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The partner is a main character in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. They are always with the player except for in Companion Mode in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity and on Pelipper Island in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon.


Gates to Infinity

  • At the start of the game:
"H-hey! Are you OK?! Come on, wake up... Come on!"
"Hey! You're awake! You OK?!"
"You sure you aren't hurt or anything?"
"Does it hurt anywhere? Can you hear me? ...Really? ... Whew, that's a relief! You know you fell straight out of the sky, right?"
"Boy, are you lucky or what! You haven't got a single scratch after falling all that way? That's fantastic! I'm <partner's species>, by the way. What about you? What's your name?"
"<player's name>? Your name's <player's name>, huh? Well, nice to meet you! But...where'd you come from, <player's name>? Well, I mean, I know you came from the sky just now... But I haven't seen youo around here before. So I was asking where you're originally from--where your home is! Of course it's pretty mysterious how you fell out of the sky like that... But you can't tell me you actually live up there, right?"
"WHAAAT?! Y-you're actually a human?! And you got turned into a Pokémon because some voice was crying for help? So you fell straight outta the human world and into this one?"
"... ... ..."
"All right. Got it. I believe you! I believe your story, <player's name>!"
"Sure, I know it's a pretty fantastic story to believe... Humans don't exist anywhere except in fairy tales, or that's what I always thought. And it seems totally impossible that a human could just turn into a Pokémon... ...and fall outta the sky one day. know what I think? There are lots of mysteries in the world. But the truth is that maybe...those things aren't really all that mysterious at all... Maybe they're just things I don't know about yet. And that's why they seem mysterious."
"That's why I want to learn about all kinds of things and see all kinds of things! I want to meet mythical Pokémon that no one else has ever seen! I want to explore ancient ruins and deep caves! And more than anything, I want to have an adventure! That's right! I want to be an adventurer! And that's exactly why I traveled all the way here to-- Aughhh!!! Argh! I forgot! The most important meeting of my life! Augh! I've got to get there ASAP, but... The path ahead looks really tough. It'll be hard to make it through alone... Arghhh... What should I do... That's it! <player's name>! Please! Will you come with me on the path ahead? My journey is so close to being over, and everything I want is so near... But if I don't hurry, I might not make it in time! I'm really not sure if I'll be able to make it through on my own. Gahhh! There's no more time to explain! Just come with me, OK?!"
"This way, <player's name>! Come on! Hurry!"
"Huh?! The bridge has collapsed! What am I gonna do? How am I supposed to get there now? Ah! Looks like there's no choice but to try going through there. Let's go, <player's name>!"
    • Eastern Entrance:
"All right! We finally made it to the other side! We're almost there now! Let's give it our all!"
  • Crossroads:
"Ha... We did it! I'm finally here! I've finally made it! I couldn't have done it without you, <player's name>! I really owe you one! Now I've gotta hurry! I'm pretty sure the letter said it was this way..."
"Th-thank goodness... You're still here... Phew..."
"Yup. That's me."
"I know! That's exactly what I'm hoping for, in fact. I brought the Poké currency.png with me."
"Yeah! All riiiiiight!!! From this day forth...this is gonna be my Paradiiiiiise!!! Ah... S-sorry for getting all worked up by myself... You remember how I said I wanna learn all kinds of things and see all kinds of things? To be an adventurer, right? This right here is the starting point for making all that come true! My to make a paradise for us all. A Pokémon Paradise."
"Yeah. I'm gonna make this the kind of paradise you could only dream about! The Mystery Dungeons are spreading around here... You never know what might happen on land like this. There are a lot of Pokémon who hate that kind of uncertainty... ...but to me it just means an exciting adventure could sprout up at any time! I'm going to have all kinds of adventures and find lots of other Pokémon like me... And then when we work hard together... ...we'll be able to live the kind of life that'll really make you feel alive! A real paradise! That's my dream! I've been saving up all my Poké currency.png just for that. And now I've found the perfect land! Well, really it's more like everywhere else was just too expensive... So I didn't really have much of a choice... But...this is going to be the start of all my dreams!"
"So, <player's name>... What are you going to do now? Do you have somewhere to go?"
"Listen, if you don't have anywhere to go... Why not consider helping me out? How about you help me make my Paradise, <player's name>?"
