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Joined 6 September 2009
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PikaPower has been a user of Bulbapedia since September 2009. He mostly contributes to the Pokémon anime sections of Bulbapedia, adding interesting trivia and errors that are in the anime. His favorite Pokémon is Pikachu.

About Myself

Ash's Pikachu is adorable!

My real name is René Palencia. I've been a Pokémon fan since around or before 1999. I remember I would wake up in the morning, get ready for school, and watching my episode of Pokémon before I walked out the door. Sometimes I would get to school late because I didn't want to miss what happened. x] I'm 19 years old, so I was 9 when I got into Pokémon. Ten years and I am still a huge fan of Pokémon and I'm not ashamed to say that I'm a Poké Freak.

I'm a fan of both the games and the anime. When I was small I thought that Pokémon was an American cartoon but as I got older I found out that it all started in Japan. Pokémon is actually the anime that got me into watching other anime. The show got me into collecting Pokémon cards but because of my parents thinking that "Pokémon is evil" they threw them away. After that I started playing my first Pokémon game, Blue Version. I had so much fun with that game but my parents found out I had that too and wanted me to get rid of it. Instead of throwing away my precious game I gave it to a friend so it would still be able to be played. I felt like Ash leaving behind his Pikachu in Pikachu's Goodbye when that happened. Well, now that I am older I am buying the games again and I currently have Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal and I will eventually have all the games. My mom can't tell me to get rid of them anymore. ^-^ I want to get the DVDs of the anime and the movies too but that will happen later on.

Like I said before, Pokémon got me into the world of anime. A couple of my favorite anime, besides Pokémon of course, are Monster, Welcome to the NHK, Potemayo, Death Note, Moyashimon, Chi's Sweet Home & Chi's New Address, Chobits, Loveless, Nodame Cantabile, and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Currently I am rewatching the entire Pokémon anime series so I can get caught up to where it is now in Diamond & Pearl. Right now I am in Season 5: Master Quest.

Another thing about me is that I like to draw. I'm not very good but some people seem to like my art. I mostly do fan art. If you would like to check out some of my drawings then click here. My deviantArt

Currently I'm in Northern Illinois University trying to get my B.F.A. in Theatre.

What I Do On Here

I learned about Bulbapedia last year and I have been using it as my main source of Pokémon knowledge. I am a newborn to the Bulbapedia community but I hope that I can be as helpful as I can and correct things that are on the site. I will do things to the best of my ability.


In my games I like to give them their actual game character names. When I started Red, Blue, and Yellow I named my character ASH but I later found out that his actual name is RED. I was already far into the game and I didn't want to start over and I don't have a GameShark to change the name. Eventually after I beat my other games I'll go back, start over, and name him RED. In Gold and Silver I named my character GOLD and in Crystal I chose the female character, because that's the only game you can play as her, and I named her KRIS. I have currently beaten the Elite Four in Blue and am trying to get my Pokédex completed and get all my Pokémon to level 90. (I think I might not go through with it because I am thinking about restarting in the future.) The Pokémon that I usually have in my party are Ghost and Psychic types. I do catch everything that I don't have and I use the ones that I need for HM moves as well. I never give nicknames to my Pokémon unless I know that I am going to trade it to one of the NPC trainers in the games.



Like I said before, I am currently rewatching the Pokémon anime from the beginning. When I was going to start from the beginning I wanted to watch it in Japanese with English Subtitles but I didn't have much luck finding them online. I started from the beginning watching the dubbed version and it brung back old memories. The original Japanese Version is cool but I like the dub more. My favorite season is and always will be Season 1. I love it so much because that is where I started with Pokémon and it never gets old to me.


I know that a lot of Poké Fans get annoyed with Shipping but I only have one couple that I really believe could exist and that is PokéShipping. Ash and Misty were just made for each other. There is so much evidence in the anime that shows they have feelings for each other. The saying "You hurt the one you love" is very true and it is true in this case too. If you don't like PokéShipping or just don't like the idea of Shipping at all then you should just stop reading this section then. I know that it will probably never happen and that the writers for Pokémon will never tell us or show us the true relationship between Ash and Misty but I really do hope that they end up together when Pokémon ultimately comes to an end.