キマたろう Kimatarō
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Gold's Sunflora
Debuts in Sunkern Treasure
Caught at Violet City
Evolves in The Last Battle VI
Gender Female
Ability Chlorophyll
Nature Serious
Current location With Gold
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This Pokémon spent 73 chapters as Sunkern.

Sunbo (Japanese: キマたろう Kimatarō), known as Sintaro in Chuang Yi's translations, is a Sunflora owned by Gold in the Pokémon Adventures manga. As of VS Arceus V, she is level 75 and her Characteristic is "very finicky."


Gold, Silver & Crystal arc

As a Sunkern

Sunbo first appeared as a Sunkern in Sunkern Treasure, as one of the many Sunkern running away from an attacking Skarmory. Gold, seeing how well the Seed Pokémon could jump, decided to catch one to help him defeat the Skarmory. He then orders her to jump into the air with Exbo on her head to transport him into the sky. When the two got high enough Exbo used Ember, allowing Falkner to capture it.

In You Ain't Nothin' but a Houndour, Sunbo battled alongside Gold's other Pokémon against the Masked Man. Sunbo fought against his Ariados and used Growth but was quickly knocked away due to Gold not knowing how to handle battling with multiple Pokémon. After retreating and thinking of a new plan Gold had Sunbo attempt a Mega Drain against Ariados. However, Ariados intercepts this attack by firing spiderwebs from its back, proceeding to bind Gold.

In Piloswine Whine, Sunbo is used alongside the rest of Gold's team to defeat Team Rocket's horde of Pokémon.

In Tyranitar War Sunbo is sent out to support Exbo in his fight against Silver's Croconaw by using Sunny Day. After using Sunny Day she is frozen by Silver's Sneasel's Blizzard, leaving Exbo to fend for himself.

Sunbo reappeared alongside the rest of Gold's team in Sandslash Surprise to help defeat a group of Sandslash.

In Slick Slowking, Sunbo battled against Sham and Carl alongside Crystal's Parasee. The two attack with Giga Drain, sapping the health of their opponents and knocking them out.

In The Last Battle VI, Sunbo fought in Gold's last battle against the Masked Man. During the battle Sunbo evolved into Sunflora and she once again used Sunny Day to boost Exbo's fire attacks, which quickly began to melt the Masked Man's ice and prevent him from regenerating his ice body. In The Last Battle XIV, it was revealed that Sunbo evolved by the rocks in the area reflecting sunlight similar to how a Sun Stone does.

Sunbo and Gold

HeartGold & SoulSilver arc

Sunbo in the Pokéathlon Jump Course

In Out-Odding Oddish, Sunbo participated in the Pokéathlon alongside Sudobo and Togebo. They started with the Jump Course, and were shown competing in the Disc Catch competition. Sunbo and Sudobo focused on catching discs thrown towards them, while Togebo used his small size to move through the crowd and nab discs other teams were aiming for. They next competed in the Lamp Jump. The three were able to touch enough lights to earn Gold enough points to win the Jump Medal.

The same three later competed in the Speed Course and encountered a powerful Trainer, Jet. In the Hurdle Dash and Pennant Capture competitions, Jet's team easily defeated Sunbo and Sudobo. In the final match, Relay Run, while most Trainers were seen running with their Pokémon, Gold was seen sliding on the ground while riding his skateboard in the wrong direction. An exhausted and in last place Sudobo struggled to move on, so he was switched for Sunbo. Seeing there was not much time left, Gold switched Sunbo out for Togebo. Togebo's fast speed allowed him to easily catch up to Jet's Dodrio, but he was kicked away into the gravel by Dodrio's foot. The dirt got into Togebo's eyes, preventing him from being able to see and run properly. Gold commanded Togebo to keep going and gave him directions on where to move, having spent his time memorizing the course. Togebo continued running and eventually managed to make it past Jet's Dodrio, which gave Gold the win.

In All About Arceus VIII, Sunbo fought against Arceus. She attacks with a powerful Solar Beam, but fails to do any real damage.

Personality and characteristics

As shown in her debut Sunbo is a serious Pokémon who hates seeing other Pokémon being harmed. She is quick to jump into bad situations and can't stand leaving someone alone when they are in trouble. Sunbo is often paired up with Exbo to use Sunny Day to power up his Fire-type moves. She has a strong relationship with Gold due to being with him for most of his journey.

Moves used

Using Growth as a Sunkern
Using Giga Drain as a Sunkern
Move First Used In
Flash Into the Unown
Growth You Ain't Nothin' but a Houndour
Mega Drain The Ariados up There*
Sunny Day  Quilava Quandary
Giga Drain Slick Slowking
Solar Beam  All About Arceus VIII*
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • Sunbo is the only female Pokémon that Gold owns.


Language Name Origin
Japanese キマたろう Kimatarō From キマワリ Kimawari and ~たろう -tarō
English Sunbo* From Sunflora and -bo
Sintaro* From Sunflora and -taro
French Toutourne From Tournegrin
Spanish Sintaro From Sunflora and -taro
Korean 해돌이 Haedor-i From 해~ Hae- and ~돌이 -dor-i
Chinese (Mandarin) 向日太郎 Xiàngrìtàiláng* From 向日~ Xiàngrì- and ~太郎 -tàiláng
认真太郎 Rènzhēntàiláng* From 认真 rènzhēn and ~太郎 -tàiláng
Chinese (Cantonese) 向日太郎 Heungyahttaailòhng From 向日~ Heungyaht- and ~太郎 -taailòhng
Vietnamese Kimatarou Transliteration of her Japanese name

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