"There's no way I can do it all by myself... So I've been planning to get more Pokémon to join me over time anyway. What do you think, <player's name>? Will you help me out?"
"Really? You're really gonna help me out?! YES! Thanks, <player's name>! We're gonna be great friends! We'll be a great team! So, <player's name>, now that we're officially friends and all... If you want to give me a nickname, Well, that would be OK! What do you think? You got something?"
"<partner's nickname>? All right then, <partner's nickname> it is! Call me <partner's nickname> from now on! That's it! I'm gonna have everyone else call me that from now on, too! I'm definitely gonna make my dreams come true! Just you watch!!!"
"<player's name>! Let's do our best together! I know there's nothing here now...but... This is it! This is the place! This is going to be our... Paradiiiiiise!!!"
"Your "boss" is the carpenter, right? We want to build a house. Could you take us to meet your boss?"
"Yeah! Thanks!"
  • In the inn:
"So where's your boss? Is that him?"
"Yeah! We want to build a house! I think we can do it, but we need a carpenter... We heard you were a carpenter, so that's why we're here!"
"Um... We would of course be paying you for your help. We really need a place to live. Please... Won't you help us build our home?"
"Th-thank you! All right, <player>! We're gonna build a house! We're going to need Poké currency.png to build a house, right? We don't have any yet, but we're gonna work hard to save some up."
"All right. We just need to get you five blue gems, right? Let's go, <player>! Thanks, Gurdurr! Thanks, Timburr!"
  • In Post Town:
"Things are looking up! The carpenter accepted our offer! If we'll just go to Stony Cave and get him the gems he wants... ...he'll help build us a house!"
"Great! Then we'll be off at once!"
"Huh? Timburr? What is it?"
"Uh... Was there something you needed to tell us?"
"We will, thanks! We'll be back in no time!"
  • At the crossroads:
"Mysterious things are always happening in areas like this. Like every time you go into one, its layout will probably change. Or an underground passage will lead to someplace you'd never expect. But there are sure to be adventures waiting for you in those kinds of mysterious places! That was the idea that made me want to buy land here."
"You know, Quagsire... You do fully understand the danger that we're about to face, right? Don't you think you could summon up a bit more genuine concern?"
"Honestly, Quagsire, you are just... Well, we DO want to have a house... So we've just got to try, anyway. <player>? Before we head out, let's make sure we know what we're doing. Gurdurr wants us to go all the way into Stony Cave and get five blue gems... That's what he said, right? All right! Then let's go! We're definitely gonna get some of those blue gems and build ourselves a house."
  • When going to Stony Cave:
"All right! Let's go! We're going to get those blue gems!"
  • At the end of Stony Cave:
"Phew... We've come pretty far in... Hey! Over there! Something's shining! Come on, <player>! Look! These must be the blue gems! These have got to be the gems Gurdurr was talking about."
"Yeah. Let's pick some out and head back, why don't we? Nice. I've got five here. <player>! Let's hurry back to town! Once we do, we'll have Gurdurr get started on our house!"
  • At the end of Stony Cave after the first time:
"It looks like this is as far as we can go. We can't go any farther than this. Let's head home, <player>."
  • At the crossroads:
"Come on, <player>!"
  • In Post Town:
"We're here! We're back in Post Town! Let's go find Gurdurr right away! Oof! Hey, watch it!"
"Man, that surprised me! What was that all about... Oh, never mind. Let's go, <player>!"
  • In the inn:
"Of course! ...Huh?"
"They're gone! The blue gems are..."
"That's so weird! I know I was carrying them on the way here... No matter how many times I check...they're not here."
"We really did get the blue gems, though! You've gotta believe us!"
  • In Post Town:
"I still don't get it... I'm sure I had them when we came back, you know?"
"Hmm. It's pretty hard to swallow, huh? But wondering about it isn't helping either. We'll just have to go and get some more blue gems..."
  • When near the crossroads:
"...Hm? Huh? That Pokémon..."
"...Hm? What is it, <player>? What? You want to ask that Pokémon if he knows anything? ...OK! If we really did drop the blue gems on our way here to town... ...then that Pokémon might have found them! If we waste time, we're gonna lose sight of him! <player>! Pick up those feet!"
"Huh? I wondered who was yelling, but I sure wasn't expecting you, Timburr. Sorry, though. No time to talk. We're in a bit of a hurry right now."
