グンバイン Gunbain
Poké Ball
Henry Gunbain.png
Henry's Oranguru
Debuts in PASS12
Caught at Hammerlocke
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Current location With Henry
This Pokémon has not evolved.

Gunbain (Japanese: グンバイン Gunbain) is an Oranguru that Henry Sword owns in Pokémon Adventures and his fourth overall.


Gunbain Dynamaxed

Gunbain first appeared in PASS12, where he was seen chasing Sonia in a fit of rage. Henry tried to stop him with Lancelot, but the moment he tried to attack Lancelot turned around and attacked Henry. Raihan tried to help only to be stopped by Henry, who figured out that Oranguru could control others with his fan. They quickly figured out Oranguru could only control one Pokémon at a time and sent both their teams at him. This overwhelmed Oranguru, as he struggled to control the Pokémon he wanted to. Learning that Sonia accidentally damaged the fan, Henry has everyone hold Oranguru down long enough for him to fix it. Now better, Oranguru calmed down and, as a show of thanks, asked to join Henry's team. Henry accepted and gave him the name Gunbain.

In PASS13, Gunbain was Henry's second choice in his gym battle against Allister, going up against his Cursola. Due to Cursola's ability to paralyze anything that touched it, Gunbain struggled to keep himself out of harm's way. They managed to overcome the issue by focusing on the physical body at the bottom and using Foul Play, which defeated the Coral Pokémon. Allister next sent out Gengar. It immediately Gigantamaxd and used G-Max Terror, trapping Gunbain and preventing him from switching out. Henry, however, countered by Dynamaxing Gunbain. The Sage Pokémon barely managed to avoid a Max Ooze from Gengar, then used Max Guard to protect himself from the next one. With Gengar's Gigantamax used up, Gunbain finished the battle with a Max Darkness.

Personality and characteristics

Gunbain is very protective of his fan, going into a fit of rage when it is damaged. He has a great amount of respect for his Trainer, which he first gained after Henry repaired his fan. Gunbain is able to instruct other Pokémon to do as he wishes, though he is only able to control one Pokémon at a time.

Moves used

Using Foul Play
Move First Used In
Foul Play PASS13
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.
  • Gunbain is implied to know a Status move through its use of Max Guard.

Max Moves used

Picture Max Move First Used in Base Move
  Max Guard PASS14 An unknown status move
Dynamax Oranguru raises its fan and forms a barrier in front of itself to protect it from attacks, including Max Moves.
  Max Darkness PASS14 Foul Play
Dynamax Oranguru Dynamax Oranguru releases a massive burst of dark energy at the opponent.


Language Name Origin
Japanese グンバイン Gunbain From 軍配 gunbai (a type of Japanese war fan)

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