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Another New Evolution Page.


Generation 1

Name/Species/Type/Ability Evolves from Signature move Why How Pokédex Entry Appearance
Royal Stagbeelte Pokémon
Spr 4d 127.png Ripping Slash (Strong Attack with High Accuracy) Pinsir is my favorite Pokémon. Trade a Pinsir holding King's Rock This Pokémon leads colonies of Pinsirs. A Pinsir with a crown.
Transport Pokémon
Water Ice
Shell Armor
Spr 4d 131.png None Lapras needs an evolution Level Up Lapras at Icefall Cave These Pokémon are extremely elusive. Only a Pure Hearted Trainer can train this with ease. A lapras with scales.
Transform Pokémon
Spr 4d 132.png Re-Animate ( When Gloopa's Health is deducted to zero and this move is used beforehand, Gloopa does not faint) I felt like it. Use a Revive on a Ditto that has not fainted. It finds great joy in surprising humans. A bigger green blob.
Duck Pokémon
Normal Flying
Keen Eye
Spr 4d 083.png Twig Toss ( Throws twig at enemy) It along with many others needs an evolution. Trade Farfetch'd while holding Sharp Twig. These Pokémon are dosmesticated Farfetch'ds. Bigger white duck with a brown crest and a twigh in clamped in it's beak.
Fossil Pokémon
Dragon Flying
Solid Side Reduces all damage by 50 %.
Spr 4d 142.png None This needs an evolution. Evolves from Aerodactyl with Moon Stone. These Pokémon were plentiful during the stone age, until Kabutops hunted them all down Enormous red Aerodactyl with a frill of spikes.
Flaming Stagbeetle Pokémon
Bug Fire
Spr 4d 127.png Burning Vicegrip ( Does a lot of damage) This is awesome. Evolves from Pinsir with Fire Stone These Pokémon are known to burn down entire forests. Pinsir mixed with Charizard.
Father Pokémon
000.png None Male counterpart. Evolves from Gaskhan (I made up this) These Pokémon fiercly protect their children. Kangaskhan without pouch or baby. With horns.

Gen 2

Name/Species/Type/Ability Evolves from Signature move Why How Pokédex Entry Appearance
Jet Pokémon
Water Fire
Suction Cups
Spr 4d 224 m.png Octazooka Octillery is awesome. An awesome Pokémon needs an awesome evolution Evolves by using Water Stone These Pokémon can escape predators by shooting ink. Blue squid.
Single Horn Pokémon
Bug Fighting
Royal Pain: Raises damage by 50 %.
Spr 4d 214 m.png Royal Horn (VERY powerful attack) Another Royal Bug. Evolves when traded with King's Rock HeraKings are vicious towards all other living things. Crowned Heracross.
Owl Pokémon
Flying Psychic
Psychic Rift: Nocturnas is not affected by Psychic and Dark attacks.
Spr 4d 164.png None Owls are awesome. Evolves with Dusk Stone These Pokémon guard forests. They allow no tresspassers Enormous Owl with black colouring and green eyes.
Armor Bird Pokémon
Steel Flying
Armor Rack: Reduce all rock and ground type moves by 30%
Spr 4d 227.png Bramble Beak (Reduces defense. And does a lot of damage) No reason.... Evolves with Iron Armor These Pokémon are covered by an iron coating. Giant, with red eyes, a frill and teeth.


Name/Species/Type/Ability Evolves from Signature move Why How Pokédex Entry Appearance
Scarecrow Pokémon
Grass Dark
Sand Veil
Spr 4d 332 m.png Needle Cannon This another Pokémon that deserves an evolution. Evolves with Sun Stone This is a vicious Pokémon that lives in the desert. Black cacturne, with red eyes. VERY big, and 2 giant needles portruding from back.
Fruit Pokémon
Grass Flying
Solar Power
Spr 4d 357.png It's a pretty awesomePokémon. Evolves with Sun Stone Tropias live in the jungle and prey on animals. Tropius with red eyes and feathered wings, and 2 red horns.
Humming Pokémon
Dragon Flying
Natural Cure
Spr 4d 334.png Needs a evolution Evolves with Dragon stone Altariuses live in colonies in praries. Black Cloud, Red eyes, Green skin.