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ナミダくん Namida-kun
Poké Ball
Marvin Sniffler Drizzile.png
Marvin's Drizzile
Debuts in Wow!! That's One Big Pokémon
Caught in Chomp!! Defeat Drednaw
Caught at Galar
Evolves in Sword & Shield chapter
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Marvin
This Pokémon spent an unknown number of rounds as Sobble.

Sniffler (Japanese: ナミダくん Namida-kun) is a Drizzile that Marvin owns in Pokémon Adventures and his starter Pokémon.


As a Sobble

Sobble first appeared in Wow!! That's One Big Pokémon, where it followed Shirudomiria while she gave Marvin a tour of their trailer.

In Chomp!! Defeat Drednaw, while traveling, the group's truck accidentally run over a group of Drednaw, resulting in a flat tire. While trying to find the cause of it, Casey scolded Sobble for coming out, as it didn't have a Trainer to help it if a strong Pokémon attacks it. Marvin offered to wait inside the truck with the Water Lizard Pokémon, but the group of Drednaw attacked before they could get inside. After Scorbunny gets knocked out Sobble cries and caught the attention of one of the Drednaw. Drednaw charged at Sobble and the Water Lizard Pokémon used its tears to turn invisible and avoid the attack. It's tears then caused the Drednaw to become confused and it attacked another Drednaw, allowing Grookey to finish them. After the battle, Professor Magnolia offered to give Marvin Sobble to raise, which they both happily accepted. The next day, Marvin gave Sobble the nickname Sniffler.

In Toasty!! Battle Against Toxapex, to help Henry prepare for his Gym battle against Nessa, Marvin used Sniffler to battle Henry's Twiggy. Despite the Water Lizard Pokémon using its tears to become invisible, Twiggy defeated Sniffler with Branch Poke.

While helping Sōdo prepare for his fifth Gym battle, Sniffler evolved into Drizzile. It later helped defend a Dracovish by using Tearful Look to get rid of its attackers.

Sniffler later fought against Gordie's Stonjourner and was able to defeat it with the help of Sutikkun and Shirudomiria's Raboot.

Personality and characteristics

Sniffler is a sensitive Pokémon, often seen crying and frightened. When wet, Sniffler is able to become invisible.

Moves used

Using Water Gun
Move First Used In
Water Pulse Toasty!! Battle Against Toxapex
Tearful Look Sword & Shield chapter
Water Gun Sword & Shield chapter
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.
Moves improvised
Picture First Used In Moves Involved Partnered With
  Sword & Shield chapter None None
Description: Drizzile creates water ballons secreted from the moisture in its palms and attacks the opponent with them.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ナミダくん Namida-kun From 涙 namida (tears)
English Sniffler From sniffle
French Larmiche From larmiche and larmichette (little tear)
German Träne From Träne (tear)

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