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Unfortunately, due to circumstances involving school, exams and activities, my presence on Bulbapedia may appear redundant for the next number of weeks (as it perhaps already has been for the past few), however I will occasionally return to check on messages, and anything of immediate concern. Communication with me for the time being would be best via email. Rest assured when life has settled down, I shall resume my regularity. Thank you.

So... uh welcome to my Bandsox. Just putting the odd thing or two in here for either good riddance or convenience. Feel free to stick around, but not for too long or you may go insane.

I'm being serious.

Home-made templates

Some templates I've made, mostly for my convenience.


A styled div to display coding. Can change to any border color.

{{User:S1tHSL4y3r/Template:Codediv|blue|code code code}}
{{User:S1tHSL4y3r/Template:Codediv|orange|code code code}}
{{User:S1tHSL4y3r/Template:Codediv|#53FC00|code code code}}

Sign template tutorial

I've included a handy tutorial on how to use the Sign template on the template page itself.

Poké Mart template tutorial

I've included a handy tutorial on how to use the Mart template on the template page itself.

Trainer template tutorial

Here's a run through on how to use the Trainer template to display a table of trainers and their Pokémon.

Say you're going down Route Missingno., and you want to be a good kid and write up a Trainer section for the article! Here's a handy, neat and easy way to do that.

Trainer Pokémon
Youngster Bob
Youngster Bob
Reward: PokémonDollar.png312
Wurmple Wurmple Lv.6
No item
Poochyena Poochyena Lv.7
Bag Pecha Berry Sprite.png Pecha Berry
Lotad Lotad Lv.9
No item
Zigzagoon Zigzagoon Lv.10
Bag Oran Berry Sprite.png Oran Berry
Seedot Seedot Lv.12
Bag Miracle Seed Sprite.png Miracle Seed
Battle Girl Kiesha
Battle Girl Kiesha
Reward: PokémonDollar.png820
Zangoose Zangoose Lv.28
No item
Seviper Seviper Lv.28
No item
Black Belt Jack
Black Belt Jack
Reward: PokémonDollar.png1200
Breloom Breloom Lv.35
No item
Hariyama Hariyama Lv.36
Bag Macho Brace Sprite.png Macho Brace
Medicham Medicham Lv.40
No item
Twins Rofell & Meyo
Twins Rofell & Meyo
Reward: PokémonDollar.png600
Volbeat Volbeat Lv.25
Bag Persim Berry Sprite.png Persim Berry
Illumise Illumise Lv.25
No item
Pokémon Master Leeeeeeroy
Pokémon Master Leeeeeeroy
Reward: PokémonDollar.png9000
Rayquaza Rayquaza Lv.100
Bag King's Rock Sprite.png King's Rock
Groudon Groudon Lv.100
Bag Charcoal Sprite.png Charcoal
Kyogre Kyogre Lv.100
Bag Mystic Water Sprite.png Mystic Water
Regirock Regirock Lv.100
Bag Leftovers Sprite.png Leftovers
Regice Regice Lv.100
File:Bag Powder Snow Sprite.png Powder Snow
Registeel Registeel Lv.100
Big Mac Sprite.png Big Mac|Pokémon_food#Pok.C3.A9_Snacks|Big Mac
Trainers with a PokéNav by their names will be registered in the Trainer's Eyes or Match Call function after the first battle, and may have a rematch with the player with higher-level Pokémon.

First off, we start with the header. This contains all the column headings.


Next, we'll add the first trainer, which happens to be Youngster Bob.

{{trainerentry|Spr RS Youngster.png|Youngster|Bob|312|5|

Notice how each property is separated by a |. There are 5 compulsory properties, in order they go:

image|class|name|winnings|no. of Pokémon|

Then you add the next 5 Pokémon properties, continuing straight after that last pipe:

Natdex no.|name|or|lv.|item|

Simply repeat the same step again for any additional Pokémon; only up to five more of course. Ensure the number of Pokémon you add is the same number you put for the fifth property, no. of Pokémon!!! Then, to close, add }} after the last parameter.

273|Seedot|♂|12|Miracle Seed}}

Before starting the next trainer, we insert a short separator line.


Then it's just a matter of doing the same thing again for every trainer. After the last one, no separator line is needed, instead, we complete the whole table by adding a footer. There are two properties here, one for background, the other for the game generation:


And FUFUFU you're done!

Now, let's take a look at all the code together if we were just doing the first two trainers, Youngster Bob and Battle Girl Kiesha.

{{trainerentry|Spr RS Youngster.png|Youngster|Bob|312|5|265|Wurmple|♂|6||261|Poochyena|♂|7|Pecha Berry|270|Lotad|♂|9||263|Zigzagoon|♀|10|Oran Berry|273|Seedot|♂|12|Miracle Seed|}}
{{trainerentry|Spr RS Battle Girl.png|Battle Girl|Kiesha|820|2|335|Zangoose|♀|28||336|Seviper|♀|28||}}

And always make sure you preview your changes first before saving them, there's always that annoying chance that you've forgotten to add something somewhere.

In the future, a space for displaying Types of each Pokémon may be added.

Gamecorner template

Nav template for Game Corners.

Nav template redesigns

Pokelist template

A new Pokelist template design...

Old design
Alternate structure design
Latest design

by National Pokédex no. EnglishJapaneseGermanFrenchKoreanChinese
regional Pokédex no. KantoJohtoHoennSinnoh
GSC DexUnown Dexin no regional Pokédexin every regional Pokédex
regional Browser no. FioreAlmia
index number Generation IGeneration IIGeneration IIIGeneration IV
by attributes typespecieshabitatcolorIQ groupgender differences
egg groupbody style • height (ft-in / m) • weight (lb / kg)
by evolution evolution familyno evolution familybranchedcross-generation
by in-game stats base statscatch rateEVs given in battlegender ratio
steps to hatchavailability
miscellaneous alphabeticallyPal Park areadebut episodeglitchDPBP

Fiore template

Design applied to Fiore template:

Old design
Latest design

Towns: RingtownSummerlandFall CityWintown
Areas: Lyra ForestOlive JungleJungle RelicDusk Factory
WaterworksSekra Mountain RangeGo-Rock BaseFiore Temple
Kisara PlainSafra Sea
Paths: Krokka TunnelEast RoadPanula CaveNorth Road

Orange Archipelago template

Design applied to Orange Archipelago template:

Old design
Latest design
{| align="center" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" style="background: #fae3c9; border: 1px solid #fae3c9; border-radius: 20px; -moz-border-radius: 20px;"

|- | style="background: #f3c083; border-radius: 20px; -moz-border-radius: 20px; padding: 2px;" |

Islands of the Orange Archipelago
Gym: Coral-Eye Badge.png MikanSea Ruby Badge.png NavelSpike Shell Badge.png TrovitaJade Star Badge.png Kumquat
League: Pummelo
Inhabited: AscorbiaButwalGoldenHamlinKinnow
Mandarin Nth.Mandarin Sth.MoroMurcott
Deserted: CleopatraGrapefruitPinkanRind
Anime-location templates
KantoOrange IslandsJohtoHoennSinnohOther


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