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Sceptile Maniac

Joined 11 September 2010

Top Ten Favorite Pokémon & Top Ten Worst Pokémon

Party Pokémon

Notice that I have one of every single type of attack move. Also, all of my Pokémon are legendaries with base stat totals of at least 600. I am virtually undefeatable. I got my Arceus from a trade, my Darkrai from tweaking, my Mewtwo from HeartGold Version and Rayquaza, Kyogre, and Groudon from my Emerald Version. They are all level 100 through rare candies from the cloning glitch in Emerald. I want to challenge somebody through Wi- Fi, but do not know how to set up the connection. If any non- hackers (hackers are lame) want to challenge me, please post how to set up Wi- Fi on my talk page. Okay, I admit it. This party sucks. Good thing I realized that before I set up Wi-Fi. I will post my friend codes once I finally set it up.

I have recently restarted my Blue Version. I used the Mew Glitch to get Mew , The Old Man Glitch to get 'M, I started with Squirtle and evolved into Blastoise, caught Dugtrio in Diglett's Cave, caught Articuno, and evolved the Eevee found in Celadon Condominiums into Flareon.

And here is my VGC 2012 challenge party: I'm still deciding upon the last one, but so far, I feel indestructable. I obviously became stronger since the last generation, as I now search through natures and IV's to have the perfect Pokémon.

Black & White

I am so excited about Black Version and White Version coming out!!! I preordered Black and I am going to GameStop on Saturday to pick it up and download the Liberty Ticket and Event Celebi. I am undoubtedly starting with Snivy.