"Scraggy? You mean that Pokémon who just called Scraggy?"
"You mean our blue gems...were stolen?!"
"Wh-whaaat?! B-but you... How could the two of you possibly know that?"
"Whoa! Wait! Waaaiiit! ... ...Ahhh, they're long gone. I'm not really sure what just happened here, but... The Timburr told us to get back our blue gems... And that they were stolen when that Scraggy guy ran into us..."
"Yeah, but the Timburr seemed pretty serious about it... Well, <player>! We might as well go after Scraggy and see what he has to say! They said he was headed someplace called Hazy Pass. I'm guessing we can probably get there from the crossroads. Might as well start there and see! Let's go!"
  • At the crossroads:
    • Before going to Hazy Pass:
"I knew it! We can get to Hazy Pass from here! All right! Now all we have to do is make it through the path ahead and catch up to Scraggy!"
  • In Hazy Pass:
"Hey, <player>. The way seems a bit brighter up ahead. Let's push on, OK? Ah! That's--! Scraggy! We finally found him! <player>! Let's catch up to him and see what he has to say!"
"Wha--? You want us to hide? Whoa! What's the big idea, <player>? Huh? And now you want me to whisper?! ...OK, fine, I'll whisper. ...Seriously, what is going on? ...What?! That--that's--! ...Gurdurr! ...Why is Gurdurr here?!"
"You sneaky little--!!!"
"We followed Scraggy here! Gurdurr! Quite the convincing act you had us falling for, huh!"
"No way! Bring it!"
  • After winning:
"What... What're you doing?!"
"A-are you guys OK?! It seems like there's more to this story than we've heard... Tell us what happened."
"What happened?"
"Toying with you?!"
"What a horrible story... But you said that Pokémon was just toying with you, right? He was planning to tear down the house from the start! So that means it didn't have anything to do with how good or bad your work was... Gurdurr shouldn't have given up faith in himself because of that!"
"...You know what I'm thinking, <player>?"
"It's settled, then! Our definitely going to be build by Gurdurr!"
"We've decided. We don't want anyone else to build it. Gurdurr's our guy. I want to see the house you two and Gurdurr will build together! A house with all your heart and soul poured into it! Gurdurr headed farther in this way. Let's go ask him to help us. Even if he says no... We're gonna keep on asking him till he agrees!"
"Let's all go together. Let's go to see Gurdurr together."
  • At the end of Hazy Pass:
"Looks like it. OK. You two should probably wait here. For now, <player> and I will go and... ...try to talk some sense into Gurdurr."
"We've been looking for you, Gurdurr."
"What?! No, that's not--! We just want to--"
"<player>! Watch out!"
  • If defeated:
"Ugh... That didn't go so good... It didn't go well, but... We can't let ourselves give up now. We've got to get Gurdurr's help somehow."
"Got it. We're definitely going to do it this time!"
  • Upon coming back:
"All right! Thanks! We're definitely going to make it this time!"
  • Upon winning:
"You may be right about the world... But...that's exactly why I can't accept this kind of thing... Argh! We didn't come here to argue about this kind of stuff! Gurdurr, we want... We want you to build us a house."
"Yeah. We'll get together the Poké currency.png and the materials somehow. So please... Won't you help us build ourselves a home?"
"Gurdurr, you just said you can't build anything but junk, right? But...what's wrong with that? You just need to work on getting better again. We want you to build our house, Gurdurr. No one else. If you'll just put your heart into building it, then we don't need a fancy house. We don't want to live in some perfectly built masterpiece that has no heart. We want a house made by someone who pours their heart into what they do."
"And besides... These Timburr would follow you to the end of the world. You know? No matter how far you might stray from the path... No matter how many times you lash out at them... They still go on believing that you can all have fun working together someday... You've still got them, Gurdurr. You have to think about them. They've been trying so desperately to help you, but... Gurdurr! What do you think you've been doing, huh?!"
"Gurdurr! Please! Build our house! Build us the house that no one but you could make!"
  • When the house is done:
"It's done! We have a house!!!"
"It doesn't matter what it looks like. I love it! Gurdurr! Timburr! Timburr! And Quagsire, too! Thanks, everybody! Everyone put their hearts into it... That's all that really matters. At any rate... This is going to be... ...our new... HOOOOOOMMME!!!"
