User:Pokelover195/Pokelover195's Pikachu

David's Pikachu
David's Pikachu
Caught at New Bark Town
Gender Male
Ani025MS.png This Pokémon dose not evolve at all times. Lv.100
Ability Static
Item Light Ball
Current location With David

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Pikachu's Voice actors

Pikachu's voice actor's in English dub in all times, Emily Jenness provided its voice from Dawn (Anime), which it cannot be saved.


In Following a Maiden Voyage, the first Diamond and Pearl series, David got his Pikachu and Chimchar but however the first like Ash's Pikachu and Dawn's Piplup Pikachu was in so much disobent alongside with Chimchar as well as other's but Chimchar got in the Pokeball as well. (Except for Pikachu as well.) Before David obtained his Chimchar and Pikachu, they saved him form that awful Zangoose attack! (Which is like Spearow and Ariados before.)

And then, after all ofthat Zangoose trouble, Pikachu befriends him.

In, Dressed for Jess Success!, The first, Johto contest in Lilypad Town (Which it is pathway to Johto.) Pikachu is battling agisnt Dawn's Mamoswine, beacuse his iron tail has the advantage, but Mamoswine is rampaging out of control, hitting Pikachu and explodes, and David and Pikachu got disqualified for. That as similar to Pryce's Piloswine, Takling on Ash's Pikachu which Pioswine got tired

Later, in Yellowflower Town Contest, Pikachu battled against Raichu, which he won that battle, getting his first Ribbon in Johto.

In Viloet Gym, Pikachu's HP is in red after battling Falkner's Pidgey. So he switched it to Cyndaquil, which Cyndaquil lost to Falkner's Pigeotto. Then Pikachu Defeated it with a single Thundershock.

2ed, or 3rd times, of David, entering the hall of fame, Pikachu defeated some of the Johto's Elite 4's Pokemon, so he switched to a better advantage, so Pikachu won't get defeated. Pikachu defeated Lance's Gyarados with a single Thunderbolt.

In a 3rd Battle against Red, Pikachu defeated his Lapras with a Thunderbolt.

In, Playing the Performance Encore!, Pikachu is scared. (Well that, because of Plusle & Minun's Encore and Spark, and Charge Beam Explosion before his Lugia, Monferno, and other are static, Pikachu breaks in and escaped the battle. David felt scared, because his Pikachu escaped the battle for a moment. So after the battle, Pikachu came back to him.

Pikachu's Status

     Moves used:

Thunderbolt Thundershock Thunderwave iron Tail Volt Tackle Dig Light Screen Secret Power Light Screen Thunder

Item:Light Ball