This page is about me. I'm a pokémon trainer. At least, if the Pokémon world were real, I probably would be.

My Pokémon

My Team

The team of 6 Pokémon that I usually carry around consists of:

My Pokémon Team
Dewgong ♂ Dragonite ♂ Meganium ♀ Ampharos ♂ Beautifly ♀ Flygon ♂
Water Dragon Grass Electric Bug Ground
Ice Flying Flying Dragon
the end.

At Home

Of course, I've captured a lot more Pokémon. They stay at my home and I sometimes call on them for help.

Pokémon left at home
Venomoth ♀ Lapras ♀ Lanturn ♂ Mantine ♀ Kingdra ♂ Gardevoir ♀
Bug Water Water Water Water Psychic
Poison Ice Electric Flying Dragon
Aggron ♀ Cacturne ♂ Venusaur ♂ Sceptile ♂ Swampert ♂ Tyranitar ♀
Steel Grass Grass Grass Water Rock
Rock Dark Ground Dark
Jumpluff ♀ Azumarill ♂ Ariados ♀ Tropius ♀
Grass Water Bug Grass
Flying Poison Flying

Legendary Pokémon Befriended

During my travels, I befriended a number of Legendary Pokémon.

Befriended Legendary Pokémon
Articuno Mewtwo Mew Lugia Latias ♀ Deoxys
Ice Psychic Psychic Psychic Dragon Psychic
Flying Flying Flying

Working On

Empty Template


Size Comparison

Name ImHxImW SmHxSmW PkH CoHxCoW Dewg x x 1.7 x Drag x x 2.2 x Mega x x 1.8 x Amph x x 1.4 x Beau x x 1.0 x Flyg x x 2.0 x

Formula: First divide all heights by the smallest height and multiply that with the width to get the Nw1. Compare all widths and divide them by the smallest and multiply that with the heights. All pictures should now be the same size. Then divide by the largest PkH and multiply with own PkH.

Name ImHxImW PkH Dewg 140x134 1.7 108 104 Drag 108x138 2.2 108 138 Mega 115x136 1.8 94 111 Amph 98x137 1.4 62 87 Beau 138x137 1.0 62 62 Flyg 172x135 2.0 156 123