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Route 1

Professor Kukui's Laboratory

  • After Rotom enters the Pokédex
"Zzzzzrrt! Nice to meet you, pal! Gentle on the goods, OK?"
"If you need some help, give me a little poke in the middle of my map! But not too hard! Zz-zzt!"
  • After Lillie explains the Pokémon Center
"I've set the Trainers' School as our destination! Let's get this show on the road! Zzzt!"
  • In front of the Trainers' School
"So izzz a Trainers' School where Trainers go to learn? Or do Trainers do the teaching?"

Trainers' School

  • After Kukui explains the Trainers' School
"Find those four Pokémon Trainers! Zzz-zzzt! You find 'em, you battle 'em, you beat 'em!"
  • After battling the four Trainers
"Zzrt?! You were called to the office already? Naughty boy/girl! It's off to 2F with you!"
"Zzrt?! He wants you to pet that big ol' Tauros?! If I had a pulse, it'd be racing right now!"
  • After patting the Tauros
"I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a nice stroll around Hau'oli. Especially the beach!"
Hau'oli City


  • After learning "Alola!"
"Hau'oli's got plenty of tall buildings, zzz-zzt! It's even got a tourist bureau of its own!"

Shopping District

  • After the Poké Finder is registered
"A Poké Finder?! I wanna give it a try! Zzz-zzt! Boy, I might never want to leave this Pokédex!"
  • After talking to the Poké Finder tutorial guy
"Finders keepers and thizzz Finder is mine! Press 「B」 whenever you see the icon change!"
  • After trying out the Poké Finder
"Plenty of shopzzz to check out in Hau'oli. Even an apparel shop. If I had a body, I'd go!"
  • After receiving the Makeup Bag
"There're even government offices here in Hau'oli. Just what everyone wants in paradise! Zzz-zzt!"
"Did I hear someone say Team Skull? In the Marina? Zz-zz-zz!"
  • In front of the Malasada shop
"Team Skull or malasadazzz... How can we choose? I wanna check out both!"
"Ohhhh! A battle against those Team Skull numskullzzz in the Marina? Count me in!"
"Route 2 izzz just too exciting to miss to-day! There is, to wit, two-plus-two buildings to find!"
  • After talking to Lillie
"I think I see something in front of Route 2... Something I didn't really want to see again..."
  • After talking to Hala
"What do you think there izzz beyond Route 2? It's too much! I can't wait to see it all!"
Route 2
"Izzz something going on in the Berry fields?! Get in there! I need my Berry supply kept safe!"
Berry fields
  • After battling the Team Skull Grunts
"Enough with all this helping folks outta pinches! Let'zzz get to that trial at last, kiddo!"
Route 2
  • Inside of the Pokémon Center
"It's finally time to take on that Ilima character! I'm tingling with excitement! Or just electricity..."
  • In front of Verdant Cavern
"Time for training! Time for trials! Time for us to storm that Verdant Cavern! Zzt!"
Verdant Cavern
  • After starting the Trial
"Thozzze Pokémon are pretty fierce little things! Good luck getting all the way through the cave!"
"Now! To the heart of the cave! It's finally time to get your mitts on your first Z-Crystal! Zzzt!"
  • After battling Totem GumshoosS/Alolan RaticateM
"If you want to see more of that dreamboat Ilima, he's waitin' for you outside that cave of hizzz!"
Route 2
"Where could Lillie have gone off to? Route 3 izzz not big. But it izzz pretty bare..."
Melemele Meadow
  • After talking to Lillie
"Zzt! Hurry it up and save Nebby already! We little Pokémon need all the help we can get!"
Iki Town
  • Before battling Hala
