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Ronnie G Man

Joined 16 July 2007

Ronnie G has been a Pokémon fan since he was 5, when he first got Pokémon Red as a chirstmas present. He now owns every Pokémon Game Boy and Game Boy Advance game, Snap, both Stadium's, XD and Colosseum, and finally the recently released Pokémon Diamond.

Pokémon Gaming Career

Ronnie G's first Pokémon was a Bulbasaur. This Bulbasaur became his favourite Pokémon. As a Venusaur it knew Solarbeam, Sleep Powder, Razor Leaf and Hyper Beam. Ronnie used his Venusaur to defeat the Elite Four with little effort and it earned title as his strongest Pokémon. Soon after he lent this level 100 Venusaur to a friend, Ronnie G started raising an Alakazam. This one knew Flash, Reflect, Psybeam and Recover. Ronnie G, today, still hasn't gotten is level 100 Venusaur from his friend, and doubts he will. After the Alakazam period, Ronnie found out about the Missingno. glitch. He cloned Rare Candies so he could start a new team of Pokémon. Ronnie G no longer uses Rare Candies to train Pokémon when he found out that Pokémon trained like that are a lot weaker than they should be. On Pokémon Red, Ronnie G has defeated the Elite Four and entered the Hall of Fame 53 times, but now due to a glitch he may no longer view this Hall of Fame.

Ronnie started with a Chikorita. When it evolved, it became his best Second Generation Pokémon. A while after the Elite Four had been defeated, and he had access to the Kanto regoin, Ronnie lent Meganium to a friend in exchange for a Typhlosion. He still has Typhlosion, but never got Meganium back. He managed to capture both Ho-oh and Lugia now at level 66 and 64 respectively. Ronnie's Second Generation was not as special as his First Generation.

Years had past and the new Pokémon had been released. Ronnie G's first Third Generation Pokémon was a Mudkip. As a Swampert it knew Dive, Surf, Earthquake and Hyper Beam. In this generation Ronnie had trouble with the Elite Four, even with his trusted Kyogre who went through many challenges with him, including Mt. Battle on Colosseum. Ronnie's Kyogre knows Thunder, Ice Beam, Water Spout and Sheer Cold.

Ronnie G got his Pokémon Diamond 36 days before it was releaesd in Australia by importing it. Ronnie started off with a Turtwig. Now as Torterra it knows Wood Hammer, Synthesis, Earthquake and Strength. He recently obtained an Arceus from a friend. He intends to put this Pokémon to the test soon. He found the Elite Four easy in this game only with the help of a friends level 63 Palkia.