me. I quickly took a bath. I was expecting a book about animals because I also happened to love animals before. As she was about to give me that something, I was shocked to see two little boxes. It said,"Pokemon:Trading Card Game". I didn't knew what it was so I opened it. Then, I saw many different cards with many different Pokemon that i didn't know. I didn't know a lot of them because I was still watching the Indigo League and the cards featured Pokemon from another generation. I was so happy in an unexplained way.

Later on,my mother took me to the school where she teaches. We went to the computer lab. I still didn't have that much knowledge about computers and Internet that day but I still tried. I searched for Pokemon in the Internet. I clicked the word saying,"". It took me into this website. Then, I saw the word "Pokedex" there. I clicked it again. I arrived at a screen where there is a picture of Bulbasaur in the middle and the names of Pokemon arranged numerically in the left of it. I scrolled it down ad saw a lot of different names i didn't know that varied from Generation I to Generation II. I was amazed again.

Since that day, I kept on searching in the Internet about Pokemon and, along the way, developed more knowledge about using a computer. I started playing online Pokemon games and started collecting Pokemon cards. I said to myself that I will collect all Pokemon, but until now, still haven't reached that goal yet. Now, I think, I have collected for about 300+ plus Pokemon cards. And none of those 300 cards are of the same Pokemon. And I still have those first batch of cards that my mother gave me.

Years passed and now I arrived at this cool site, named Bulbapedia. I liked it a lot and made an account on it. I would later on write this story and think about the past. Before everything else, I wouldn't have known Pokemon without my brother.

Where would I be now if I didn't knew Pokemon?

Predictions for Best Wishes


Ash Ketchum

519.png520.pngSpr 5b 521 m.png
Pidove → Tranquill → Unfezant
Snivy → Servine → Serperior
Tepig → Pignite
Egg → Scraggy → Scrafty
Sewaddle → Swadloon → Leavanny
Roggenrola → Boldore
Sandile → Krokorok

Pikachu: No need to explain.
Unfezant: Didn't predict.
Oshawott:Oshawott, like of Ash's water type starters, won't evolve. Plus I don't like Samurott very much.
Serperior: I definitely see Snivy evolving. I also happen to like Serperior so I hope she will evolve.
Pignite: I don't want Pignite to evolve further more.
Scrafty: I have a strong feeling Scraggy will evolve.
Leavanny:Didn't predict.
Palpitoad: I don't think Palpitoad will evolve.I love the way it is.
Boldore: I also like Boldore the way it is now. Bur I do see it being traded away to another character to evolve(reason? maybe it wants to evolve)
Krokorok: Just because.


Drilbur → Excadrill

Axew: I don't see Axew evolving this season of the anime but maybe in later parts.
Vanilluxe: × In an upcoming episode,Iris fights her fear of Ice type Pokemon. Well,Vanilluxe is featured in it helping Iris so she may capture it by the end of the episode. ×


Dwebble → Crustle
Ferroseed → Ferrothorn

Pansage:Maybe it will not evolve. If so, then Pansear and Panpour must too because it just doesn't feel right to imagine just one of the three to upgrade. It does not feel balanced.
Crustle: None.
Ferrothorn: × Also, in an upcoming episode(the one about Iris' fear of the Ice types),many Ferroseed are showcased. Maybe, Cilan will obtain one just like how Brock obtained his Zubat from a flock of Zubat. It is also part Grass type. ×


  • Ash will probably catch some new Pokemon. Maybe not more than 3.