"You should probably meet up with Kahuna Hala. I'd guess he'zzz around Iki Town somewhere..."
  • If replied "Please wait"
"A Pokémon battle against big Kahuna Hala! I'm tingling all over—almost like I'm Electric! Ha!"
  • After battling Hala
"You done telling your mom that you're off on an adventure? Then it'zzz off to the Marina next!"
Heahea City
  • After meeting Olivia and Mallow
"You've made it to Akala, big boy/clever girl! This means a whole new Island Pokédex, zzt! I'll try to keep you up to date on all the new Pokémon you uncover, <player>! Zzzzzt!"
"So this izzz Heahea City? I can see the sea! Let's give the city a good search before we go!"
  • After talking to Lillie
"Zzz-zzt! My Rotom sense izzz tingling! There's a beautiful building to be explored up ahead!"
"There'zzz a town up Route 4 we've never seen! Nothing gets me fired up like a new destination!"
Paniola Town
  • After battling Hau
"Ahhh... Now this izzz a mighty fine place. I reckon I could get to like it here, pardner."
Paniola Ranch
  • After talking to Mallow
"Route 5 izzz pretty famous among Trainers as being a great place to train your team up! Zzzt!"
Route 5
"Next stop izzz another trial site! Brooklet Hill! What's a brooklet anyway? Is it like a booklet?"
Brooklet Hill
  • After talking to Lana at the entrance of Brooklet Hill
"Let's follow Lana and see what's up ahead! Oooh, I hope it'zzz something good!"
"So what izzz causing that splashing? Go see! But don't drop me in there! I'm not waterproof!"
  • After battling the first Wishiwashi
"Can't you hear that splashing from up ahead? I don't even have earzzz, and I can! Zz-zzt!"
  • Before battling the second Wishiwashi
"Another suspicious bit of splashing out there! Don't let any droplets get on me, pleazzze!"
  • After battling the second Wishiwashi
"Zrt?! What in—?! When did Lana get past us? That girl must have some super secret power!"
  • Before entering the Totem's Den
"We're going all the way into Brooklet Hill? I don't know about thizzz... I've got a bad feelin'!"
  • Before battling the Totem Wishiwashi
"Zzzrt... Th-that big splashing over there... Do you think that'zzz just another Wishiwashi?"
  • After battling the Totem Wishiwashi
"I'm pretty sure I saw something that looked like a town farther down Route 6. Zzzrt?"
Route 6
  • After battling the Team Skull Grunts
"Zoinks! What're you waiting for? Let'zzz go! I wanna see that Battle Royal Dome for myself!"
Royal Avenue
  • After Gladion talks to himself
"My circuits are all lit up! It'zzz electrifying! Let's live it up at the Battle Royal Dome!"
Battle Royal Dome
  • After participating in the Battle Royal
"Seemzzz like Wela Volcano Park lies off Route 7. Careful you don't end up in any hot water, pal!"
Wela Volcano Park
"Blast past that Captain'zzz barricade and into your next adventure, pal! You're on fire! Zzzt!"
Route 7
  • After the Captain's Barricade is opened up
"The next trial site should be past Route 8 and its salty breeze, perfect for rusting my partzzz!"
Route 8
"Zzrt? Time for your third trial on Akala Island? Then off to Lush Jungle! It sounds so luxuriant!"
Lush Jungle
  • After Mallow explains her Trial
"Zzzrmmm... I'm not such a big fan of jungles... Where are all the comfy machines at, huh?!"
"Zoo-hoo! Time for uzzz to get cooking, partner! We'll have that Totem Pokémon here in a flash!"
Route 5
  • After battling the Totem Lurantis
"Didn't the professor tell you to head for that Dimensional Research Lab? Zzz-zzrt?"
Heahea City
  • Before entering the Dimensional Research Lab
