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The setting for the competition

The Gloire Showcase Master Class (Japanese: ??? Glorio TryPokaron Master Class Tournament) is an anime-exclusive event in the XY series.

In Master Class Choices!, Monsieur Pierre announced that the Showcase would be held in Gloire City. The Showcase took place from Master Class Is in Session! to Performing a Pathway to the Future!.


Known contestants

Performer Place
Aria Winner
Serena Runner-up
Shauna Top 4
Jessilee Top 4
Alouette Top 10
Blanche Top 10 or Top 28
Lily Top 10 or Top 28
Kazalie Top 10 or Top 28
Queenko Top 10 or Top 28
Clarice Top 28
Elma Top 28
Shulin Top 28
Miette Top 28
Sara Lee Top 28
Nini Top 28
Concetta Top 28