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I give permission to pokemongirl1 to edit this page (she asked me to write this at school)


  • On DS
  • Everything redesigned to look like in platinum (character, people, buildings)
  • My character name in this description is Pokémon lovers Any questions? 00:48, 2 May 2009 (UTC) for sake of ease (all I have to do is press the sig button)
  • Um, what other people say (their exact words) are in italics, what is new and improved in my version is in bold
  • I pick as my starter, the mascot of Bulbapedia itself, Bulbasaur!
  • In my many charts, the thing|thing means right next to each other
  • In my charts, a space on the computer is equal to a space in the game

Pallet Town

You start out in your room.There is a potion in your PC. Head down the stairs, your mom will say: Today is the day you get your first Pokémon and gain the ability to go onto Route 1. In the lab, your rival is there, he says that Oak isn't there. Go to Route 1 and Oak will run up, with your Mom!!. (they will stay one step away from you oak will be across from you, your mom will be next to you, this unfortunately blocks the exit so I hatched a plan that begins with oak taking one step forward to talk to you) Oak will give you the "it isn't safe thing" and your mom will tell you that she meant get a pokemon then go to route 1. You follow them to the lab (well, you follow Oak, your mom follows you)(my plan finishes, oak walks away, you follow oak, that's why I made him step forward, to be able to walk away with you right behind him, and your mom will follow you as you pass her, ingenious)and your mom stops a step away from the door and tells you to go on (can't have the party organizer not at the party).

In the lab, Oak gives you and your rival a chance for a pokemon, there is a table with threee, you take one then your rival runs up (no running inside silly) and takes the super-effective one. Then Professor Oak walks (old man) up and takes the third (no stealing for you) When you try to leave, your rival battles you. He has a charmander level 5. When you leave the lab, your mom and a small croud of people are there to congratulate you, your mom takes a step forward and gives you a bag and that phone thingy from emerald that lets you battle gym leaders again.

Route 1

Go forward lots and lots, in the area that you are walking up (after the second grass patch, near the 2 jumpy things) 2 Team Rocket Grunts (Jessie and James, but you don't know that)(^o^) walk up (what, early game appearances are cool), they say: Move kid, we have a job to do in Pallet Town, you move and they walk away towards Pallet Town. Go the rest of the way to Viridian city.

Viridian City

There's an old man blocking your way towards the north of the city. In the Pokemart, the shopkeeper will tell you that he has a package to be delivered to oak.

Pallet Town... Again

In Oak's lab, oak gets the package and gives you and your rival Pokedexes. Your Rival will run off and suddenly, Aaaaah will sound out, oak will say: That sound came from my Granddaughter's house, come on. You will follow Oak to Daisy's house (her house has been conveniently relocated next to the lab) and when you go in, the 2 grunts (Jessie and James, though you still don't know it) will look like this: T=Table corner M=Table corner with half a map D=Daisy J=Jessie A=James O=Oak M=Me R=Rival E=exit

Row 1                        T|T 
Row 2                        M|M
Row 3
Row 4                        D
Row 5                        J|A
Row 6
Row 7                      R|Y|O
Row 8                        E

Your rival will turn to you and say: I couldn't beat them and oak will ask you to team up with your rival to beat them, you must agree and your rival and you will both step forward to battle them (this conveniently clears the door so that we can have some running outside, it also clears one side of you so that you can move aside, clever I know), they reveal that they are Team Rocket (but they keep their names confidential) and tell you that they require a Town Map do steal several valuable items and this is the only place to get one. then they battle you, double battle style! They have a Koffing and Ekans, level 8 and will be referred to as "Team Rocket Grunts" your rival will have a Charmander lv 8. beat them and oak says: I'll go get the police and runs out (see, I told you that clearing access to let oak out was a good idea) then "the grunts" look at eachother and Jessie tells james to get the map, James runs forward, gets the map, says let's go then jessie and james both run towards you and you move out of the way (see, good old free space, also my idea) then your rival looks at you, takes a step forward, says: Um... Pokémon lovers Any questions? 00:48, 2 May 2009 (UTC) ... thanks, well, smell ya later then he runs down and out. Daisy does the L shaped walk and thanks you by giving you a town map and by registering your rival on your cally thingy.

Viridian City um.. haven't we been here before?

There is an old man who gives you the old how to catch a pokemon lecture, if you go west, your rival will battle you with a level 10 charmander and a level 9 pidgey

Viridian forest

Same old...

Pewter City

Woohoo, finally, a gym battle but wait, what's this, another choice? You must choose.

Pewter Gym

We all knew this was a choice, but the gym is kind of different, in other words, no skipping Liam.B=Brock R=Rock S=Statue G=Gym Attendant E=Exit L=Camper Liam

Row 1                      R|R|R
Row 2                      R B R
Row 3                      R   R
Row 4                      R|L|R
Row 5                       R R
Row 6                       R R
Row 7                       R R
Row 8                 R    R   R     R      
Row 9             
Row 10                    R     R
Row 11
Row 12
Row 13                  S        S
Row 14                           G
Row 15                       D

Liam will see you when you walk right in front of that long column of Rocks, you may think that will block you but... no, he says: You can't battle my teacher till you beat me, you may want to know why I call him my teacher? Because I was trained by Brock himself When you win he tells you to go on and moves off to the side (if you're on one side, he moves to the other) and whenever you come in the gym from then on, he is off to the side.