"Off to the Dimensional Research Lab! Zzzp! Though the dimensions of my 'Dex are perfect..."
"What? Doezzz the prof think we've got nothing better to do than read things and talk to folks?"
  • After talking to Kukui
"Diglett's Tunnel? What a lucky bunch... I wanna have a place named after me, too! Zzzt!"
Diglett's Tunnel
  • After talking to Olivia
"If we get through this tunnel, we'll be just steps away from Konikoni City, big boy/clever girl! Zzzzp!"
  • After battling the Team Skull Grunts
"Zzzrrr... Which one izzz Olivia's shop? Why doesn't my map have this programmed in?"
Konikoni City
  • After entering Olivia's shop
"So it's the Ruinzzz of Life next! Head east off of Route 9 and kiss civilization good-bye!"
Memorial Hill
  • After battling the Team Skull Grunts
"I think I like that Aether Foundation lady... Did you see, zzt? Was she looking my way?"
Akala Outskirts
"Nothing like beating Team Skull numskullzzz! But now it's back on track to the Ruins of Life."
  • If replied "Not yet"
"What type of Pokémon do you wanna bet that Kahuna Olivia will use? I'm gonna go with...Rock."
  • After battling Olivia
"You do know the Hano Grand Rezzzort, right? It's only, like, the most famous hotel in Alola!"
Aether Paradise
"You interested in meeting the prezzzident? She should be somewhere in here, right?"
"Zzrt?! I've never seen a Pokémon like that!! A-are we really gonna fight that...that thing?!"
Malie City
  • After battling Hau
"You've made it to Ula'ula Island now, big boy/clever girl! This means a whole new Island Pokédex, zz-zzt! It's all up to you what new Pokémon you'll uncover here, <player>! Zzzt!"
"Malie Garden? Never heard of it myzzzelf. What kind of place do you think it'll be? Zzzr?"
Malie Garden
  • After talking to Hau
"'zzz the professor? He is the one who told us to come here, yeah?"
  • After meeting up with Kukui
"This place kinda reminds me of the Johto region. Thizzz Malie City place, I mean. You know? Zzt?"
Malie City
  • After talking to Lillie
"Malie Library next, huh? Zzz-zzt... Well, you could probably do with some learning!"
  • Upon entering the Malie Library
"Didn't Lillie say she'd be upstairzzz? Or am I just hearing thingzzz?"
  • After reading "The Light of Alola" book
"There are plenty of Pokémon living on Route 10! Wouldn't you like to meet a few? Zz-zz-zzt!"
Route 10
  • After battling the Team Skull Grunt
"When is that Exeggutor Express gonna come? Maybe the bus stop will give you a clue? Zzrt?"
Mount Hokulani
"Hokulani Observatory is on Mount Hokulani's peak. The air izzz real clear at high altitudes!"
"I think you'd better go with Molayne there, pal. See what Hokulani Observatory hazzz to offer."
Hokulani Observatory
"So the professor's back in Malie Garden again? Find him to give him that mask, my friend! Zzt!"
Malie Garden
"You did clear, heh, "Soffy's" trial, right? What's holding you back then? Let's explore!"
Route 11
  • After the Captain's Barricade is opened up
"If we go through the captain's barricade, we can finally get out onto Route 12!"
Route 12
  • After talking to Hapu
"I gotta admit, friend. I do love a good Mudsdale! It just looks so strong and sturdy, yeah? Zzzt!"
Tapu Village
  • After Gladion warns about Cosmog
"Does Tapu Village have something to do with THE tapu? The guardianzzz of the islandzzz?"
  • After Hau becomes excited about the Pokémon League being build at Mount Lanakila
"Aether House? Is it another part of the Aether Foundation? 'Cauzzze I'll eat my 'Dex if it's not!"
Aether House
"Acerola's trial is your next hurdle, bucko! Come on! Let'zzz head outside and get to it!"
