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Joined 15 February 2009
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About Me

Hi. I'm Ivy Misrose, or Remew. Call me Remew or Ivy. I'm a long-time fan of Pokémon. Back in the late '90s, I lived and breathed the phenomenon. I've lost interest in the anime, and I think that after Mewtwo Strikes Back (which I still regard as a masterpiece), the movies declined in quality.

  • My favorite Pokémon movie is Mewtwo Strikes Back.
  • My favorite character from the anime is Mewtwo.
  • I prefer the English-dub Mewtwo over the Japanese version.
  • My favorite human character from the anime is Ash.

My Name Origins

Remew is a reference to "Mew again", or Mewtwo ("Mew again" was a translation or mistranslation of a name for Mewtwo I saw suggested on the site Copycat). Also, Remew sounds like the word "renew", which one could take as a reference to Mewtwo's epiphany in the movies.

In Games

I do own an Action Replay DS, and I do use it to cheat on Pearl version, but I do not use it to gain an advantage over someone else. Because I cheat, I do not use the GTS or any other Pokémon Wi-Fi application.

In Closing

I love Bulbapedia and am so glad I joined. I'm very excited about being a member of this fine community and contributing to this database. ♥Remew