  • The next morning:
"Morning, <player>! How'd you sleep last night? I was out like a light! It wasn't cold or windy or anything... It's great to have a house! No, it's awesome! And now that we've got our house, I really wanna start expanding Paradise. We should keep adding facilities and shops and stuff."
"Yeah. Like fields that can grow Berries... Or dojos where we can work on our moves... I want to make all kinds of facilities that'll come in handy for our adventures! And of course this area does have very high mysteriosity! Y'know? Like, it's really mysterious. If we start digging around, we might find that there are dungeons or things! ...Hey, it could happen! At any rate, we should prepare lots of land for development! Oh, and...I suppose we'll need some more Pokémon we can trust. If we just get two more Pokémon to joun us, then we could register as a team, too... Adventures would be a breeze then! We don't want just anyone on our team, of course... It'd be great to be a real team."
"But I know we aren't gonna get all that done at once! We've just got to start small and keep moving forward! <player>! Let's give it our all again today!"
  • Outside:
"Hey, Quagsire! Morning! What are you up to so early?"
"What? You were waiting for us?"
  • In Paradise Center:
"Isn't this...a bulletin board?"
"Yeah? Cool! So if we complete these requests, we can earn Poké currency.png or items in return, right?"
"Thanks for all of this, Quagsire! You're such a huge help! Why are you so nice to us, huh? You even helped us build our house!"
"<player>? Mind if I choose this time? Hmm, which one should I pick... I've got it! Let's do this one. Now I just give it to Azumarill, right?"
"This one, please."
"Whoa! The doors opened by themselves!"
"That's how you do it, right?"
"Definitely! Out of all the requests on the board, this Pokémon seems to need our help the most. I don't think the reward is as important as helping out a Pokémon who really needs it."
"Right! Let's go, <player>!"
"We've kept an eye out this whole way, but... ...there's still no sign of Dunsparce, huh? Maybe if we keep going a bit farther..."
"Did you...just say Dunsparce? We;re looking for Dunsparce as part of a request..."
"Seems like Dunsparce causes quite a bit of worry, huh? But never mind that. If he's in trouble, we ought to help him! Let's move on."
  • Inside the third cave:
"Looks like...Dunsparce isn here, either... Should we keep going a bit farther? Huh?! <player>, over there! Look! Do you see something sparkling? Whoa! They're beautiful! These are...probably crystals, huh? They're so clear, but they still reflect light like crazy... Look! When you look into one like can see yourself. It's like a mirror! Check it out, <player>!"
"We could use these to decorate our house. Let's take some with us, yeah? Sorry for the holdup, <player>. Let's get going again."
  • At the end of Stompstump Peak:
"We've come pretty far up... Ah! <player>! Over there! That's...probably Dunsparce, wouldn't you say? Let's go ask!"
"You must be Dunsparce, right?"
"What a relief! We came because we saw your request. We're here to save you!"
"Hey, hey. It's OK now. We're just glad you aren't hurt!"
  • When receiving the first reward:
"Yeah! Thanks, Quagsire!"
"So you want to be an adventurer, too, Dunsparce?"
"Hey, that's not true! I think that's a great dream. Don't worry. If you just keep trying, I'm sure your dream will come true."
"...Crystals? Huh? Do you mean..."
(Flashback) "Huh?! <player>, over there! Look! Do you see something sparkling?" (End of flashback)
"You must mean... We picked some up as we were climbing Stompstump Peak... Found it! Here you go. Is this what you were talking about?"
"Yeah? Then it's yours!"
"Yeah it's fine. I just picked it up because it was pretty... But if you want it, it's yours."
"But why did you want one of these crystals?"
"...? What was he after?"
  • When Virizion appears:
"...So she's, uh... ...really popular, huh? So that Pokémon called Virizion is the one you admire?"
"That's all right. You've just got to try. I'll go and talk to her for you! Come on!"
"Don't worry! It'll be fine! Let's go!"
  • In the inn:
"...Really? So you just recently came to this town, too, huh, Virizion? And you've been traveling wherever you felt like untill now?"
"Oh? What's that?"
"Right... That's a real shame. The Rainbows of Hope, huh... I sure would've liked to see them, too. Oh, yeah. By the way Virizion... I know this Pokémon who really wants you to be his friend..."
"What? Why?"