Route 15
  • After battling the Team Skull Grunts
"OK, the next trial site is creeping me out a bit. Zzz-zzz... You sure we need to go in there?"
Route 14
  • After Acerola explains about her Trial
"OK! OK, fine, we're doing it! We're going in! It's still creepy, but let'zzz get this trial going!"
"Another trial cleared and completed! Zzt-zzt! Now, let's split. Aether House izzz a-waiting!"
Aether House
  • After Plumeria kidnaps Lillie
"Izzz Yungoos gonna be OK? We've gotta find it! My circuitzzz can't take this kind of stress!"
Route 15
"The infamouzzz Po Town... It'zzz a bit scary, but I guess we've got no choice but to search it!"
Po Town
  • After seeing the two Team Skull Grunts blocking the way
"The place izzz crawling with Team Skull Grunts! Watch yourself in here, my jammy friend!"
  • After battling the two Team Skull Grunts
"I've got a bad feeling about thizzz place... Like there's something bad in the heart of Po Town..."
Shady House
  • After answering all three passwords and replying "No!"
"You got that crazzzy quizzz right, clever kid! I knew you could! Now onto the boss's room!"
  • After battling Guzma
"Huzzah! You beat that grody goon Guzzzma! Now let'zzz get outta this place!"
Po Town
  • After Acerola talks to Nanu
"Let'zzz go after Acerola! We've gotta go back to Aether House!"
Aether House
  • After battling Gladion
"Gladion wanted to meet up at the Malie City Ferry Terminal, right? Let's zzzip right over!"
Malie City
  • If replied "No thanks" to Nanu
"Zmmm... I feel thizzz weird, overwhelming power coming from Nanu! Be careful if you take him on!"
Aether Paradise
  • Upon reaching the Aether Paradise
"Be careful, my friend...and onto the elevator! We've made it thizzz far together!"
  • If replied "No" to Gladion
"Zmmm! If you're ready, better talk to Gladion. He seemzzz to be calling the shots here!"
  • Upon reaching B2F
"They went and named their secret labs azzz... Secret Lab A and B? This place is bad newzzz..."
"Well, it looks like we're headed for Secret Lab B! Never thought I'd have to say that... Zzzrt..."
  • After battling the two Aether Foundation Employee in Secret Lab B
"Better read all the documents you can find... Who knowzzz if we'll ever get down here again?"
  • After reading the reports on the computer
"Go after Hau! Don't let him leave us behind! Get thozzze human clodhoppers moving!"
  • After informing Gladion about the reports
"We've got to get back to the elevator again! And quick! We're clozzze to something big!"
  • After battling the two Aether Foundation Employee on 1F
"Gladion! Hau! Where are you, guys?! We should all work together on thizzz, right?!"
  • After battling the three Aether Foundation Employee and Faba
"If you want to find Lusamine, we've gotta get to the entrance on 1F before it'zzz too late!"
  • Before battling the two Team Skull Grunts
"Zzz-zzt! Do you think Lillie izzz with Lusamine? That izzz what Ms. Wicke said, right?"
  • After battling Guzma
"Well done, my brave companion! You beat Guzzzma! Now let's find Lusamine!"
  • After encountering Lillie with Lusamine
"Zoinks! Go after Lusamine, like, yezzzterday! She must have gone somewhere farther in!"
  • Upon entering the Trophy room
"Th-that Lusamine lady... She really scares me... All humanzzz aren't like that, right?"
  • After waking up on the next day
"Feeling refreshed and ready for more, pal? Let'zzz head out and see what's waiting for us!"
  • After meeting Lillie, Gladion and Hau
"Everyone is waiting where boatzzz come in! Let's get out of this place!"
