Pokemon 26

Hi! Welcome to my user page. I have been a fan of Pokemon since Red and Blue in 1998. I am working on a number of Pokemon projects. I am going to put here my current competion status for each of my games. Red/Blue/Yellow-Completed, but can no longer play them. Gold/Silver Crystal-Completed, but can no longer play them. Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald-Completed Ruby, but not Sapphire or Emerald. May go back to them in the future, especially if no remakes are done. Fire Red/Leaf Green-May go back to them in the future. Heart Gold/Soul Silver-Completely finished Soul Silver. I was working on Heart Gold before Black and White 2 came out. Will work on it in the future. Black/White-Completely finished Black. I was working on White before Black and White 2 came out. Will work on it in the future. Black 2/White 2-Got to Victory Road in Black 2. I am on Gym 3 in White 2. Working on those currently. Here is the list of my projects I have to complete in the order I will complete them: Black 2 and White 2 (Hopefully will finish both to the elite 4 by Christmas, 2012. Complete finish is expected by Spring of 2013) White (Spring 2013) Heart Gold (Early Summer 2013) Fire Red and Leaf Green (Summer 2013) Sapphire and Emerald (Summer 2013)

A Little Background On Me

My Pokemon journey began at the age of 6 in 1998 with Pokemon Red and Blue. I played Red, and my sister played Blue. In those early days, I was easily frustrated by playing, so my mom played to help me. Anyway, I got through Red with all 151 Pokemon (including Mew). Then came Johto in 2000. I played Silver and my mom played Gold. The game no longer works. Then came Hoenn. It was 2003 when I started Hoenn. I was 11 years old, and my mom officially stopped playing the games, so it was the first region that I was playing alone. I mastered Hoenn in the 6 years I was there, from 2003-2009. In 2009, I woke up one morning and realized I was bored with Hoenn. I had started Pearl and Diamond in 2007 with everyone else (and even had a Manaphy from the event), but I really did not play it at the time. In 2009, Sinnoh had been played by most fans to that point. I got into Sinnoh by repeatedly transferring my Manaphy back and forth between Pearl and Diamond and restarting the games after tranfer. Then I started playing Sinnoh. 1 year later, I had beaten Sinnoh in Pearl and started working on Platinum and Diamond (Both of whitch I still am working on). Then came the rebirth of Johto in 2010. I have been playing that since. My other Pokemon related projects include making my own personal game-based battle frontier using my games and playing Fire Red and Leaf Green on my own time. When I got Black and White, I had many goals. My biggest goal was to capture all 156 new Pokemon. I was not able to do that. In Unova, many firsts occured for me. My first Black team is the standard team for me (Ground type, Electric type, Fire type, Ice type, Water type, Flying type). My second Black team has a Psychic type instead of an Ice type (a first). In White, my team has a Poison type (a first). I am trying to think of a team for a possible Pokemon Gray Version.On the gym side of it, I got to beat the gyms in a quick succession (in Black, 8 days, no joke. In White, slightly more). I wonder what will happen in Pokemon next.

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Pokemon Teams

I don't remember what my teams were for Red and Blue or Gold and Silver. I do know my teams for Ruby and Pearl and SoulSilver though. I will post those at a later date. Thank you!!!

Ruby Version

Sceptile   Raichu   Blaziken   Glalie   Gyrados   Swellow  

I moved this team to Pearl.

Pearl Version

Torterra   Luxray   Rapidash   Lucario   Floatzel   Staraptor  

Soulsilver Version

Steelix   Ampharos   Typhlosion   Togekiss   Quagsire   Pidgeot  

Platinum Version

Torterra   Luxray   Rapidash   Abomasnow  * Floatzel   Staraptor  

  • yes, I know I dropped Lucario from my team. I was going to use Abomasnow in my Pearl team, but Lucario went to the Elite Four instead. Abomasnow got his opportunity this time... plus, I needed something to beat that Gliscor (yes, I can use Floatzel, but I need to use that 4X vulnerability to ice to my advantage. :)

Diamond Version

Torterra   Luxray   Infernape   Lucario   Empoleon   Staraptor  

  • This is my only team with all 3 starters. It began as an experiment on how to get all 3 in one team. I had multiple DSs, so I tried it. The team, along with Platinum, is currently training to win the elite four challenge, as the levels are not high enough.

How I develop my pokemon teams

I have determined that it is important to have a fire type, electric type, water type, and flying type in all of my teams. That typically leaves me two open spaces. Those spaces are filled with pokemon of various types.--Pokemon26 17:48, 31 August 2010 (UTC)

Fire Red Team

Venusaur   Raichu   Arcanine   Mr. Mime   Cloyster   Pidgeot  

First Black Unova Team

Excadrill   Zebrstrika   Emboar   Vanilluxe   Carracosta   Unfezant  

Second Black Unova Team

Krookodile   Galvantula   Darmanitan   Gothitelle   Seismitoad   Swanna  

White Unova Team

Excadrill   Zebstrika   Emboar   Scolipede   Seismitoad   Unfezant  

Heartgold Team

Donphan   Ampharos   Typhlosion   Togekiss   Gyrados   Honchkrow  

Gym Challenge

I am in the process of training all of my teams and creating my own series of game gyms. This is the order that a challenger will battle them: 1.Heartgold 2.Diamond 3.White 4.Platinum 5.Soulsilver 6.Black 7.Pearl 8.Ruby (on Pearl) Expected finish date: Summer 2012

Black 2 & White 2

Black 2: Excadrill   Galvantula   Emboar   Haxorus   Seismitoad   Unfezant   White 2: Gigalith   Galvantula   Emboar   Stoutland   Seismitoad   Unfezant  

  • With these teams, I am using three types I have never used before. In Black 2, I am using a dragon. In White 2, I am using a normal type. I originally intended to have Excadrill in both, but I got a Roggenrola. It will eventually be a Gigalith. These are major firsts for my teams and my games.

HeartGold (Redone)

I am getting my Mom to revive her Gold team in the Heart Gold Format, so here is what her final team probably will be: Tyranitar   Ampharos   Typhlosion   Espeon   Lapras   Togekiss  

Pokemon X and Y

The starters look interesting. As far as my favorite, it is hard to tell, since the games were just released today. When picking a starter, there are several factors I take into account. 1st, what the final evolved forms are. This is only a small factor, but it is a factor. 2nd, what the gym leader and elite 4 lineup is. This is the single largest factor. Usually, I pick my starter based on ho many gyms the starter can fight in. Once the calculation comes into effect, the third factor comes into question. The third factor is what other Pokemon are in the region. It helps set up the Pokemon lineup. I am looking forward to X and Y.