Liam has:Geodude lv. 9 Sandshrew lv. 10 Brock Has a Geodude lv.12 and an Onix Lv. 14


Now this, you'll need to leave the city (ya ya it's only 50 pokédollars). When you go in, you will see the Moon Stone with the 2 grunts (Jessie and James though you still don't know it) looking at it (The Stone is only 2 spaces large so they take up the whole thing). Talk to them or else you'll have to come back again and now you could of gotten an antidote for that money. When you talk to them they say: Oh no, you're here. We were planing on stealing this Moon Stone for lots of money but now that you're here we gotta bolt. See ya! They run away and you automatically walk up to the side of the Moon Stone furthest from the entrance. You read the description (it says: The Moon Stone. This rare stone was found thousands of years ago in Mt.Moon, it is said to have mystical powers. Once you read the description, Giovanni (In his Black suit/the one that you see him in in the game, yes it matters) will come up to the other space of the Moon stone and say: (looking at the stone, not you, How rude) Those criminals were right, this Moon Stone would fetch a lot of money, though stealing it would be wrong... An exclamation point appears above his head and he turns to you. Sorry, I didn't see you there. Yes this Moon Stone is worth a lot but as I said, it is wrong to steal and I'm glad you stopped them. Wait, sorry, I haven't properly introduced myself. I am Giovanni, Viridian City Gym Leader. I can see by your Stone Badge that you are a Gym challenger, maybe we will meet some day, but no day soon as I have very important business to attend to. Well it was very nice meeting you Pokémon lovers Any questions? 00:48, 2 May 2009 (UTC), but I have to go, bye He leaves and you can finally leave Pewter City.

Route 3

Nothin new...

Pokémon Center

Would you look at this, there's a pokemon center here! Well ladidadidadi...skip the magikarp seller...dadida *exclamation point* (!) There is no real exclamation point on the person's head, this is just added information as commentary by Pokemonguy1, and does not represent any part of the game whatsoever. Anyways, that taken care of, the exclamation point was for the fact that Brock is right next to the spot that you stand to heal your pokemon (what really creeps me out is how he got here so fast) You don't have to talk to him but if you do, he will tell you the legend of the ancient pokemon, how they lived in mt. moon in the olden times and how he plans to find them, then he leaves.

Mt Moon

O.K. nothings different except that instead of that one grunt before the super nerd, there are 2 (you can guess which) and they battle you because they are sad because they couldn't find any fossils (meanwhile the guy like 6 steps ahead of them has 2). Also, after you beat the game, Brock is off very deep in the mountain and he will tell you that he found hundreds of each type of fossil and he will give you the one you don't have.

Cerulean City


You failed, closed (a sign says she's on a date by bill's cottage)! But when you come back... D=Door P=Platform G=Gym Attendant L=Land S=Swimmer Luis D=Picnicker Diana M=Misty (nothing is water)

Row 2 P           PPPPP          P
Row 3 P        PPPPPMPPPPP       P
Row 4 P        PPPPPPPPPPP       P
Row 5 P        PP       PP       P
Row 6 P        PD       PPS      P
Row 7 P        PP       PP       P
Row 8 P        PP       PP       P  
Row 9 P        PPPP   PPPP       P  
Row 10P          PP   PP         P
Row 11P          PP   PP         P
Row 12P          PPPPPSP         P 
Row 13P          PPPPPGP         P
Row 15             PPDPP

Swimmer Luis has Horsea level 16 Shellder level 16 Picnicker Diana Has Goldeen lvl 19 Misty Has Staryu level 18 Starmie level 21

But before you do this...

Nugget Bridge, Rival

Name says it all, the only difference is that the grunt at the end stays a grunt.

Bill's House

This house has a Misty (and a boy) out front staring at the lake, Misty puts up an exclamation point then goes back to the gym after telling you she's on a date, then her "boyfriend" follows. Bill hasn't changed.

Cerulean Police Investigation House

Before you beat misty, the police officer in front of it won't let you through, after however, the officer and (OMG) his Growlithe are battling James (still a grunt in your eyes) alone (alleluia, I thought they were joined at the hip...) and his koffing Team Aqua/Team Magma at Mt.Chimney style right next to the door. Go into the house and the officer will ask you to stop the other grunt. Go out back and Jessie is there, she tells you that Team Rocket wants to make money by selling TMs and Battles you. When you win, James comes in and tells her that he beat the police officer and that they have to go, the screen goes black and they disapear. The officer comes in and tells you what a TM is and wonders why Team Rocket wants it.

