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This article is about the the recurring wild Pokémon character in the Sun & Moon series. For other Eevee in the anime, see Eevee (disambiguation).
イーブイ Eievui
Debuts in Eevee, Where Are You Going? Episode 1
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location Melemele Island
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Eevee Wakana Kingyo N/A

Eevee (Japanese: イーブイ Eievui) is a recurring Pokémon character in the Sun & Moon series. It is the protagonist of the Eevee, Where Are You Going? segments.


Eevee first appeared in the first episode of the Eevee, Where Are You Going? shorts. It was exploring in the streets of a town, only to run foul of a Houndour when it stole its food. It managed to escape Houndour, and after seeing the ocean, it set sail on a boat. It reappeared in the second episode of the segment, where it fell off the boat. However, it was rescued by a Mantine, which took Eevee on its back so it could bring it to the shore.

In the third episode of the segment, Eevee and Mantine decided to try Mantine Surfing on a nearby wave. While it initially kept getting knocked off whenever Mantine did a flip, Eevee eventually learned how to time its jumps with Mantine's flips, allowing it to stay on Mantine's back. At the end of the the fourth episode of the segment, Eevee arrived in Alola, where it said its farewells to Mantine and proceeded to explore the island. It first chased after a Wimpod before eating some Berries.

In the fifth episode of the segment, Eevee encountered Ash and his classmates' Pokémon for the first time and befriended them. In the sixth episode, Eevee played with them at the beach and even helped knock some Berries down from a tree to share with them. At sunset, the other Pokémon returned to their respective Trainers, while Eevee sadly returned to its impromptu home under a tree trunk to sleep.

Personality and characteristics

Eevee was shown to be adventurous and gluttonous, which often got it into trouble, such as when it ate a Houndour's food without permission, angering the Houndour into chasing it off. Eevee is also shown to enjoy having fun, such as when it enjoyed falling into the ocean after falling off Mantine when it was Mantine Surfing. However, it was shown to be easily scared as well, such as when it ran from a Houndour and later when it found itself lost at sea.

Eevee is shown to be playful towards new Pokémon, but also rather inconsiderate of their true feelings. In the the fourth episode of the segment, it chased after a Wimpod despite it actually being scared. In the the fifth episode of the segment, Eevee cuddled a Pyukumuku, inadvertently angering it into attacking.


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