Seafolk Village
  • Upon reaching Seafolk Village
"Poni Island, here we come! Bzzt-zzt! Wonder what kinds of new Pokémon we'll get to rub elbows with here, eh, <player>? If only I had elbows! Bzzzzzzt!"
"Seafolk Village? That's what thizzz izzz? Hmm. Seems worth having a look around!"
  • After talking to the Chief
"Keep on stomping around Poni Island, partner! There izzz plenty to explore, that's for sure!"
Poni Wilds
"Zrrmmm? I seem to be picking up signzzz of more people and Pokémon in the Poni Wilds..."
Ancient Poni Path
  • After meeting Hapu and her grandmother
"The Ruins of Hope are past Poni Breaker Coast! Let'zzz hope they're cheerier than they sound..."
Ruins of Hope
"In we the Ruinzzz of Hope... Are they hopeful ruins? Or where hopes end?"
  • Before pushing the crates
"Look at thozzze muscles! Push! Shove! Go! Machamp will get us through thezzze ruins!"
"Zzt! Don't let Hapu leave uzzz eating dust! Back to Seafolk Village, on the double!"
Seafolk Village
  • Before talking to the Chief
"If we're hoping the seafolk will give us a ride, then I guess we should talk to their chief! Zzt!"
Exeggutor Island
  • Upon reaching Exeggutor Island
"I don't know what we'll find at the end of Exeggutor Island. That izzz where we're going!"
"I could keep exploring Exeggutor Island all day! Let'zzz find some more of those giant eggheads!"
  • After the rain clears
"Lillie ran ahead somewhere! Where'd she go? And, uh, does she still get lost all the time?"
Seafolk Village
  • After coming back to Seafolk Village
"The Vast Poni Canyon liezzz up the way from the Ancient Poni Path where Hapu livezzz."
Ancient Poni Path
  • After meeting Plumeria
"Can I admit something to you, friend? Truth is... I totally dig that Team Skull pose! Zz-zz-zzt!"
  • If replied "I need to prepare first" to Hapu
"Once more unto the breach! Or the canyon! Zzt! You'd better be ready for Hapu's grand trial."
Vast Poni Canyon
  • After battling Hapu
"The Vast Poni Canyon izzz a real beast of a place, but we've got to get you through it! Zzt!"
  • After talking to Lillie
"You OK, big boy/my girl? Not too tuckered out? Don't give up yet! We can do thizzz!"
  • After Lillie musters up her courage to cross the bridge alone
"Lillie izzz sure doing her best, too, isn't she? She's on fire and she lookzzz totally cool to me!"
"We can't let Lillie outshine us, partner! Let's get a move on, too! Zz-zz-zzzt!"
  • Before entering the Totem's Den
"Is there a trial in the Vast Poni Canyon? Zrrmm... Isn't the whole place trial enough?"
  • After reading the ancient stone monument
"What's up with thizzz Vast Poni Canyon trial? Doesn't it kind of remind you of Ilima'zzz trial?"
"You cleared another trial! But the real trial will still be pushing on beyond thizzz point, I think!"
Altar of the SunneS/Altar of the MooneM
  • After talking to Lillie and Hapu
"Zoinks! Would you look at all thozzze stairzzz?! If you make it up them all, you'll reach the altar!"
"The time hazzz finally come! Make sure you and Lillie both blow your flutezzz at the same time!"
"Zzrm? A battle against Nebby, eh? Do your bezzzt to be found worthy as a Trainer!"
Mount Lanakila
  • Upon reaching Mount Lanakila
"The Pokémon League should be way up at the peak of Mount Lanakila! Brr-rrr-zrrr-zzzr..."
  • After battling Gladion
"Mount Lanakila izzz famous for being the most impregnable of all Alola's various mountains..."
  • Before entering the Pokémon League
"Zzzzzzzzt! Do it, kid! Become the Champion! I've been with you all this time—I know you can!"