"Emolga's right, you know. Don't you think that was a bit much?!"
"That... That's not..."
"Wha...what? What's wrong with you all? Why are you all celebrating?!"
"What? All of you? Wait. Everyone? Really? Even the signora? No way! Who wouldn't want to be friends with you, Swanna?"
"...What's wrong with everyone?! But... I guess celebrating might be one good way to distract your self from the pain... But I don't think Dunsparce is queite as thick-skinned as this lot. <player>... I think I really stuck my foot in it this time... ...Aww, mann. I just can't help worrying about Dunsparce. Let's go find him."
  • When near the crossroads:
"I don't see Dunsparce anywhere... Argh! Where could he have run off to? Ah! Quagsire!"
"Quagsire, have you seen Dunsparce?"
"What? Where?"
"Is that true? You're sure?"
"You're certain the place was called Desolate Canyon, right?"
  • At the crossroads:
"I'm pretty much sure of it. Tempted by those promises that he could get stronger... ...Dunsparce was lured away by some weird Pokémon. It's gotta be that. Emolga's probably afraid of the same thing. That's why he's hurrying to Desolate Canyon! <player>! Let's go! To Desolate Canyon!"
  • Desolate Canyon:
"Heeey! Dunspaaarce! He's here!"
"Thank goodness! Looks like we're still in time! Dunsparce... I'm sorry about what happened in town... I..."
"That's the spirit, Dunsparce!"
"And the Timburr!"
"Watch out, everyone! Here they come!"
  • After winning:
"But... How did you all end up here?"
"Virizion did?"
"So that's what happened..."
"I wonder if you're right about that... It's true that you probably shouldn't just trust anyone you meet right away, but... But... is trusting one another really such a terrible thing? Is it so wrong to believe in someone? I know there are a lot of dishonest Pokémon out there these days. But if you don't take that first step... ...then no one else is ever going to open up and trust you either, are they?"
"You were right when you said that Dunsparce isn't strong. He's not. least he can trust. That trust will make us a real force to be reckoned with! I think...I think that trusting one another shows real strength. I think it's the realest strength we have."
"That's why I have to ask... Dunsparce? And you, too, Emolga... Why don't you two...come be part of our Paradise?"
"I do. We're gonna make a Pokémon Paradise, you see."
"We're gonna go on all kinds of adventures and find lots of treasures. We'll enjoy every day full of excitement and fun together! My dream is to make a real paradise!"
"I'm going to need good friends to help me along the way. No--I'm going to need GREAT friends...just like you two. Don't you agree, <player>?"
"We're sure."
"All right! Thanks, you two! We did it, <player>! We're finally on our making our Paradise!"
"...OK. You can be a part of Paradise, too."
"But if you're going to be one of us...then that means you'll have to trust us. You'll have to believe in all of us. Can you do that?"
"Then I guess it's decided! As of today, Virizion is also one of us!"
"Aww, don't be like that..."
"S-sorry... It was the first tiime that someone actually asked to join... I got so excited that I honestly didn't even think before saying yes..."
  • The next morning:
"Morning, <player>! I still can't believe we got more Pokémon to goin our Paradise yesterday! And three at once! Now there are five of us altogether! And once you have four or more Poké can register as a team!"
"Yeah? It's pretty rough working as an adventurer, after all. So to support Pokémon like us... ...the group known as Helping Adventurous Pokémon Prosper Institute was formed."
"I know. It's a real mouthful, so everyone just calls it HAPPI. HAPPI's around to help make adventuring safer for everyone... So when you get at least four Pokémon together, they'll recognize you as a team! And they'll give you all kinds of support and useful items for your adventures."
"Oh! Isn't that Dunsparce? Everyone must be here already!"
  • Outside:
"Morning, everyone!"
"It's from HAPPI!"
"Lemme see... It says...if we write our team name on this form and send it back to them... ...then we will be registered as a team!"
"Yup! I requested an application early, just in case... I never thought we'd get a reply this fast!"
"<player>, what do you think would be a good name? You should pick a name for us."
"The <team>... All right, then. The <team> it is! I like it. It'll be a great name!"
"So it's decided, then!"
"Another present! Really?"
  • At Paradise Center:
"Ah! Th-that's--! S...Scraggy?! Quagsire! What in the world is Scraggy doing here?! You don't mean... Your present isn't... Scraggy, is it?!"

