テッコツン Tekkotsun
Poké Ball
Henry Steeler.png
Henry's Gurdurr
Debuts in Zap!! A Rising Beam of Light
Caught at Rolling Fields
Gender Male
Ability Guts
Current location With Henry
This Pokémon has not evolved.

Steeler (Japanese: テッコツン Tekkotsun) is a Gurdurr that Henry Sword owns in Pokémon Adventures and his third overall. He is level 25.


Guts activated

Steeler first appeared in Zap!! A Rising Beam of Light as a Dynamaxed Pokémon in a Max Raid Battle. He went up against Henry, Casey, and two Team Yell Grunts. Using his Guts Ability, he was able to quickly defeat the grunt's Pokémon, but ended up dropping his metal beam when it became overheated. While distracted, Henry had his Lancelot use Brave Bird on him to knock him out. Henry then caught the Muscular Pokémon, naming him Steeler.

In Watch Out!! Strong Rivals, Steeler was used as Henry's first Pokémon in his fight against Milo. With his steel beam, Steeler finished off Gossifleur with a powerful Close Combat. He was then recalled in favor of Lancelot.

In Blazing!! Bede's Feelings, Bede, angry at Henry's relationship with Chairman Rose, attacked him with his Galarian Ponyta. Not trusting the gear of his other Pokémon, Henry choose Steeler to defend him. Steeler's attempt at Hammer Arm missed, made all the worse by Ponyta's use of Agility. Steeler countered with Rock Slide, creating a dust cloud. As the dust cleared, Bede spotted Steeler and had Ponyta attack. However, only the steel beam was there. As they questioned where Steeler was, he emerged from the rocks and knocked Ponyta out.

In PASS11, Steeler was one of the three Pokémon Henry brought to use in his gym battle against Kabu.

In PASS16, Steeler was used as Henry's second Pokémon in his fight against Opal. He quickly defeated her Togekiss with a single Rock Slide. He was then called back for Lancelot.

Personality and characteristics

Steeler is shown to be a clever fighter, making use of his steel beam as not only a means of offensive, but as a way to distract opponents. He is very powerful, finishing off a Gym Leader's Pokémon in one hit.

Moves used

Using Hammer Arm
Move First Used In
Close Combat Watch Out!! Strong Rivals
Hammer Arm Blazing!! Bede's Feelings
Rock Slide Blazing!! Bede's Feelings
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


Language Name Origin
Japanese テッコツン Tekkotsun From 鉄骨 tekkotsu (steel girder)
English Steeler From steel
German Stahli From Stahl (steel)
French Métal From métal (metal)

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