Zygarde Core or Zygarde Cell

"Sina wants to talk to you! Zzt!"


"There are still plenty of great Pokémon out there to be found in the Alola region! Zzz-zzt!"
"I've heard that real fearsome Trainers like to gather somewhere on Poni Island... Zzt?"
"Ohhhh yeah... Didn't we hear something about Ultra Beasts appearing around Alola, pal?"
"*zaaawn* Boy, I am just bushed today... Don't know why..."
"I miss Hau. Do you miss Hau? We should bring him some malasada sometime."
"I wazzz just thinking about Lillie... Do you think she's still in her Z-Powered form?"
"Alola! Alola! Zzz-zzz-zzzt! This region's better than a box full of machines!"
"You sure there's no Z-Crystal out there for me? I've thought up plenty of sweet Z-Movezzz!"
"I'm just zzzoning out down here... Zzzoning out...zzzoning in...zzzoning on and on..."
"Today's a fine day for registering Pokémon! I love the smell of 'Dexing in the morning!"
"Zzrt?! I can feel it... Ooooh-ho-ho, I can feel it! The presence of a previously unseen Pokémon!"

Poké Finder

  • Tutorial
"Zzzt! You can move the camera all around by using the Circle Pad! It's always a good idea to try looking at the world from all kinds of different angles! When the time is ripe and you've framed the perfect shot, press 「R」 or the A Button, zzt! Each time you fire up the Poké Finder, you can take six pics before you run outta space."
  • Initiation
"Firing up the Poké Finder!"
  • When taking photos
"Getting warmer."
"Not bad."
"That's the spirit!"
"You're on fire!"
"Nice one!"
"Looking good!"
  • After taking all 6 photos
"You've taken all the pics you can in one go! Let's shuffle along to photo selection, zzt-zzt..."
  • Before selection of photos
"What kind of photo do you wanna show the world, bucko? Zzz-zz-zz-zz!"
  • Photo selection page
"Which photo do you wanna show off, zzt?"
  • After selecting a photo
"Zzt? This the best shot you've got?"
  • After selecting "Yes"
"... ... ... Your photo's been uploaded! And the commentzzz are already pouring in!"
  • After uploading photo
"See? This way you can see what all kinds of different people think of your pics. Zzt-zzt!"
"Here you are! Look how many people gave your photo a thumbs-up! Zzt-zzt!"
  • After getting comments
"That was a decent enough photo, kid! Zzt!"
"That's a pretty sweet photo, pal! Zzt-zzt!"
"That was an amazing shot! Zzzzzzt!"
"That was an astounding shot! Wowzzzzers!"
  • When "←" is pressed before taking any photos
"You're about to close the Poké Finder. You sure you want to do that?"
  • When "←" is pressed after taking one or more photos
"Zzt? But you can still take some more pics... You sure you want to move on already?"
"You're going to give up on this shoot? You sure, zzt-zzt?"
"But you've taken some photos already, zzt! You sure want to give 'em up?"
  • New high record
"You've hit a new high record, kid! You are just blowing me away here, zz-zzt!"'
  • Before 1,500 thumbs-up
"Seemzzz like you can get Ver. 2 if you get a total of 1,500 thumbs-ups on your photos. Zzt!"
  • Getting Version 2
"Well, look at you! You got 1,500 thumbs-ups on your photos! That means you get Ver. 2! Zzz-zzt!"
"With Ver. 2, you can finally zoom in on things, you lucky little thing! Zzz-zzt!"
  • Before 10,000 thumbs-up
"Seems like you can get Ver. 3 once you get a total of 10,000 thumbs-ups on your photozzz!"
  • Getting Version 3
"Congratulations are in order, kiddo! You got 10,000 thumbs-ups on your photos! That means you get Ver. 3! Zzz-zzt!"
"With Ver. 3, you can finally zoom in on things even more than you could before, champ! Zzzt!"
  • Before 100,000 thumbs-up
"Get 100,000 thumbs-ups on your photos, kiddo, and you can get Ver. 4! That'zzz a lot..."
  • Getting Version 4
"You're blinding me with your brilliance, bucko! You got 100,000 thumbs-ups on your photos! That means you get Ver. 4! Zzz-zzt!"
"With Ver. 4, you've got the max zoom function at last, you high achiever, you! Zzz-zz-zz!"
  • Before getting 1,500,000 thumbs-ups
"Guess what? If you get 1,500,000 thumbs-ups on your photos, you get the mythic Ver. 5! Zzt!"
  • Getting Version 5
"You did it! You actually went and did it! Zzzt! You got a total 1,500,000 thumbs-ups, kiddo! That means you get Ver. 5! Zzz-zzt!"
"With the amazing Ver. 5 Poké Finder, you can actually call Pokémon to you! Zz-zzzzzt! Now that you've gotten your pawzzz on the maxed-out version of the Poké Finder, I guess I'd better start calling you a Poké Finder Pro! I'll even put a stamp in your Trainer Passport. Give it a little peek later. Zz-zz-zz!"
  • When first initiating Poké Finder after getting Version 2
"The zoom function has been added, zzzt! Press up and down on the +Control Pad to change how far you zzzoom in or zzzoom out!"
  • When first initiating Poké Finder after getting Version 3
"The zzzoom function on your Poké Finder has been powered up, zzz-zzt! But you can use it just the way as you have up until now!"
  • When first initiating Poké Finder after getting Version 4
"The zzzoom function on your Poké Finder has reached its max level! Zzzzt! Now you can zzzoom up in as close as anyone can ever be to a Pokémon!"
  • When first initiating Poké Finder after getting Version 5
"A Pokémon-calling button has been added to your Poké Finder! Who could resist a button like that? Tap the bottom screen and give it a try! Zzzt!"
  • Operation Manual
"Move the camera around by using the Circle Pad, then press 「R」 or 「L」 to snap a photo!"
"Press up or down on the +Control Pad to zzzoom in or out on your subject! It seems people really like it when your photos capture a Pokémon as big as possible. Give it a try for lots of likes! Zzzt!"
"If you press the Pokémon-calling button on your Poké Finder, you can catch the attention of nearby Pokémon! Zzzt! Though it doesn't always work. Guess some Pokémon are just too cool for you! Ha! And you can't slam it over and over again either!"
"Zrmm? Lookzzz like you're out of film!"
"Do you want to save this photo to the SD Card?"
"The photo has been saved to the SD Card."


