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Blake's Genesect
ラクツのゲノセクト Lack-Two's Genesect
Luxury Ball
Team Plasma Genesect Adventures.png
Blake's Genesect
Debuts in The Shadow Triad
Caught in Innocent Scientist
Caught at Aspertia City
Gender Genderless
Ability Download
Nature Serious
Current location With Blake
This Pokémon is fully evolved.

Blake's Genesect (Japanese: ラクツのゲノセクト Lack-Two's Genesect) is a Pokémon that was controlled by Team Plasma and was later caught by Blake. It is level 59.


Genesect and Blake

Black & White chapter

Genesect was a Bug-type Pokémon alive 300 million years ago. Prior to the start of the Black & White chapter Genesect was revived from a fossil and modified by Team Plasma. It was fitted with metal armor and had a cannon artificially attached to its body, which was done to increase Genesect's attack, defense, and speed.

Genesect first appeared in The Shadow Triad at the P2 Laboratory, where it was having its strength tested by the Shadow Triad. Genesect is later used by the Shadow Triad after they are defeated by the Swords of Justice. Not wanting to let such rare Pokémon get away, the Shadow Triad release the Paleozoic Pokémon and it attacks the Swords of Justice with an Ice-type Techno Blast, freezing all but Keldeo, sending them sinking to the waters below.

In Homecoming, Genesect is used by Hood Man, helping him escape from Grimsley by flying away with its High-Speed Flight Form. It continues to fly Hood Man around, allowing him to survey the events of the Pokémon League.

Black 2 & White 2 chapter

Genesect in its High-Speed Flight Form

Two years later, Genesect starts to attack Aspertia City under Colress's commands, aiming to have Genesect battle Trainers so he can perfect his Colress machine. Its destruction catches the attention of Blake and Looker, who quickly come to the scene. Wasting no time, Blake has his Dewott attack with Razor Shell. While Looker goes to secure the area, Blake attempts to find out where Genesect is firing its attacks from. Genesect then charges at Blake, which he dodges before jumping onto Genesect's back. Blake then tries to find where Genesect's cannon is located, unable to find it on Genesect's body. Using his International Police Arm #15 Record Bubble Blake sends a message to Dewott telling him to provoke Genesect into attacking, hoping to reveal its cannon. Attacking with his scalchops, Dewott successfully provokes Genesect and the Paleozoic Pokémon reveals its cannon. Genesect destroys one of the scalchops while also throwing Blake off of itself. After Blake tracks down the location of Colress the scientist has Genesect attack with a powerful Techno Blast. Having survived the attack, Genesect attempts to finish off Blake, but misses its attack due to Dewott's interference. Noticing that Colress is treating Genesect more like a machine than a Pokémon Blake guesses that Genesect is not owned by him and decides to catch it. Blake has Dewott attack Genesect while he repeatedly throws Luxury Balls at the Paleozoic Pokémon, chipping away at its health. Colress praises Blake's use of Luxury Balls as it will improve the friendship of Genesect if caught. Provoking Colress to have Genesect attack Colress notices a scalchop inserted into Genesect's drive. Colress then attempts to remove it and insert another drive, allowing Dewott to attack with Aqua Jet. Replacing the drive in time, Colress inserts a Shock Drive and Genesect then attacks Dewott with a super-effective Electric-type Techno Blast. Blake then throws a Luxury Ball, successfully capturing Genesect. Afterwards, Blake sends Genesect to the International Police Headquarters. According to a report from Blake Genesect was put under special protective observation at the Intensive Analysis Lab. Blake later gave the Shock Drive to the Magician in order to reverse-engineer another set of Burn, Chill, and Douse Drives.

In Cold Storage Battle, it was revealed that Blake returned Genesect to his team, taking it without the permission of the International Police. It flies Blake to the Pokémon World Tournament construction site. In Flying Ship, Blake used Genesect to defeat a group of Team Plasma Grunt's Pokémon with a Fire-type Techno Blast. Although successful, Genesect's drive began burning up due to the stress caused from the move, as the Burn Drive made by the Magician was still incomplete. Blake apologizes for its pain and returns Genesect to its Ball. Blake later considers calling it back out to battle Colress and Kyurem, but decides against it, as using Techno Blast again could worsen or destroy the Paleozoic Pokémon. Due to this it was unable to help its Trainer fight off Colress and the group was frozen by Kyurem.

The group is soon unfrozen due to Kelden's Aspear Berry and Kelden takes the group to the Abyssal Ruins, where it discovers the frozen Swords of Justice. Deducing that the group was frozen by an Ice-type Techno Blast, Blake has Genesect attempt to unfreeze them with a Fire-type Techno Blast. Despite the fact that the drive could accidentally discharge and harm the Paleozoic Pokémon, Blake has Genesect use the move anyways, seeing it as a logical solution. By Blake's command, Genesect uses the move and unfreezes the Swords of Justice. Sensing that the drive will discharge, Cobalion attacks the drive, releasing it from Genesect and keeping it safe from damage. Terrakion and Virizion then thank the Paleozoic Pokémon for saving them.

Personality and characteristics

Genesect is a powerful Pokémon, showing incredible strength and speed. It was able to cut an entire building in half effortlessly and its displays of strength caused strong Trainers such as Blake to be impressed with its abilities. Genesect respects its Trainer, having allowed Blake to capture it, a feat Team Plasma was unable to do. Genesect is also very loyal to Blake, willing to cause itself harm to help Blake win a fight.

Moves used

Genesect Techno Blast Adventures.png
Using Techno Blast
Move First Used In
Techno Blast Something Suspicious
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Variations of Techno Blast

Blake Genesect Techno Blast Fire Adventures.png
Using Techno Blast
Move First Used In
Techno Blast Something Suspicious
Techno Blast Innocent Scientist
Techno Blast Flying Ship
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • Genesect is Blake's only Pokémon to be kept inside a Poké Ball variant.

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