User:Satsjoe/List of moves used by Ash's Pokémon

This page lists all moves that have been used by Ash's Pokémon.

List of moves

Move Type Pokémon
Accelerock Rock  
Acrobatics Flying  
Aerial Ace Flying            
Agility Psychic      
Air Cutter Flying  
Air Slash Flying    
Aqua Jet Water      
Attract Normal  
Aura Sphere Fighting  
Barrier Psychic  
Bide Normal  
Bite Dark        
Body Slam Normal        
Boomburst Normal  
Brave Bird Flying      
Brick Break Fighting  
Brutal Swing Dark  
Bubble Water    
Bubble Beam Water    
Bug Bite Bug  
Bullet Punch Steel  
Bullet Seed Grass  
Close Combat Fighting  
Confusion Psychic  
Counter Fighting  
Crabhammer Water    
Crunch Dark  
Cut Normal  
Darkest Lariat Dark  
Dazzling Gleam Fairy  
Defense Curl Normal  
Detect Fighting  
Dig Ground        
Double Hit Normal  
Double Iron Bash Steel  
Double Slap Normal  
Double Team Normal              
Double-Edge Normal    
Draco Meteor Dragon    
Dragon Breath Dragon    
Dragon Claw Dragon      
Dragon Dance Dragon  
Dragon Pulse Dragon      
Dragon Rage Dragon  
Dragon Rush Dragon  
Dragon Tail Dragon  
Earthquake Ground  
Electro Ball Electric  
Electroweb Electric  
Ember Fire        
Endure Normal  
Energy Ball Grass    
Eruption Fire  
Extrasensory Psychic  
Feather Dance Flying  
Fire Blast Fire  
Fire Fang Fire    
Fire Pledge Fire  
Fire Spin Fire    
Fishious Rend Water  
Fissure Ground  
Flame Charge Fire      
Flame Wheel Fire    
Flamethrower Fire          
Flare Blitz Fire  
Flash Cannon Steel    
Flying Press Fighting  
Focus Blast Fighting  
Focus Energy Normal  
Focus Punch Fighting      
Force Palm Fighting  
Foresight Normal  
Frenzy Plant Grass  
Fury Attack Normal    
Fury Cutter Bug  
Fury Swipes Normal  
Giga Impact Normal  
Gust Flying      
Harden Normal        
Headbutt Normal            
Heat Wave Fire  
Hidden Power Normal  
High Jump Kick Fighting    
Horn Attack Normal    
Hurricane Flying  
Hydro Pump Water      
Hyper Beam Normal          
Hyper Fang Normal  
Hypnosis Psychic  
Ice Beam Ice      
Ice Fang Ice  
Ice Punch Ice      
Icy Wind Ice  
Iron Defense Steel  
Iron Tail Steel  
Jump Kick Fighting  
Karate Chop Fighting  
Leafage Grass  
Leaf Blade Grass    
Leaf Storm Grass      
Leech Seed Grass  
Leer Normal          
Light Screen Psychic  
Mach Punch Fighting  
Mega Kick Normal    
Mega Punch Normal  
Megahorn Bug  
Metal Claw Steel  
Meteor Assault Fighting  
Mud Shot Ground  
Night Shade Ghost  
Night Slash Dark  
Overheat Fire    
Peck Flying        
Pound Normal    
Protect Normal  
Psychic Psychic    
Quick Attack Normal              
Rage Normal  
Rain Dance Water  
Rapid Spin Normal  
Razor Leaf Grass          
Razor Shell Water  
Razor Wind Normal  
Reflect Psychic  
Rest Psychic  
Revenge Fighting  
Reversal Fighting  
Rock Blast Rock  
Rock Climb Normal  
Rock Smash Fighting    
Rock Throw Rock  
Rollout Rock  
Sand Attack Ground    
Sandstorm Rock  
Scary Face Normal  
Scratch Normal          
Screech Normal  
Seed Bomb Grass  
Seismic Toss Fighting    
Shadow Ball Ghost  
Skull Bash Normal    
Sky Attack Flying  
Slash Normal      
Sleep Powder Grass    
Sleep Talk Normal  
Sludge Bomb Poison      
Sludge Wave Poison  
Smokescreen Normal  
Solar Beam Grass    
Sonic Boom Normal  
Steel Beam Steel  
Steel Wing Steel      
Stomp Normal  
Stone Edge Rock        
String Shot Bug    
Stun Spore Grass  
Submission Fighting  
Super Fang Normal  
Supersonic Normal    
Sweet Scent Normal  
Swift Normal    
Synthesis Grass  
Tackle Normal            
Take Down Normal      
Thrash Normal  
Thunder Electric  
Thunder Shock Electric  
Thunderbolt Electric      
Toxic Poison  
Twineedle Bug  
Vacuum Wave Fighting  
Vise Grip Normal    
Vine Whip Grass      
Volt Tackle Electric  
Water Gun Water              
Water Pulse Water    
Water Shuriken Water  
Whirlwind Normal      
Will-O-Wisp Fire  
Wing Attack Flying          
Withdraw Water  
X-Scissor Bug