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Two Island 2のしま
Two Island
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Boon Island FRLG.png
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Location: Between One Island and Three Island
Region: Sevii Islands
Generations: IIIFRLG
Sevii Islands Two Island Map.png
Location of Two Island in Sevii Islands.
Pokémon world locations

Two Island (Japanese: 2のしま Two Island) is a location in the Sevii Islands archipelago. It is east of One Island and northwest of Three Island. The island is surrounded by fast currents that do not allow the player to surf on or fish.

There is a small inaccessible island directly southeast of the main island that can only be seen on the Town Map.

Fishing and surfing prohibited!


The island has a small town that is rather important to the player as its shop is the only place where players can obtain rare Poké Balls not produced in Kanto by Silph, such as the Timer Ball, and several items only available in Johto and Hoenn, such as Moomoo Milk and Lava Cookies. In addition, Rage Candy Bars are suggested to be sold here, hence Bruno's visit to the island; however, they are sold out, making Bruno leave empty-handed.


Boon Island for Two (Japanese: ひとりより ふたりの ゆうぎじま Friendship Island for Two)

Move Maniac

There is also a Move Maniac in town who, in exchange for two TinyMushrooms or one Big Mushroom, will teach a Pokémon a move that it learns at a lower level.


The shop changes its stock after certain events have taken place.

  Great Ball
Before Ruby/Sapphire quest
  Ultra Ball
After saving Lostelle
  Repeat Ball
After Ruby/Sapphire quest
  Timer Ball
After Ruby/Sapphire quest
After entering Hall of Fame
  Soda Pop
After saving Lostelle
  Fresh Water
  Moomoo Milk
After entering Hall of Fame
  Lava Cookie
After Ruby/Sapphire quest

Joyful Game Corner

Main article: Joyful Game Corner

The Joyful Game Corner is a recently built facility owned by Lostelle's father. Its minigames can be played after the events on Three Island.


Two Island has a population of nine, excluding the Pokémon Center Nurse and the shopkeeper.


Item Location Games
  Revive South of the town (requires Cut)  FR  LG 
  Moon Stone From Lostelle's father after rescuing Lostelle and delivering the Meteorite to him  FR  LG 

Cape Brink

Main article: Cape Brink

Two Island also houses a Move Tutor. She is found on Cape Brink, north of the island.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 第2島 Dì Èr Dǎo (Taiwan)
二之岛 Èr-zhī Dǎo (Mainland China)
  European French Île 2
  German Eiland Zwei
  Italian Secondisola
  Korean 2의 섬 2-yi Seom
  Spanish Isla Secunda