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Pokemon League Champion Of Kalos!

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Original series


As a Charmander, with Damian
ぽけうpだて123 Pokeupdate
Pokemon League Champion Of Kalos
Age  ?
Gender Female
Hometown Vaniville Town
Region Kalos
Trainer class Pokémon League Champion
Spr 4d 006 s.png ShinyIIStars.pngThis Users Strongest Pokemon Is Pokeupdate123's CharizardShinyIIStars.png

Dawns Charizard

Dawn's Charizard
ヒカリのヒカリ Hikari's Lizardon
Poké Ball
Ash Charizard.png
Dawns's Charizard
Debuts in Charmander – The Stray Pokémon
Caught at Route 24
Evolves in March of the Exeggutor Squad
Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon
Gender Unknown*
Ability Unknown
Current location At Professor Oak's Laboratory
This Pokémon spent 32 episodes as Charmander and 3 episodes as Charmeleon.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Charmander Shin'ichirō Miki Michael Haigney (EP011-EP043)
Tom Wayland (BW116)
As Charmeleon Shin'ichirō Miki Eric Stuart (EP043-EP046)
Tom Wayland (BW116)
As Charizard Shin'ichirō Miki

Dawn's Charizard (Japanese: サトシのリザードン Hikari's Lizardon) was the fifth Pokémon acquired by Dawn in the Kalos region.

With Dawn

Charmander originally belonged to Professor Sycamore. He gave Dawn and other friends starter Pokémon from Kanto that included 004 001 & 007. Dawns Charmander was a pure Fire Type. It Evolveed into a Charmeleon starting at Level 14. When She was on her journey against a Trainer. When showing up in Shalour City, Korrina, the {{type|Fighting} GymIt Evolved Into a Charizard! Heres a Listing Of Dawns Charmander:

004 Charmander  Fire 
005 Charmeleon Fire 
006 Charizard  Fire   Flying 

Moves used

Ash Charmander Rage.png
Using Rage as
a Charmander (Part 1)
Ash Charizard DragonBreath.png
Using DragonBreath
Move First Used In
Flamethrower  Charmander – The Stray Pokémon
scratch The Tower of Terror
Inferno Primeape Goes Bananas
Skull Bash Pokémon Scent-sation!
Ember The Ninja Poké-Showdown
Fire Spin The Ninja Poké-Showdown
Rock Smash Volcanic Panic
Seismic Toss Volcanic Panic
Dragon Rage Charizard Chills
Air Slash Charizard Chills
Wing Attack × Pokémon Double Trouble
Gust Better Eight Than Never
An × shows that the move cannot be legitimately known by this Pokémon in the games.
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.