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Personality and getting started

I am sort of a tomboy. I am also Cambodian. I also l♥ve doing things like oragami and knitting. I don't like shopping or makeup, but I like stuff like skirts and such. Besides Pokémon, my favorite show is Hannah Montana. And if I'm not watching TV, on the computer, or reading a book, I'm playing video games. I first watched Pokémon when I was waiting for a show to come on. I was taught that Pokemon was a "boy show" so I avoided it. Then at the end, I saw that Pikachu was so cute! :) I decided to watch it so I watched the first episode and I loved it!! So I've been watching Pokemon since that day. (I was 5 or 6 when I watched it.) Oh, and I can't forget to mention my best friends!! Taylor, Vivian, Angela, and Keyanna!! (I don't want to mention thier last names without thier permission and all aren't Pokémon fans except for Keyanna who's a Pokémon freak and Angela's little brother who likes it but is a pain!)

Favorite Characters

Ash♥: So unpredictable (and cute)! I love his stubborness and his love for Pokemon really shows. I miss it when he was still learning about stuff instead of teaching.

Dawn: Almost Ash, just girlier. But still ♥LOVE HER♥! And sometimes she's right to be confident when things aren't going well.

May: My favorite untill Dawn came, love her attitude, needs to stand up for herself more instead of Ash helping her.

Misty: So cool!! But I still won't understand her because I'm the oldest. :(

Least favorite character

Drew: HATE HIM!! HE'S SO ROTTEN. Not as rotten as Harley, he actually helps May but still...


PearlShipping♥: My fav!!! They are so cute together! And they look out for each other.

AdvanceShipping: Used to be good, now I don't know. May is more intrested in ContestShipping I guess.

PokéShipping: The most obvious pair. Really cute, but why do girls wait around until the boy says how he feels???

PenguinShipping: I like how they play around like that. So cute!

Pokémon Games

I have Pokémon FireRed, LeafGreen, Emerald, and Diamond. My starters are Piplup, Totodile, and Squirtle (I am very fond of water types). In FireRed I have a shiny Magikarp (All I did was use my rod for the first time and it appered). In Diamond I have all the eeveelutions and forms of Unown.

dca9753cf1aaaffe8edea6f05b6cdaca.png Happy Easter Day!!!!!!!






These are not real!!!


You want to see my Prizes I got from other guys here on Bulbapedia? Click here.


Can you guess my middle name? I'll help a little: The first three letters actually spell a real name, it's a shortning for a girl's name, the last three letters spell something that three Pokémon have at the end of their name, and they are of the same evolution family. It has 6 letters and is a weird sounding name so don't think it's one of those normal names.(It's one name all together, no space, no -, make sure that you capitalize!!) When you get it, type

User:Pkmnluvr25/What you think my middle name is 

in the Search bar and press enter on your keyboard.


I have a secret link somewhere...can you find it?

Favorite Pokémon

 espeon♥: So pretty and cool!!

 Eevee: ♥ SO CUTE!!!

Rest of the eeveelutions: They all are great, love anything related to Eevee.  Pkmn luvr 25  21:05, 30 December 2007 (UTC)

 Jigglypuff♪: So cute, and TWO SONGS are realated to it!

Shiny Pokémon: Awsome!!!

Unown!! So cool!!