Helping is practically my function!

--Pro-Mole, about himself
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Pro-mole is pretty much an almost normal guy. Unfortunately, one of those guys that has little to no time to actually play any game, let alone dedicate much time to one alone. He still tries to enjoy the most of Pokémon.

In-Game Information

Pokémon Diamond

Trainer Name
Turtwig, nicknamed Leviathan, currently a Torterra or level 72
Pokémon Seen
Pokémon Caught
Badges Acquired
Further Info
Caught Dialga
"Back-Traded" Palkia
Beat Pokémon League
Captured the Lake Trio
Accidentally beat Cresselia
Caught Giratina
Caught Rotom
Still didn't catch Heatran
Transferred Manaphy Egg
Still didn't catch Darkrai
Still didn't catch Shaymin
Still didn't catch Arceus

First League Champions

Leviathan ♂ Cuckoo ♂ Gaspar ♂ Epona ♀ Indrid ♂ King ♀

Battle Team 1: Ralph's Official

Leviathan ♂ Shockeve ♂ King ♀ Eggy ♀ Juggernaut ♀ Enila
Mighty Glacier Quick Lightning Hydro Pumper Die Hard Puncher Spook

Battle Team 2: Alternatives

Bonnie ♀ Sheldon ♀ Wakka ♂ Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Die Hard Toxic Wall Ultimate Annoyance

Other Special Pokés

Aline♀ Enila
Named in honor to my dear girlfriend! =D
  Held: Oran Berry
Currently under observation for the "Great Shuckle Experiment"

Pokémon Mistery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness

Main Team

Ralph ♂ Chix ♀ Juggernaut ♂ Manectric ♂

Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

Ranger Name

Partner Pokémon

Resarch Subjects

Come on, do it really make Berry Juice and Rare Candy? I do hope so! (discuss)
Infection and immunization. (discuss)


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