Vermillion City

Vermillion city has, the gym (same as before) and the SS Anne. The S.S Anne, has the rival battle and then you go up and see the captain and Lt. Surge facing the 2 grunts then your rival runs up the stairs. S=Stairs L=Lt.Surge R=Rival C=Captain Y=You J=Jessie A=James

Row 1
Row 2
Row 3
Row 4
Row 5
Row 6  J|A
Row 7  L|C
Row 8
Row 9S|R|Y

Your Rival Lt.Surge and the captain tell the grunts to leave, your Rival steps forward (space) and says stop, they realist that they are outnumbered and run (moving Lt. Surge and your rival out of the way in the process. The your rival does the "smell ya later" line and leaves then 2 police officers walk in, they ask what happened and Lt.Surge tells them, they connect the TM thievery to this (HM thievery) then leave, Surge introduces himself and leaves, the captain gives you cut.

Celadon City

Gym=same, there is now a perfume shop that you must go to before battling the gym (there is a lovesick man blocking the entrance saying that he will wait forever till Erica returns from the perfume shop). In the shop, erica sees you, gives you a sample and then leaves to the gym.

Rocket Gemecorner

In the new gamecorner, the 2 grunts (Jessie and James) are guarding "the Bosses" room, they complain that you forced the boss to confine them to the bases then battle you. Then you go into the boss's room and see... a guy in an orange suit (see told you the black suit thing mattered)! The guy does not reveal his name but he does battle you (under the name "Team Rocket Leader") then, when you win, he admits that he may have gone a bit to hard on the 2 grunts and that he will give them one more test mission, then the screen goes black and when it goes white again, he is gone.

Lavender Town

Same thing except at the top is the 2 grunts (apparently this is their mission) and they tell you that Cubone skulls are high on the market these days. Beat them, they run.

Saffron City

In Saffron the only difference is that The 2 grunts are once again guarding the boss's room and once again they have been confined. Then you see the boss (still in his orange (anime) suit). He is talking with the president and he has sabrina yelling at him, a grunt is next to him and you do your first (and last) with a gym leader double battle (sabrina and you vs. Giovanni and grunt) you win giovanni leaves

Fuchsia City

In the safari zone, 2 grunts run by with a kanghaskan between them, then Koga runs through after them, you hear a crash and the baby Kanghaskan runs back through the path.

Cinnabar Island

This island has the 2 grunts receiving a shipment of fossils from a burglar, then you see them in the lab trying to reanimate those fossils, but blaine is there and he argues no with them (and wins).

Viridian City what is this, the third time?

In Giovanni's gym, he is in his black suit arguing with Agatha, she says that she will close the gym unless he stops being absent, she sees you then walks away. Giovanni speaks to you and (for some reason) thinks that you have figured out his secret identity, he does the spin switch thing into his orange suit then back again and battles you. When you win, he will warn you to go to the pokemon center and he will disapear forever (hehehe). In the center, Jessie and James are there and this time they are actually there with names (they reveal their names just as meowth runs in, they tell you that once they got meowth, the boss promoted them). Finally, they battle you with very powerful pokemon (the first triple battle/Arbok + Weezing + Meowth) when you win, they complain that they got promoted just as team rocket was disbanded.

Victory Road

Bruno is near the end here, he tells you that you are almost there.

Indigo Plateau

At the end, Lance (not your rival) takes you to the hall of fame.

Sevii Islands

nuttin changed except that now on 4 island, you battle with lorelei (double battle) against the grunts. Also on the five island rocket warehouse, the 2 admins double battle you, the girls pokemon each get bumped up a level and they have names (blass and tough Blasstough > Blastough > Blastofgh > Blastofg > Blastoff).

The Birds


In the seafoam islands before you beat the game, it is blocked by a rockfall, but after, there is a guy there with a bunch of grunts looking at Articuno, he says his name is Frost(the ice guy from shadows of Almia with a new name) and that he is going to capture articuno. Beat him (he's got an arbok, a weezing, and a Jynx) he battles you with 2 grunts so it's the second triple battle. then he loses and captures articuno, then he runs.


In the power plant before you beat the game, it is blocked by an engineer, but after, there is a guy there with a bunch of grunts looking at Zapdos, he says his name is spark(the electric guy from shadows of Almia with a new name) and that he is going to capture zapdos. Beat him (he's got an arbok, a weezing, and an electabuzz) he battles you with 2 grunts so it's the third triple battle. then he loses and captures zapdos, then he runs.


In Mt.Ember before you beat the game, it is blocked by a rock, but after, there is a guy there with a bunch of grunts looking at Moltres, he says his name is Ember(the fire guy from shadows of Almia with a new name) and that he is going to capture moltres. Beat him (he's got an arbok, a weezing, and a magmar) he battles you with 2 grunts so it's the fourth triple battle. then he loses and captures moltres, then he runs.


In cerulean cave that guy is blocking the entrance. All three birds are there and so iis a weird woman. You battle all three admins (frost, spark, ember) at once (fourth triple battle). they then free the birds in acts of remorse and then the woman (who calls herself Madame Boss) battles you as a machine starts up, she brags about having created the ultimate pokemon. You win, mewtwo is created, he starts to destroy the world and then the birds come and stop him, Madame boss tells you to battle mewtwo (good luck). then, she cries and tries to get the data of mewtwo back to retry to create it again but this time right. But Giovanni (black suit) comes in and calls her "mom" and begs her to stop, so she does.


If you ever come back, there will be a mew in the place of the machine.