Pokemonaro Project

To give information about, and name, the Pokemon in Esperanto, I created Pokemonaro. Applications to the site can be submitted here. Esperanto language ability is required, hence the need for applications. If you know Esperanto, please give it a submission. (art is used from Bulbapedia to avoid clogging up the file space).

Generic Anime Names

Since the anime characters can have very different names in different languages, I have decided to make a table here with all of the anime characters who have substantially different names in different languages. Hence, Iris is not on the list, as her name is basically the same for all.

English Name (with link) Generic Name Reason for name (if applicable)
Ash Ketchum Hero
Misty (anime) Water 1 The first water type trainer that aligns with Ash.
Brock (anime) Rock 1 Same thing
Tracey Sketchit Watcher
May (anime) Coordinator 1 The first character to have an arc primarily centered around Pokémon Contests.
Max Young Student Heavily studious, very young
Dawn (anime) Coordinator 2
Cilan (anime) Cafe Grass The grass runner of the Cafe
Clemont (anime) Lemon While his name is basically the same in all languages, because of his sister, a generic name is useful.
Bonnie (anime) Lemon Sister
Lana (anime) Water 2 Would be "Lilly" if "Lillie" wasn't a character.
Kiawe (anime) Fire 1 Surprised it took so long.
Sophocles (anime) Yellow Flower Sophora chrysophylla is a namesake of his in each language, but the plant doesn't have a common English name.
Mallow (anime) Cotton All names relate to something to do with cotton.
Gary Oak Oak Grandson
Ritchie Grand/Wide ... I really can't decide.
Harrison (Johto) Johto Rival No real link between his names.
Drew Coordinator Rival 1 Harley would be 2, but the name is pretty similar in all languages.
Morrison Hoenn Rival I... I really don't have much to say
Tyson (Hoenn) Humble Rival
Solidad Coordinator Rival 2
Paul Pearl
Nando Harp
Zoey Coordinator Rival 3
Conway Evaluator
Barry (anime) Sinnoh Rival
Ursula Arrogant Coordinator
Trip Camera
Burgundy Wine
Stephan Zebra Or maybe, maybe, "mispronounce"
Georgia Dragon Buster
Cameron (Unova) Miscalculation
Aria (anime) Kalos Queen

While this isn't all of them, this is enough for today.

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