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About Me

Hello everybody! So...let's start with the basics. My name is Crystal, and that's all you can call me (or my username). I'm pretty new to Bulbapedia. I'm better off editing Sypnosis-es for episode, especially for the new sereis Pokemon Best Wishes. My favorite pokemon is Flygon because it's just the awesome-est pokemon ever!! My favorite color is purple.

  • By the way, if I make a mistake or something in my edits, please fix it and write on my Talk page about the edit and its reason for the re-edit, just so that i can fully understand why.


I got into pokemon when I first watched the anime at age...four?Five? I don't remember (and now I am not that old!) I didn't like pokemon at first because I didn't understand all pokemon types, abilities, etc. When Heartgold SoulSilver came out, I decided to buy it and fell totally in love with pokemon! I have pokemon HeartGold (I'm going to buy SoulSilver sometime in the future), and both Pokemon Black and White. I also own a Nintendo 3Ds so that means I own the 3D Pokedex (yea that's right >:D).

I also love the anime. I have a bunch of favorite pairings but we'll save that for later. The anime was probably the only thing I liked about Pokemon when I was little. My favorite anime character is... Drew from the Advanced Generations! He's awesome. (Yes I know he acts like a snob but that makes him cute.) Besides! He only did that to make May pursue her dreams even further and provide inspiration!

I also read the manga. (Uh..I mean Pokemon Adventures.) Pokemon Adventures (or Pokespe, Pokemon Special) is the best manga EVER. My favorite character is actually a tie between Gold and Black. Those two are so awesome! Gold: the awesome, but perverted, super cool guy! Black: the awesome hot-headed, with an awesome dream he WILL achieve!

When I got the game. I loved every pokemon. Every single one, didn't matter what it looked like. I. Love. Them. All. I've heard a couple people complain about some Gen. V pokemon that look weird but I don't care. They're all pokemon and I love them all!!!! <3


This category is something I'm a bit sensitive about. Shipping I love:

  • Contestshipping DrewxMay
  • Penguinshipping KennyxDawn (KYA! so adorable! ur crazy if you think those two are meant to be with someone else!)
  • Pokeshipping AshxMisty (true....)
  • MangaQuestShipping GoldxCrystal (it's the perfect match <3)
  • SpecialShipping RedxYellow (it's soo cute!)
  • Oldrivalshipping GreenxBlue
  • ChoosenShipping SilverxBlue (yea well...i can't decide >w<)
  • MorpheusShipping AshxAngie (well er...I just think its the CUTEST pairing ever! not saying i support it but its just so adorable <3)
  • Negaishipping AshxIris (again another cute couple....they're kinda cute together right?!)
  • Also I just loovee Trip (though I like his Japanese name waaaaaaaaayy better :D) he's so cool >w< and not so evil like Paul :P. anyway...

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