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Joined 9 October 2008
Welcome to RyanCross' user page

Hey there, I'm RyanCross (talk · contribs), a contributer to Bulbapedia. I created my account on October 9, 2008. I created my account because I know quite a lot about Pokémon, and I decided I wanted to help share my knowledge of Pokémon with the world. I hope my contributions will help this site improve so that readers of this site can learn more about Pokémon.

I first got into Pokémon by watching the Generation I television shows (I'm sure everyone got into Pokémon this way?). I started to like the show, and started to play the video games. My first Pokémon game I ever played was Pokémon FireRed. I worked on my Pokédex for that game for about three years, and I've still got a few more Pokémon to catch. My Pokédex on FireRed has about 300+ captured Pokémon data in it. From here, I played the Pokémon Ruby, Pokémon Sapphire, and Pokémon Emerald versions. I liked Emerald the most though, and played that pretty often. I also liked playing Pokémon Crystal a lot. Playing the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2 games was pretty fun too. When Pokémon Diamond came out along with Pokémon Pearl, I really liked playing Diamond, and continued to play and migrate my Pokémon from FireRed to it. Then I got Pokémon Battle Revolution for Wii and completed each stadium and their bosses at least once. I'm planning on getting Pokémon Platinum soon. Diamond is my favorite Pokémon game so far.

Well, if you want to have a Pokémon battle with me, just e-mail me about it and I'll see if I have time for a battle. I'll probably only battle on Pokémon Diamond or Pokémon Battle Revolution for now. Just e-mail me all the information on what kind of battle you want to play in, etc. If I accept the challenge, I'll battle you. We'll see what happens from there. ;-)

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Ryan's Pokémon

I have a lot of Pokémon I have trained. I have numerous strategies I use in Pokémon. Some include: Stall, Burn, Power hitters, protection, and 2-hit KO (one of my favorites). My very first Pokémon was a Charmander, and I got pretty fond of the Dragon-type (or somewhat Dragon-type such as Charizard and Gyarados) Pokémon, so I usually use Dragon-type Pokémon. I sometimes use Legendary Pokémon, sometimes I don't, or sometimes I do a mixture of it. Overall, I train a lot of different Pokémon and come up with different strategies. The following is a (incomplete) list of Pokémon that I commonly use in battle:

Type Pokémon Moves Notes
350.png Milotic -Surf Stall
-Ice Beam
144.png Articuno
-Sheer Cold 2-hit KO
-Mind Reader
-Ice Beam
487.png Giratina
-Draco Meteor Attack
-Shadow Force
-Aura Sphere