User:Rockersk08/Anime Episode Synopsis Guidelines

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This article is a proposed policy for Bulbapedia.

Please discuss the proposed policy and suggest possible changes on the article's talk page.

An episode synopsis must provide detailed, complete coverage on an episode. While exact quotes and actions need not be covered on a minute-by-minute basis, it must be enough so a reader can correlate the text with the episode. There is no minimum length requirement, although more detail is preferred.


  1. Episode synopses must be written in the present tense with proper grammar. While an occasional typo may slip by and not affect the entire article, efforts must be made to keep those to a minimum.
  2. Links must be put in for every subject that has an article in Bulbapedia when possible. Characters, items, locations, moves and other topics should be found. Link to each page only once unless linking to different sections of an article, such as the different evolutionary stones. Use link templates whenever possible and try to avoid redirects, except for spoiler links (stated below).
  3. When writing about an episode in which a main character’s Pokémon evolves, link to the pre-evolved Pokémon species page first. When the Pokémon evolves, link it to the character’s Pokémon. For example, in Pursuing a Lofty Goal!, Ash’s Staravia evolves into Staraptor. In the synopsis, the link to [[Staravia (Pokémon)]] is used. Once it evolves, it is linked to [[Ash's Staraptor]]. This also applies when a main character captures a Pokémon.
  4. Vary verb usage. It helps avoid repetition.
  5. As dialogue can vary from the original Japanese episode to dubbed episodes, avoid direct quotations. Instead, state the general thought. If there are notable differences in dialogue, however, they can either be noted in the dub notes or by using the {{tt}} template.
  6. Make sure to split paragraphs in order to make it easier to read. A good rule of thumb is to have about six lines of text per paragraph. Breaks should be included when events transition or when a commercial break occurs.
  7. If there are certain subjects in the synopsis that can be linked to on Wikipedia, do so. This should only be used if the topic in question needs clarification.
  8. Preview the entire synopsis before saving the page. Check to ensure that all links work as desired.
  9. When an episode synopsis is fully complete, do not forget to remove any tags in the synopsis section, mainly the incomplete synopsis tag and/or the synopsis cleanup tag. Make sure to note the completed episode synopsis in the edit summary. In most cases, a detailed episode synopsis is what will separate episode stubs from non-stubs. If the synopsis is long enough (in most cases), the episode stub tag can be removed.

Spoiler links

Although a complete episode synopsis would spoil the events for someone that has not seen the episode, nothing should be put into the article that references a future episode, whether it involves a future battle, capture, evolution, or release, even if it is similar to a past event. This applies to all sections of an episode article, not just the synopsis.

For example, Ash’s Turtwig evolves into Grotle in Aiding the Enemy! and then into Torterra in The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore!. Prior to DP100, only [[Ash's Turtwig]] can be linked to. Between DP100 and DP166, only [[Ash's Grotle]] can be linked to. {{AP|Turtwig|Torterra}} or {{AP|Grotle|Torterra}}, as well as any other redirect circumvention, should not be used here as it spoils the events.

This also means that Ash's Turtwig cannot be referenced at all before Gettin' Twiggy With It!, the same rule applying to subsequent evolutions. Referring to past episodes, however, is open game. The reason for this policy was discussed here. The links in the Pokémon character list on each episode should not be altered. Of course, this rule does not really apply to non-episode articles.

Model synopsis

This is a model synopsis from Get Your Rotom Running!, written by rockersk08. Wiki links have been disabled to show link usage.

From a [[Pokémon Center]], {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} call [[Professor Oak]]. During the call, {{AP|Grotle}} and {{TP|Dawn|Piloswine}} {{m|tackle}} their {{pkmn|Trainers}} down [[Happiness|happily]]. When Professor Oak samples some Gateau, he suggests to Ash and his friends to go to the [[Old Chateau]] in [[Canalave City]] to try their specialty {{DL|Status ailment healing item|Old Gateau}}. [[Brock]] checks his guidebook and shows the location. Nearby, {{TRT}} listens in on the conversation and decides to head to the Chateau first and get the Gateau.

Team Rocket reaches the Old Chateau first and notices the lack of activity. They reach the locked front door and {{MTR}} {{wp|Lock picking|picks the lock}}. As they explore the darkened Chateau and leave the main hall, a {{wp|Incandescent light bulb|light fixture}} sparks. Meanwhile, Ash and his friends get close to the Chateau when a [[worker]] meets up with them and tells them that a recent storm took out the {{wp|Electricity generation|electricity}}, closing the Chateau. While he assures that power will be restored soon, he spooks Ash and his friends by telling them about rumors of [[Literal ghost|ghosts]] haunting the Chateau before walking away. Undeterred, Ash and his friends continue on.

