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Joined 4 November 2007

My name is Sandmanvenom. I am only

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Favorite Pokémon

My favorite Pokémon is Chimchar. At first, my favorite Pokémon was Empoleon. Then, I saw Chimchar in an anime episode, and I realized how cute and agile it was.I do not know what episode it was, but I remembered that Paul's Chimcharwas battling a wild Ursaring and was using so much agility (plus its awsome fire moves) that I just had to love it.

How I found out about Pokémon

When I was three years old, I watched Pokémon on T.V. every Saturday. Back then, we (me and my brother) basicly thought that Pikachu was Pokémon. Then I got my first \Pokémon card, Metang. We thought we knew all about Pokémon. On my brother's ninth birthday, he got his first Pokémon card deck. He read all about how to play the card game. We suddenly became addicted to Pokémon. We found tons of websites on Pokémon. We ended up becoming Pokémon experts. Or at least my brother did.

Pokémon Games

I own no official Pokémon games.