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My Fan Terms

The Legendary Trios (And Masters)

Legendary Birds

Articuno: The Ice Bird
Zapdos: The Thunder Bird
Moltres: The Fire Bird
Lugia: The Guardian of the Seas

Elemental Masters

Raikou: Master of Lightning
Entei: Master of Fire
Suicune: Master of Water
Ho-Oh: The Great Phoenix/Guardian of the Skies

The Three Titans

Regirock: The Stone Titan
Regice: The Ice Titan
Registeel: The Metal Titan (Name pending)
Regigigas: (Nickname unknown. Possibly Master Titan.)

The Great Beasts

Kyogre: Beast of the Sea
Groudon: Beast of the Earth
Rayquaza: Beast of the Skies


True Weakness

When a move hits a Pokémon, resulting in quadruple damage.
Example: Attacking Gyarados with an Electric move.

Ultimate Weakness

Only applies to Paras and Parasect with Dry Skin. If they have Effect Spore, Fire would merely be a True Weakness.
Example: If Parasect gets hit with Fire Punch and Parasect has Dry Skin, the move will do five times as much damage.