Team Rocket checks the {{wp|kitchen}} and has little success finding anything. James checks a cabinet and finds a candy bar, deciding to hide it in a {{wp|Microwave oven|microwave}}. When he walks away, the microwave turns into [[Form differences#Rotom|Heat Rotom]], which promptly eats the candy before disguising itself. Jessie finds a chocolate bar and hides it in a {{wp|refrigerator}}, but [[Form differences#Rotom|Frost Rotom]] quickly eats the stash before hiding. Meowth finds a cookie and hides it in the same microwave James used, Heat Rotom quickly taking it. Team Rocket regroups and tries to leave, but all three run back to grab their hidden stash. Al three find their secrets gone and blame each other. They argue when Frost Rotom appears in front of them and fires {{m|Blizzard}}, sending them running. They run into Heat Rotom, forcing them to go back, crawling into a shaft and landing in a separate storage room. Jessie tries to open the locked door but fails to make it budge.

Ash and his friends stand outside the Chateau, finding it closed. Suddenly, the door opens on its own. They head inside and {{AP|Pikachu}} spots something moving down a hall. They follow Pikachu to the basement, where they find a {{wp|Electrical generator|generator}}. They see a microwave laying on the floor and Pikachu senses something wrong. While the humans and {{an|Dawn}}’s {{TP|Dawn|Piplup}} check the generator, Pikachu opens the microwave and climbs in to check. Heat Rotom appears and closes the oven door, which causes Pikachu to use {{m|Thunderbolt}} to break free, the electric attack striking the generator. Ash checks on Pikachu, the [[Pokémon]] quickly pointing at the microwave, which has reverted to normal. Pikachu’s attack powers up the generator and restores electricity and lighting to the Chateau. Back in the storage room, Meowth sees a {{wp|display case}} holding Old Gateau. Meowth tries to {{m|scratch}} the glass to break it, but it fails. An {{wp|intercom}} plays an automated message, which tells Ash and his friends directions to the kitchen where they can make their own Gateau. Ash and his friends reach the location and find a complete kitchen with the necessary ingredients and the recipe to make the Old Gateau. Brock volunteers to make the Gateau while Ash and Dawn {{pkmn|training|train}} for upcoming challenges.

Outside, Ash summons {{AP|Chimchar}} for training. Chimchar practices against Pikachu, firing {{m|Flamethrower}} while Pikachu dodges the attacks. One attack hits a nearby {{wp|lawn mower}}. Ash and {{cat|Ash's Pokémon|his Pokémon}} check the damaged mower, which transforms into [[Form differences#Rotom|Mow Rotom]]. Rotom scares Ash and his Pokémon back into the Chateau. In the Chateau, Dawn trains with {{TP|Dawn|Buneary}}, practicing {{m|Dizzy Punch}}. Dawn notices an {{wp|Fan (mechanical)|electric fan}} running, so she turns it off before letting Piplup practice {{m|BubbleBeam}}. The fan reactivates and {{m|Air Slash|blows the attack away}}. Dawn turns and sees [[Form differences#Rotom|Fan Rotom]], which chases Dawn and {{cat|Dawn's Pokémon|her Pokémon}} out of the room.

Dawn runs into Ash as they tell about their two encounters with possessed appliances. They decide to warn Brock, running back to the kitchen. They run into the lawnmower, which turns into Mow Rotom, chasing them. Ash and Dawn evade Rotom by going up a set of stairs to the second floor. However, they spot a {{wp|washing machine}} and already realize what will happen. [[Form differences#Rotom|Wash Rotom]] fires {{m|Hydro Pump}} at them, forcing them to run away. They reach an {{wp|elevator}} and get inside before Rotom smacks into the closed doors. They head back to the ground floor. When they get down, they check the hall. It’s clear at first, but Fan Rotom appears and chases them into the kitchen. They close the door in time as Brock notices their anxiety and thinks they are imagining things. Brock pulls the completed Gateau out of the fridge. The fridge turns into Frost Rotom behind Brock, which he doesn't notice at first. Eventually, he catches the disguise, and Rotom blasts them out of the kitchen with Blizzard. Rotom turns into Heat form and blasts with {{m|Overheat}}. Pikachu and Piplup attack with BubbleBeam and {{m|Thunderbolt}}, causing {{p|Rotom}} to dissociate from the microwave, assuming normal form and prompting Ash to check his [[Pokédex]].

They realize that Rotom has been playing {{wp|Practical joke|pranks}} on them. Rotom darts away and returns in Mow form to chase them. They try to run up the stairs, but Rotom leaves the lawnmower and takes control of the washing machine upstairs, blasting them out of the Chateau with Hydro Pump. Brock keeps the Gateau intact as Ash and Dawn attack with Pikachu's Thunderbolt and {{TP|Dawn|Pachirisu}}'s {{m|Discharge}}. Rotom blocks with Hydro Pump at first, but the two {{t|Electric}} Pokémon eventually overpower Rotom and hit it, causing Rotom to dissociate from the washing machine, [[Unable to battle|knocked out]]. Ash and his friends check Rotom as it recovers, apologetic for causing harm and only wanting to have fun. Piplup pats Rotom, resulting in a Discharge attack. Rotom uses Discharge on everyone to give the humans {{wp|Afro}} hairstyles before going into a light pole and disappearing.

Team Rocket still lie in the storage room exhausted. Jessie unknowingly utters a secret password that opens the voice-activated display case. They eat the Gateau, but it is only wax replicas for display. Outside, Ash and his friends enjoy the sunset and munch on the Old Gateau. They decide to send some to Professor Oak and Ash prepares to train for the [[Canalave Gym]].