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Joined 31 July 2007

Hi ! I'm Qulbu (From the french name of one of my favourite pokémon Qulbutoke, which you know as Wobbuffet). I'm a french fan of pokémon, which explain my bad language and possibly why I'm not good at Pokemon (Frenchies are bad, as you know ;-) That's not a secret...)


I listen lots of Music, as frenchies as americans. One of my favourite performer is Amy Winehouse, and my favourite song of her is "You know I'm no good"


I know Pokemon since Blue Version. I always Love pokémon, they always made me totally crazy, when I start to play nothing can stop me.


007.png 012.png 036.png 061.png 079.png 080.png 108.png 122.png 124.png 158.png 162.png 186.png 190.png 202.png 205.png 256.png 258.png 269.png 300.png 324.png 326.png 327.png 332.png 336.png 357.png 360.png 361.png 362.png 385.png 387.png 389.png 390.png 392.png 397.png 400.png 407.png 409.png 410.png 411.png 413.png 416.png 417.png 424.png 427.png 428.png 430.png 439.png 440.png 448.png 449.png 451.png 453.png 459.png 463.png 465.png 468.png 470.png 471.png 473.png 475.png 476.png 478.png 486.png


My favourite character is Brock. The 185.png453.png440.png is the best trio !

I hate Dawn, she's a miniskirt stupid character and she had nothing interesting.

I like Paul, I think he was one of the best new Sinnoh thing, most since the Cinthya Episode.

I'm a supporter of Lucario in Ash Team, but I dislike the Gible Idea. I think it will be Hippopotas, the one who can be seen on DP044, because Ash developped an interesting bond with it.


  • I collect (Without Shame) Bad pokemon or never-used pokemon.
  • My favourite Anime episode is EP003 who is also the episode which made me love pokemon.
  • I write a series of Fanfictions, "Bonjour Skitty" (Hello Skitty), in more than 200 chapeters. It deals with a Skitty and his trainer Mary, a coordinator, and they made contests. The series deals with Sinnoh pokemons six month before the officials french names were released
  • I also had a FF.Net account on the pseudonym Waderf.