"Let's keep on taking photos together, partner! Zzz-zz-zz-zz!"
"C'mon, lazy pants! Let's take photos in lots of new places! Zzt!"
"Keep on taking as many photos as your hot little fingers can handle! Zzt!"
"Don't worry, kiddo. I like your photos. Zzz-zz-zz-zz!"
"Just a little bit further, kiddo. Don't give up now! Zzt-zzt!"
"The goal is in sight! Repeat after me... I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..."
"Transmitting data... Zz...zzt... Please wait... Zz...zzt... ... ... ... Updating complete!"
"Use the Circle Pad to move the camera around, got it, kiddo? You should always try to look at your world from lots of different angles. Zz-zz-zz... And at the optimal moment...slam that 「R」 and get your shot before it runs away! You can take up to six shots each time you fire up the Poké Finder. Zzz-zzt!"

Adventure quotes at unknown timings

"Hau'oli izzz ready for us and I'm ready for it! Let's go! Life in the big city is a-calling!"
"Looks like your next destination izzz a trial site. It's off to Verdant Cavern, plucky adventurer!"
"It'zzz been a while since you last battled Hau... Looks like he'd rather make it a regular thing!"
"Zzt! Finally time for you to take on Hala himself! Get yourself off to Iki Town...if you dare to!"
"When you're ready to blow this lemonade stand, let's go to the Marina and set sail! Zz-zz-zz!"
"Greetings! It's Captain Ilima there! Zz-zz-zz! What do you bet he's as strong as he thinks?"
"Good save, boyo/missy! Now let's ditch these flowers before I sneeze myself right outta this 'Dex!"
"Zmm! That Sina and Dexio smell like a challenge! You can just feel the power coming off of them!"
"Was there something different between the first and the second dances?! What am I mizzzing?!"
"This trial that "Soffy" and "Big Mo" devised... I've gotta say, it's left me in the dark! Zz-zz-zz!"
"We can't open up an Ultra Wormhole if Nebby izzz not here with us. Did you forget?"