Super Mystery Dungeon

  • In the rest stop in School Forest:
"We've gotta get through this dungeon either way, so we might as well be first! You guys think the same thing, right? Let's go!"
  • At the end of School Forest:
"I think we're pretty far into the forest now. We still haven't reached the goal?"
"Oh! Look at that! It looks like the trees clear out up there! Let's go check it out! This place looks a bit different from the clearings we've been passing through. Maybe... Just maybe we're getting close to the goal?!"
"We can hear you, Espurr!"
  • At the end of Poliwrath River:
"They...seem to be fighting one another..."
"<player's name>! Here they go! They look pretty tough, but there are only three of them! We can probably take them!"
"There are three of you, and yet you seem to have only one lackey?"
"W-we did it! Now's our chance to get past them!"
"Watch out, <player's name>!"
"Ampharos, you're actually here! Thank goodness! We've been looking for you, you know"
  • That evening:
"Yup. We had a harder time finding you than I thought we would, but I'm glad we did."
  • In the cutscene in the rest stop in Ancient Barrow:
"Ah... I feel like my going dark..."
"Whoa... That was close! Thanks, Deerling."
  • In the rest stop in Ancient Barrow:
"I still can't stop shaking..."
  • At the end of Ancient Barrow:
"We've made it pretty far down..."
"L-let's go! E-E-Espurr! Where were the voices coming from?"
"Pancham! Shelmet! Just hold on! We're going to get you out of there!"
"Th-that voice... Who's that?!"
"What? The Dark Land?!"
"Not on your life!"
"I said that we're never doing that! (Oh cripes, I'm so scared!) Like we'd give them up for ourselves! (I think I might faint!) Pancham and Shelmet are our... (It's n-no good...) OUR FRIENDS! (I'm gonna faint!)"
  • After meeting Krookodile for the first time:
"Phew... You really saved our hides! Thanks, Buizel!"
"We will! Thanks, Buizel!"
  • At dinner that evening:
"Thanks, Archen! That's what we try to do! But, you know, Archen... We never see you around the town. Where do you always go on explorations?"
"Across the...sea?"
"C-can we really?"
"Yeah! And it's gotta be exciting to visit a whole other land across the sea! Thanks for the offer, Archen! We'll definitely take you up on it!"
  • The next morning:
"Yup! We're riding that Lapras Travel Liner!"
  • At the harbor:
"But this kind of work is fun, too! I for one am totally pumped!"
"Yeah! We're part of the Expedition Society!"
"Really? Thanks, Lapras!"
"But we'll need Poké currency.png, right?"
"Thanks a million, Archen!"
  • Back at the harbor((tt|*|Scene moves immediately there}}:
"All right! We're going across the ocean!"
  • When woken up by Lapras:
"*yaaawn* When did we fall asleep?"
"Lively Town is way over here, so... It is pretty far, huh?"
"We're totally fine with this! We came all this way, so let's at least have a look around!"
"Let's go check it out! We've climbed pretty far up... but I guess we're still not quite to the summit."
"Wh-where's that voice coming from?!"
"We're on a trip, trying to reach the summit."
"A-amazing! You're so strong, Buizel!"
"But...something doesn't seem right... It wasn't just Magmortar. I feel like we've been battling forever... We keep taking out enemy Pokémon the whole way up this mountain. This is not the kind of trip I was expecting... I was imagining something more laid back. Huh? Buizel... Do you know something about this?"
  • At Fire Island Volcano's summit:
"Could this be... the summit of the volcano?"
"I knew it! It is, isn't it?! It really is the summit! We did it, <player's name>! We climbed all the way to the top at last! Oh...but... I am still kinda worried..."
"Uh... Uh..."
"Wait! You can't do that to Buizel! We won't let you!"
  • After being defeated by Entei:
"<player's name>!"
"<player's name>! Your Harmony Scarf!"
"This feels weird... Whoa! <player's name>! You look awesome! Wait, actually am I...?"
  • If defeated by Entei again:
"Ugh... That didn't go so well... We're back out here... I'm still really surprised at our appearances, though. Why did we get like this? I guess now's not the time to be worrying about that! We've gotta save Buizel before it's too late! C'mon, <player's name>! We have to hurry!"
"Oh! There's a path over there!"
"From Lively Town? That Krookodile?"