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Joined 15 August 2010

Look who it is-A chimchar fan, eh?

Well, nothing to say really. I was born in the UK a good few years ago, and it was only eight years later I really got into pokemon and understood it.

Life as a pokemon fan

The first pokemon I ever had was a chimchar , (Nicknamed Aces after my adopted monkey)which I received, as you'd expect, from Prof. Rowan on 25/3/08, aged 9. Then it all kicked off, I successfully qualified for the Sinnoh League , using Aces (Now an Infernape) in every gym battle and miraculously, losing only to Crasher Wake's Gyarados after a harsh battle against quagsire. By this time my Party was, how I'd say, perfect:

Sceptile, another powerhouse, was traded from my cousin for a Shiny Magikarp. Yet, despite all my efforts, the Battle Frontier was all to much and Palmer took me down with great Joy, it is not beyond me to admit that he knows what he's doing...

Another Game I have is Pokepark Wii, that was done in a week and I decided to find a new way to pass a Sunday Evening...

Outside the Pokemon World

The Replacement? BBC's local motoring show, Top Gear. It was here I decided to look more into the Real-World, choosing the Mini Cooper S over a Ferrari F430. The mini is all to good for me; 140+ Miles Per Hour (MPH) and so environmental, despite its power.

Another Interest in life for me is Music: Ke$ha, P!nk, Queen to me are all legends, performing Chart Toppers, in my words, Day in Day out.

Respecting the World

Another intersest for me is Japan, a language I am currently trying to master. While this will take a few years for anyone like me, I do know a small ammount. I am also a speaker of French and Italian.

I am new so all help will be appreciated, so my thanks to the two users who gave me some great tips that will hopefully make me a more accurate user of Bulbapedia.